Circadian Rythms and Levels of Consciousness

Coherence in Thought and Action

There are five primary kinds of coherence relevant to assessing knowledge:

explanatory, analogical, deductive, perceptual, and conceptual.

Each category of coherence relevant to assessing knowledge involves a set of elements and dipole constraints.

There are important differences between each of these five primary or fundamental coherence relations and the principles associated with them.

These coherence principles are relevant in assessing the complex of concepts people chose to apply to a particular situation to make it comprehensible.

Explanatory coherence is fundamentally a matter of there being a causal relation between what is explained and the representations that do the explaining. When an explanatory hypothesis explains a piece of evidence as does another explanatory hypothesis then there is coherence to these hypothetical explanations.

Analogical coherence can be understood as multiple constraint satisfaction involving similarity, structure, and purpose within differentiated systems. An example of analogical coherence is how Charles Darwin used artificial selection, domesticated animal and plant breeding, as an analogy to explain natural selection.

Analogical coherence is absolutely neccessary for comprehension of texts involving metaphor.

Deductive coherence is based on purely deductive relations between propositions. Deductive coherence looks for a good fit between general propositions or principles and intuitive judgements.

Perceptual coherence involves the assembling of a perceptual knowledge in a 'snapshot' of the existant environment.

Perceptual knowledge includes visual, auditory, olfactory, and tactile representations of what we see, hear, smell, and feel. No 'sensation' is simply a matter of taking sensory inputs and transforming them directly into interpretations that form part of conscious experience, because the sensory inputs are often incomplete or ambiguous.

Conceptual coherence involves concepts as foundational elements and their relationship to one another. There is abundant experimental and computational evidence that concepts are a psychologically realistic category of mental representation not reducible to propositions. The association of concepts can be understood in terms of social stereotypes.

Many psychological phenomena concerning how humans apply stereotypes can be explained in terms of conceptual-constraint satisfaction.

If I am told that someone is a California Polytechnical State University educated carpenter, it may be difficult to reconcile the conflicting expectations associated with the two concepts. Surprise is an emotional reaction that signals that a satisfactory degree of coherence has not been achieved.

Generation of new elements is sometimes driven by incoherence. For example, I am trying to understand someone but fail to form a coherent impression or attribution, I may be spurred to form new conceptual elements that can add coherence to the old set of elements. This reaction triggers hypothesis formation, as I ask myself how someone with a California Polytechnical State University Bachelor of Architecture degree could end up working as a carpenter.

Explanatory, analogical, deductive, perceptual, and conceptual coherence add up to a comprehensive, computable, naturalistic theory of coherence which explains the thought processes used by humans to assess knowledge. These five primary kinds of coherence used in a rigorous inferential process will expand individual knowledge and eliminate previous misconceptions.

A sixth category, deliberative coherence, is relevant to decision making and ethics.

Not all knowledge is verbal.

cannabinoid frog

mirror neurons

Mirror neurons include a variety of visuospatial neurons fundamentally dedicated to social interaction. In a social setting mirror neurons fire both when a mammal acts and when the mammal observes the same action performed by another. The excitement of the mirror neuron system takes up the largest portion of the focus of observant consciousness.

The neuron "mirrors" firing due to the behavior of an other and acts as though the observer were itself acting. Mirror neurons mimic the firing of the neurons of a mammal in action mimicking the neural network of the active mammal. In other words, mirror neurons fire in the same way when we actually recreate that action ourselves.

The mirror neuron system is important for understanding the actions and intentions of other people, and for learning new skills by imitation. Mirror neurons are the neural basis of the human capacity for experincing the emotion of empathy. The mirror neuron system gives us the ability to infer another person's mental state from our mental experiences and their behavior.

Why parents should 'baby' a crying infant

Why 'don't worry, be happy' doesn't work

Monkey See, Monkey Do: Emotions Are Contagious Because Of Mirror Neurons In Brain

brain waves

neural oscillations

or brain waves

Delta wave (0.5 - 4 Hz)

Delta is the brain wave signal of the primal animal subconscious, the seat of intuition.

