The Eternal Soul is the Observer

Three levels of observation:

The observer is observing the surrounding reality.

The observer is observing the thoughts
and emotions passing through consciousness.

The observer is observing synchronicity - the
conjunction of his consciousness with reality


Three Forms of Knowledge

There are three forms of knowledge.

The first form is intellectual knowledge or Logos.

Intellectual knowledge is gained by the juxtaposition of facts.

There are five primary kinds of coherence relevant to assessing rational knowledge - explanatory, analogical, deductive, perceptual, and conceptual - into an array to build a worldview.

This is the rational intellectualism of academics, scientists, banksters, businessmen war planners, aeronautical engineers and geological engineers.

Beyond rationality lies the realm of emotional knowledge.

Immediate cognition of processes, causual (pebble dropped in water) and effect (ripples), is an emotional mode of understanding reality.

This second framework of knowledge, knowledge of emotional states, includes both emotional experiences and mystical states of being.

Knowledge of emotional states is referred to as emotional intelligence.

The culmination of emotional knowledge beams into the consciousness from deep within the subconscious as intuition, the seventh sense of human beings.

This is exhibited in the emotionalism of bully pulpit politicians, mass mindset programmers, religious fanatics, artists and writers.

Most concentrate upon the first structure of knowledge.

A seldom few use the two combined (architects), or either one alternatively.

Beyond intellectual knowledge and emotional knowledge lies Gnosis.

Gnosis is nothing other than certainity in the light of possibilities.

The most fundamental level of True Knowledge is built upon layers and layers and entertwined threads of the two lower forms of knowledge.

True Knowledge grants Gnosic Luminosity with the Burning Bush.

Walking the Thinspace is immersion in Lucid Living or Gnosis.

Reach beyond the boundaries of thought into the realm of "Christ Consciousness" to walk hand in hand with the Creator and Sustainer.

Three Spiritual Levels within the Noumenon

In the basement of the Noumenon, synonymous with Hades in Hellenism, the Eternal Soul was miserable and existed in Great Anguish. (gnashing of teeth)

In the ground floor of Noumenon, synonymous with Purgatory or Limbo, an intermediate state in which the Soul is detached from Intellect and Body, hovering, observing, disengaged, dissociated, isolated, withdrawn from partaking in life, the condition many Souls find themselves in now.

In the lofty haven of Noumenon, synonymous with Nirvana, when mystical dissociation takes hold the Eternal Soul finds itself in a State of Continual Unabatable Ecstatic Bliss living in Synchronicity.

Living error, fabrication, dissimulation, distortion, equivocation, fallaciousness and prevarication will move the Eternal Soul downward towards the lowest level of reality or Hades.

Living the Truth of the Way of Life will move the Human Soul into the Highest Level of Reality - Heaven, Paradise, Utopia, Asgard, Shangri-la, the Garden, Mount Olympus, Shambhala - NIRVANA.

Three Cognitions of Time

Scientists find evidence for 'chronesthesia,' or mental time travel

On the decumbent level of depressed prostrate time cognition, shallow subjacent time appears linear.

On the intermediate level, smack in the middle, straddling the fence, the betwixt and between of time cognition, equidistant time appears Cyclical.

On the altitudinous level of illimitable, incalculable, inexhaustible, infinitely vast time cognition the Rainbow Spiral of Golden Time is experienced.

The Spiral is an ancient symbol of Eternity and Life-Force.

Each "turn" of the spiral illustrates the journey through birth, life, death, and spiritual rebirth.

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