judgemental lamp

"Man rationally must cautiously suspend
to consider the limits of his knowledge."

Michel De Montaigne


To act in a rational manner one must

take all variables into considereration.

Here rationality runs into a brick wall simply due
to the fact there are too many bricks in the wall to count.

illusions that lead to errors in judgement

fallacies that lead to errors in judgement

effects that lead to errors in judgement

deviant thought patterns that lead to errors in judgement

why you think you're right - even if you're wrong

"Perception and truth are realted to the
experience and judgement of the individual."


judgement is defined as:


act of assessing;

formation of an opinion;

ability to perceive and distinguish relationships.

How to Judge

Humans Constantly Compare Themselves to Others

Judgment is a natural instinctive reaction required for survival.

Members of a hierarchical social structure are conditioned to conform.

To conform one must observe others and compare oneself to those others.

Self-judged personal performance requirements are based upon observation and mimicry of the behavior of others of similar social status.

No longer making judgements for survival then that mental function, which still occurs, will judge something else.

If our performance, in our judgement, does not meet our expectations, based on conformance observations, then we will suffer emotionally.

We can not stop judging but we can change the focus of our judgement from one of performance and conformity.

If we no longer are concerned with conforming to a particular standard then we no longer are compelled to perform.

The Last Judgement is simply the last time we judge ourselves - either we have come to realize the fruitless of overanalysis and judgement or we have stopped breathing.

cognitive bias

Future Methods of Mind Control

Cognitive bias hides the

REAL behind the VEIL

The Veil acts as an emotional barrier to painful truth.

The function of the brain is in the main eliminative.

We have no idea how biased we are

seeing the world as it isn't

"One nagging thing I don't understand about myself is why I often succumb to well-known cognitive biases, even though I am acutely aware of them.

One would think explicit knowledge of well-documented cognitive biases and years of experience would allow a person to override them." - David Buss

"I don't understand why I'm still fooled by incidental feelings.

Gloomy weather makes life dismal - unless one becomes aware of the influence and attributes the melancholy mood to the desolate overcast sky.

I know about gloomy skies. They still get me." - Norbert Schwarz

Mitigating the Authority Bias

Actor-observer bias - failure to engage mirror neuron system

Anchoring bias - the tendency to weight one variable too heavily

Attentional bias - inclination to neglect relevant data in correlation

Authority bias - tendency to lean on expert opinion rather than think

The Biological Bases of Conformity

Belief bias - logical strength of an argument based on conclusion

Blind spot bias - inability to see one's own cognitive biases

Choice-supportive bias - things always work out as intended

Confirmation bias - information that confirms preconceptions

Conformity Bias - this meme ate your self-determination

Congruence bias - direct testing while neglecting indirect testing

Correspondence bias - drawing correspondent inferences from behavior

Consistency bias - failure to recognize evolution of personal worldview

Creativity bias - tendency to reject untried non-traditional creations

Distinction bias - are you left or right handed, or ambidextrous?

Egocentric bias - tendency to believe you are greater than you are

Empathy bias - the tendency to be empathetic only to the in-group

Expectation bias - tendency to certify data that agrees with expectations and demonize data that conflicts with corporate contractual deadline obligations.

Exposure bias - tendency to be comforted be familiar faulty understanding

Extraordinary bias - overvaluation of anything due to emotional attachment

False consensus bias - the tendency to overestimate wide spread agreement

Framing bias - misdirection through incorrect framing of a situation

Hindsight bias - neurotic expectation of perfect predictability

Impact bias - inability to properly judge attributes of future emotional states

Information bias - rational dissociative calisthenics in a library

Ingroup bias - biological reality of each and every familial group

Hostile attributional bias - aggressive reaction to apparent hostile intent

Notational bias - abstract symbols are confused and mistaken for reality

Omission bias - judging harmful action worse than harmful omissions

Optimism bias - excesive optimism about the outcome of planned actions

Outcome bias - acceptable results signify good decisions

Outgroup homogeneity bias - the tendency to see peers as more varied

Positive outcome bias - overestimating the probability of good will

Negative outcome bias - underestimating the probability of evil will

Overconfidence bias - narcississtic overconfidence in one's own abilities

Preference bias - the tendency to gravitate to a familiar environment

Primacy bias - assuming causal events are more important than outcome

Projection bias - assuming others share thought patterns similar to yours

Recency bias - judging recent events as more important than earlier events

Restraint bias - the tendency to overestimate one's ability to show restraint

Status quo bias - the tendency to accept things that seem difficult to change

Selection bias - selecting data to conform to the needs of Reptilian masters

Self-serving bias - claiming more responsibility for success than failure

Separation bias - conceiving oneself as independent of the environment

Specialist's bias - looking at things through the lens of one's own specialty

Stereotyping bias - projecting group traits - race, class, sex - on individuals

Subadditivity bias - mammals are probable, Gaia is improbable

Trait ascription bias - seeing oneself as more flexible than strongmen

Zero-sum bias - the tendency to view everything in life as a zero-sum game

Zero-risk bias - reducing a small risk to zero before noting a greater risk

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