They are the slowest, but highest amplitude brainwaves. Delta waves begin to appear in stage 3 sleep, but by stage 4 nearly all spectral activity is dominated by delta waves. Stage 3 sleep is defined as having less than 50% delta wave activity, while stage 4 sleep has more than 50% delta wave activity. These stages have recently been combined and are now collectively referred to as stage N3 slow-wave sleep. During N3 SWS, delta waves account for 20% or more. Delta waves occur in all mammals, and potentially all animals as well.

Most commonly associated with deep restorative sleep, certain frequencies in the Delta range also trigger the release of Human Growth Hormone beneficial for healing and regeneration.

Drop below 0.5 Hz and a yogic state of suspended animation occurs is the mythical epsilon state. There is evidence that slow wave oscillators in the human brainstem may act as the circadian drumbeat of consciousness.

Theta wave (4 -7.5 Hz)

The Theta wave is of the 'waking' subconscious mind in lucid dreaming.

Theta-frequency is manifested during some short term memory tasks. Studies suggest that Theta waves reflect the "on-line" state of the hippocampus; one of readiness to process incoming signals. A large body of evidence indicates that theta rhythm is likely involved in spatial learning and navigation. Theta rhythms may function to separate periods of encoding of current sensory stimuli and retrieval of episodic memory cued by current stimuli so as to avoid interference that would occur if encoding and retrieval were simultaneous.

Theta brings forward heightened receptivity, flashes of dreamlike imagery, inspiration, and your long-forgotten memories. Theta can bring you deep states of meditation. A sensation of "floating." And, because it is an expansive state, in Theta, you may feel your mind expand beyond the boundaries of your body. Theta rests directly on the threshold of your subconscious.

In Theta, we are in a waking dream, vivid imagery flashes before the mind's eye and we are receptive to information beyond our normal conscious awareness. Theta has also been identified as the gateway to learning and memory. Theta meditation increases creativity, enhances learning, reduces stress and awakens intuition and other sensory perception skills.

alpha theta border

Alpha-Theta border (7Hz - 8Hz)

The Alpha-Theta border, from 7Hz to 8Hz, is the optimal range for visualizing intention, ego patterning and using the creative power of your own mind to consciously reprogram your thought patterns through intention. Alpha-Theta border is the state in which hypnotic suggestion takes hold, induced trance states are activated, and entrainment occurs.

Various names have been given to the Alpha-Theta border time which include lucid dreaming and astral projection. Out of body experiences occur at this extreme border of subconscious awareness and complete unconsciousness. Access to your own subconscious is at a maximum in this brain wave state. Those who have spent time walking the borderline are not easily hypnotized.

Alpha wave (7.5 -12.5 Hz)

Alpha waves operate as the bridge between the conscious mind (beta state) and the totally subconscious mind (theta state): detached critical analysis and deep relaxed physical intuition in a daydreaming type state.

Alpha waves are present at different stages of the wake-sleep cycle. The most widely researched is during the relaxed mental state, where the subject is at rest with eyes closed, but is not tired or asleep. Waking alpha activity is centered in the occipital lobe. Alpha wave activity also occurs during REM sleep. As opposed to the awake form of alpha activity, this form is located in a frontal-central location in the brain.

Alpha waves arise from synchronous and coherent (in phase/constructive) electrical activity of thalamic pacemaker cells in humans. This wave begins appearing at around four months, and is initially a frequency of 4 waves per second. The mature alpha wave, at 10 waves per second, is firmly established by age 3. Alpha oscillations occur in both REM sleep (frontal-central location) and where the subject is at rest with eyes closed (centered in the occipital lobe. There is also an alpha-delta or slow-wave (SWS) state. This activity spreads across the brain in an anterior-posterior gradient.

When you are truly relaxed, your brain activity slows from the rapid thought patterns of Beta into the more gentle waves of Alpha. Your awareness expands. Fresh creative energy begins to flow. Fears vanish. You experience a liberating sense of peace and well-being. The gateway, the entry point that leads into deeper states of consciousness.

