Collision with Reality

Essential Secrets of Psychotherapy: What is the "Shadow"?

Your vision will become clear

when you look into your heart.

Who looks outside, dreams.

Who looks inside, awakens.

Carl Gustav Jung

Chinese charater for psyche

"The meaning of events is the way of salvation that you create.

The meaning of events comes from the life in this world that you create.

It is the mastery of this world and the assertion of your soul in this world."

Carl Gustav Jung (July 26, 1875 - June, 6 1961)

Science is not, indeed, a perfect instrument, but it is a superior and indispensable one that works harm only when taken as an end in itself.

Scientific method must serve; it errs when it usurps a throne.

Scientific method must be ready to serve all branches of science , because each, by reason of its insufficiency, has need of support from the others.

Science is a tool of the rational mind and with it doors can be opened.

Science is part and parcel of our knowledge and only obscures our insight when it holds that the understanding given by it is the only category there is.

The East has taught that understanding through life.

We know this way only vaguely, as a mere shadowy sentiment.

This assertion may appear bold and is likely to be met with disbelief considering how little is known about the relgious cultures of the East.

The strangeness of the relgious cultures of the East is so arresting that our embarrassment as where the Chinese world of thought might be joined to ours is quite understandable.

When faced with this problem of grasping the ideas of the East, the usual mistake of Western man is like that of the student in Faust.

Misled by Satan, contemptuously he turns his back on science, and, carried away by Eastern mysticism, becomes a pitiable imitator of yoga.

He abandons the one safe foundation of the rational mind, and loses himself in a mist of alien words and ideas.

Everything depends on the man and little or nothing on the method.

For the method is merely the path, the direction taken by a man.

The way a man behaves is the true expression of his nature.

Commentary on the Secrets of the Golden Flower


The intent of the scientific method is to discern an object of inquiry well enough to make accurate true statements about the qualities of the object.

Accurate true statements about the qualities of the object of inquiry can be verified by facts.

The object of inquiry is natural phenomenon.

To inquire into the essence of what has been observed is possible in natural science only where there is an Archimedean point outside.

For the psyche no such outside standpoint exists.

Only the psyche can actually observe itself.

Great as the importance of faith and conviction is for the individual and collective life, psychology lacks the means to prove validity scientifically.

The word 'spirit' possesses such a wide range of application that it requires considerable effort to make clear to oneself all the things it can mean.

Some say 'spirit' is the principle that stands in opposition to matter.

By this we understand an immaterial substance or form of existence which on the highest and most universal level is called 'God.'

We imagine this immaterial substance also as the vehicle of consciousness.

Here spirit means the sum total of all the phenomena of rational thought.

Spirit consists not only in uprushes of life but in abstract concepts too.

The intellect, includes the will, memory, imagination, creative power, and aspirations motivated by ideals.

Spirit has the further connotation as an individual is 'spirited,' meaning that he is versatile, full of ideas, with a brilliant, witty, surprising turn of mind.

Recognition of invisible presence is a psychic phenomenon.

Transcendent spirit superimposed itself on shadowy presentations.

The first and most prominent are those that reside in our field of vision; trailing behind thinking and reason organize the shadowy world of images.

Transcendent spirit becomes the cosmic principle of order and as such is given the name of ' God.'

Still spirit, identified with psychic functions, is dependent on metabolism.

Renamed ether with the term matter produced the idea that the spirit was entirely dependent on nutrition.

In view of the intimate connection that exists between psychic process' and physical parallels we cannot accept the total immateriality of the psyche.

Although the idea of immateriality does not in itself exclude that of reality, popular opinion invariably associates reality with materiality.

Spirit and matter may well be forms of a transcendental being.

The Phenomenology of Fairy Tales

Carl Jung speaks about Death

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