Mythological entrainment of the subconscious occurs in the alpha state.

Mu wave (7.5 - 12.5 Hz)

Mu wave thought patterns arise from synchronous and coherent (in phase/constructive) electrical activity of large groups of neurons in the human brain. This wave activity appears to be associated with the motor cortex, and is diminished with movement or an intent to move (during the performance of contralateral motor acts), or when others are observed performing actions. The mu wave is an alpha wave like variant. Modulation of the mu rhythm is believed to reflect the electrical output of the synchronization of large portions of pyramidal neurons of the motor cortex which control the hand and arm movement when inactive. Mu rhythms can also be desynchronized by imagining actions and by passively viewing point-light biological motion.

Mu wave suppression may be a consequence of mirror neuron activity throughout the brain, and represents a higher-level integrative processing of mirror neuron activity. Mu waves may represent a high level coordination of mirror neurons.

Scientists theorize the inferior frontal gyrus is one of the main neural correlates with the mirror neuron system in humans and is often related to deficits associated with autism. The mirror neuron system may not be non-functional in individuals with autism, but simply abnormal in its development.

Beta wave (12.5 - 30 Hz)

The Beta wave is the brain wave of an awake consciousness mind.

The Beta wave state is associated with peak concentration, heightened alertness, hand eye coordination and visual acuity.

Beta waves are split into three sections: Low Beta Waves (12.5-16 Hz, "Beta 1 power"); Beta Waves (16.5-20 Hz, "Beta 2 power"); and High Beta Waves (20.5-28 Hz, "Beta 3 power"). Beta states are the states associated with normal waking consciousness. Low amplitude beta waves with multiple and varying frequencies are often associated with active, busy, or anxious thinking and active concentration. Bursts of beta activity are associated with a strengthening of sensory feedback in static motor control and reduced when there is movement change. Beta activity is increased when movement has to be resisted or voluntarily suppressed.

You are wide-awake, alert. Your mind is sharp, focused. It makes connections quickly, easily and you're primed to do work that requires your full attention. In the Beta state, neurons fire abundantly, in rapid succession, helping you achieve peak performance. New ideas and solutions to problems flash like lightning into your mind.

Gamma wave - (above 30 Hz)

Gamma waves are associated with bursts of insight, ecstasy, epiphanies, mystical experiences, dissociate states of consciousness, epiphanous contentment and high-level information processing. There are many methods the various cultures of humanity has discovered over human history to help the acolyte or initiate into his or her first mystical experience of Gamma wave inducment which include: fasting; the use of an entheogen; physical deprevation; pain infliction; mystical reflection; immersion in nature; trance inducment; mountain climbing; prolonged strenuous physical activities like swimming the English Channel or running an Iron Man marathon. Be careful with Gamma wave inducement as Gamma wave inducement may create universal paradigm shifts of conceptual structure in the inductee's worldview causes strife to close family and friends due to the personality changes inherent in a total shift of worldview based on immersion in true knowledge or baptism of the spirit into the Gnostic Mysteries.

Experiments on Tibetan Buddhist monks have shown a correlation between transcendental mental states and gamma waves. What meditation masters have in common is the ability to put the brain into a state in which it is maximally sensitive. When the monks were told to generate an objective feeling of compassion during meditation, their brain activity began to fire in a rhythmic, coherent manner, suggesting neuronal structures were firing in harmony. Meditation is known to have a number of health benefits: stress reduction, mood elevation, and increased life expectancy of the mind and its cognitive functions.

Global brain cohesion rarely tips over into the high gamma range of 40 Hz. Even higher than gamma is the hypergamma range, which is over 100 Hz; and above that is the mythical lambda state, over 200 Hz, where it is rumored that human consciousness tops out at total awareness of all things from the beginning of time to the end of history. (Mythical lambda consciousness is stepping into the shoes of Gaia.)

The slow wave oscillators of the brainstem vibrate to the resonant drumbeat of the collective consciousness.


left brain - right brain

"Each of us is something of a schizophrenic
personality, tragically divided against ourselves."
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Western consciousness (primarily left brain thinking) as it exists
is unnatural, evitable, and a dead end to human development.

Humanity made a huge mistake envisioning Life as
a mechanism while attempting to re-engineer Nature:

original mistake was monoculture.

Then the mistakes start coming hard and fast:

- alchemy: mining and smelting

- enchantment: social engineering

- magic: molecular biology.

The problem with the Elite's Superiority Belief Complex is that it is installed only in the corrupt metafunctional law-and-order, I-must-control-everything, left-hemisphere of the brain, detached from the Nature of the Reality as seen by the right-hemisphere of the brain which has a direct connection to the Creator and Sustainer.

The Elite's Superiority Belief Complex creates elite ideology which runs something like this:

"The better educated smarter illuminated ones monitor, control and harvest resources of the "little man" as payment for shepherding services rendered." - Dr. Masonic Lodge, Worshipful Master

"Let them eat Monsanto corn, even though they dedicated their lives to the social system, they become useless eaters when they can no longer serve the system, can no longer fulfill their cubicle obligations and can no longer provide us with positions of comfort at the upper reaches of the pyramid." - Professor Dough Economist, Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences

"If any group threatens the stranglehold of the syndicate of the soulless genocide is our first, best option ... its worked before, it will work again. " - Jackboot Socialist, Zionism International

Sinister is defined as:


left, improper, adverse

Etymology of sinister (adj.) early 15c., "prompted by malice or ill-will, intending to mislead," from Old French senestre, sinistre "contrary, false; unfavorable; to the left" (14c.), from Latin sinister "left, on the left side" (opposite of dexter), of uncertain origin. Perhaps meaning "the slower or weaker hand" but others suggest it's a euphemism connected with the root of Sanskrit saniyan "more useful, more advantageous." With contrastive or comparative suffix -ter, as in dexter (see dexterity).

The Latin word was used in augury in the sense of "unlucky, unfavorable" (omens, especially bird flights, seen on the left hand were regarded as portending misfortune), and thus sinister acquired a sense of "harmful, unfavorable, adverse." This was from Greek influence, reflecting the early Greek practice of facing north when observing omens. In genuine Roman auspices, the augurs faced south and left was favorable. Thus sinister also retained a secondary sense in Latin of "favorable, auspicious, fortunate, lucky."

Meaning "evil" is from late 15c. Used in heraldry from 1560s to indicate "left, to the left." Bend (not "bar") sinister in heraldry indicates illegitimacy and preserves the literal sense of "on or from the left side" (though in heraldry this is from the view of the bearer of the shield, not the observer of it).

Nearly all the "witches" and "warlocks" burned during the Inquisition were left handed.

To be left handed means that you are primarily a right brain thinker.

To be right handed means you are primarily a left brain thinker.

Western Culture, based on the Imperialistic Roman model, despises right brain thinking and elevates left brain thinking which is essentially processing systems thinking.

Imperial Christian Emperor Theodosius I was the first Archon to attempt to limit the expression of right brain thinking and he did this through targeted genocide of primarily right brain thinkers.

Anything that comes from our right brain does not come in the form of the consciousness stream we experience as that "little voice" in our head that talks to us that we know is self talking to self which is of an entirely left brain nature.

The left brain wants to own and control the object of its affection while the right brain just wants to touch, see, hear, smell and taste the object of its adoration.

We have been taught that any images or visions that appear in our consciousness that do not come in the form of the "little voice" are not to be examined as they are emotions - unreal figments of our imaginations.

But these are NOT figments of our imagination which is a left brain conceptual construct but emotional signs from our intuitive subconscious that there is a problem in our immediate environment that needs addressing. As these images and feelings do not come in the form of the conscious stream of the "little voice" the left brain is unable to decipher them and present them in the "little voice". Instead they are dechiphered as emotional images or feelings.

But how did these Imperialistic Roman Lizard Overlords succeed ?

These Imperial Roman Lizard Overlords, taking clues from the Heliopolitian culture that murdered Tutankhamun, fooled us into believing that our VISION was UNREAL driving us into a form of left brain insanity !

Just as the Usurper who drove the Chariot that killed Tutankhamun also drove Akhenaten the Heretic's disciple, Moshe Rabbenu, into the desert where he and Akhenaten remaining followers wandered for forty years.

The Imperial Roman Lizard Overlords drove the human psyche into an evil and spiritually corrupt pattern of thinking by succeeding in masking the Truth behind a Veil of Cognitive Blindness - a mirage conjured up to obscure Truth.

Pull back the Veil of Cognitive Blindness and we find:

The Evil Left hemisphere of the brain aches to dominate Men !

The Evil Left hemisphere of the brain lusts to dominate the Earth !

The Evil Left hemisphere of the brain thirsts to dominate Nature !

The Evil Left hemisphere of the brain craves to dominate ME and YOU !!!

The Evil Left hemisphere of the brain foists Evil Dreams upon men, women and children alike - Dreams of a Mechanistic Technological Utopian Immortality - transhumanism - an impossible quest in the service of a dark voracious god that eats HUMAN SOULS !!!

"If the left brain promises the right brain something and is then unable to provide it the right brain gets agitated as the right brain has no concept of time as linear it gets impatient. The right brain knows no fear as it knows it is on the top of food chain, unfortunately the left brain fails to believe that braggart ! If the left brain refuses to relinquish control the right brain will subsume the left brain." - Morning Star Athbhreith Athbheochan Kwisatz Haderach Druid

Within this now global hierarchical pyramidal social cultural structure first built upon the natural progression of an expanding empire based social culture the lizards at the apex of the pyramid have succeeded in their attempt to invert our cognition of reality behind a Veil of Cognitive Blindness !

PTSD linked to right brain activity

PTSD makes ordinary moments seem terrifying

Non-veterans also suffer PTSD, but with less help

What if PTSD Is More Physical Than Psychological?

Some vets with PTSD are aging too fast and too soon

Brains of veterans with PTSD changed after mindfulness training

Soldiers, PTSD and the Shamanic Plant Medicine Iboga

This War Zone Anthropologist Used Ayahuasca To Heal His PTSD

Frequently Asked Questions about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


To have a balanced peaceful mind people must be able to integrate their fundamental subconscious emotional understanding of reality with their rational logical understanding of reality !

To do this in a natural social culture people build simple monolithic conceptual worldview structures in a mythical metaphorical manner to connect the images stored in the subconscious.

To do this in a social culture steeped in paralogisms people must build elaborately fragmented unconnected conceptual structures in that same mythical metaphorical way. Unfortunately that leaves you with a subconscious that is highly ineffective in alerting the conscious stream of thought to problems in the surrounding environment that would be easily seen by those living in a naturally evolved social culture.


Schizophrenia is the switching of dominance between right and left temporal lobes. Right temporal lobe functions do not exist in three dimensional space and do not have a linear understanding of time - past, present, future - this is terrifying when you first experience it as it is hard to navigate as there is no goal post presented.

Emotion springs from the subconscious network that exists underneath the conscious stream of the left brain, the "i am talking to myself", "little voice" or conscious thought stream.

Left brain dominant schizophrenics wall off from their own subconscious to protect their own fragile traumatized psyches from the truth of the inability to direct one's life precisely as the improperly conditioned left temporal lobe demands - even when it has directed the individual into a blind alley.

Example: An individual goes to school to learn a trade, become proficient at the work and then finds that the social culture no longer values the trade learned.

The truth is schizophrenics, primarily left brain thinkers , have "ascended" into the role of Controller of Reality after succumbing to the Transcendental Temptation which lurks unseen within their right brain.

Due to the need to function within the confines of this social cultural meme we have elevated left brain thought patterns and crushed right brain thought patterns. Naming schizophrenia as normal, the exclusive use of the left brain, while condemning both right brain thinking and non-dualistic thinking as abherent.

Right brain thinkers that can show their artistic talent in a manner that primarily left brain thinkers are con-vinced is artistic talent are accepted within the greater social culture even though they may be rejected locally as a Crazy Diamond.

When left brain consciousness shuts down - a reformat of the left brain (known in Christian circles as rebirth) begins due to the realization that one's understanding of reality was hidden behind a cognitive veil. Consciousness flees to the right side, or the sensory side which is identified as reptilian currently, where self realizes that there is no emptiness and due to the massive amount of sensory information that can never be silence, except in death, coming in through our twenty+ sensory organs.

cosmic wormhole

For one that has never experienced Walking the Thinspace between Life and Not-Life, Walking into the Shadowland, Falling down the Rabbit Hole or Stepping through the Looking Glass it is terrifying because one has no conscious operational apparatus with which to navigate within what seems to be swirling pulsing energy forms with mass. There is no anchor, no foundation , a boat drifting on the waves, a tumbleweed rolling aimlessly across an alien landscape.

The huge amount of sensory input that was shielded from waking consciousness, but is no longer, is that which overwhelms the individual and makes them feel as if they have gone insane (this is how we currently define insanity - a quieting of the "little voice".)

What seems to someone that has never undergone rebirth/rebooting as insane behavior is testing of never before recognized sensory inputs.

First trip to the Other Side of the Mirror I remember vividly feeling compelled to action. I could not identify the compeller. All my behavior was basic reality testing.

I will give you a personal account of one instant.

At this instant i took a handful of 8d box nails and set down on the sidewalk in front of my home. i felt for magnetic field lines, identified them and started aligning the nails to them. i started with four nails and positioned them in a radial pattern aligned with the magnetic lines. here was the catch - i gently rolled the nail toward the position in which it would be perfectly aligned with the magnetic grid but released it slightly before it would hit the mark. i ended up with perfectly aligned radial pattern with eight rays four nails deep, perfectly positioned in the center of a sidewalk square.

8 radial arms at the compass directions and at the midpoint between compass directions, 4 nails deep. It took about a minute. Calvin Peterson, a musician (right brain), was standing there watching me.

My intent was to get the nails to align in a perfectly symmetrical pattern and i used the magnetic field lines of the Earth to accomplish the task which i could actually feel with my hands.

Physical movement weds conceptualization of reality to physical reality through ritual movement creating Intentional Reality.

This is what would be considered a miracle in ancient times.

An observer - a left brain person watching someone perform this type of action in an attempt to gain an understand of reality on a deeper level - might come to the conclusion that this was a ritual "spell" designed to modify some aspect of reality. And none of them would understand which elements would be critical during ritual reenactment.

The observer will not know what the critical factor is. The observer may believe that the critical factor may be dependent on the particular set of elements as seen by the observer - numbers or letters - for example. In this case the compass directions, the nails themselves, the concrete, the way in which they are placed or any combination of the sets of elements which are ALL ritually generated through subconscious action.

The ritual is a dance for the person that does it and it gives that person power of healing the psyche/soul/mind and creating Intentional Reality. For others attempting to recreate the magic through ritual mimic, it fails as it is not spontaneous leading edge of the exploration of conscious intention which is the one that opens the doors to a better understanding of one's actual form.

Ritual can reconnect you with nature but it must come from the Heart.

Attempting to reenact a past ritual connection has no value unless you hold the original intent.

Rituals relieve the psychic pressure of separation from Nature or Reality.

When ritual fails is when a "magic" or miraculous result is expected.


using the written word to bring forth the Light of Gnosis

The true challenge for primarily right brain/rational/scientific thinkers lies in using the written word to bring forth the Light of Gnosis.

The technical terminology of each of the sciences tends to seal possibilities into specific limited and fragmented thought perspectives.

Methodical action plans executed outside of a clear Gnostic vision on both the scientific (rational) and mystical (spiritual) paths will turn out to be nothing but delusions of grandeur leading to deadends in the Labyrinth of Gnosis.

Current global collective consciousness contradicts the fundamental connections of all living things by manufacturing unnatural desire for a technologically utopian hypereality.

Through conditioning and programming hyperreal fantasy replaces the "mundane reality of daily existence" which has been cleverly concealed behind a manufactured Veil of Cognitive Blindness.
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