religious dogma

(referred to as religious doctrine)

"People often take the truths of a tradition on faith accepting the testimony of others but find that the inner kernel of the religion, its luminous essence, remains elusive." - Karen Armstrong

"The most effective way to close down the human mind and to manipulate its sense of self is to program into it some form of dogma. A dogma will always vehemently defend itself from other information and repel any alternative opinion which contradicts its narrow, solidified view. Dogmas become a person's sense of security and means of retaining power, and humanity tends to cling to both until its knuckles turn white. Dogmas take endless forms, and when you can persuade different people to hold opposing dogmas, the manipulation of conflict and control through "divide and rule" becomes easy." - David Icke

Original Sin, the Fall or the Ejection from The Garden

psyche metaphor, literary constructions and the mystical

conceptualization of the attributes of the divinity of God

false religious teachers

zealotry, humility and youth

man against nature

the selfless example Jesus set

Throughout history unscrupulous men have purposefully obscured sacred texts. Sacred writings have also been accidently corrupted by individuals believing they were clarifying conceptual understanding while in fact such editing, correcting, redacting, combining, re-editing and re-correcting corrupted the sacred text even further - moving the sacred text farther and father away from the original and real conceptual understanding of the original authors. Conceptual corruption may occur when a ‘sacred text interpreter' changes the conceptual structure of the sacred text - perhaps from that of a metaphorical allegory to that of a literal interpretation.

Mankind's storehouse of knowledge has been looted repeatedly over time. In China when a dynasty fell newly empowered officials went back and rewrote the history of the past hundred or more years to shine a favorable light on those currently in power.

The libraries of the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Venetians, as well as countless others have been destroyed by religious zealots adhering to the conquering invader's or to the usurper's religious political dogma when such writings were at odds with accepted religious political dogma of the invaders or the religious political dogma of the usurper's supporters as was the case in the Roman Empire of Constantine.

"From the totalitarian point of view history is something to be created rather than learned. A totalitarian state is in effect a theocracy, and its ruling caste, in order to keep its position, has to be thought of as infallible. But since, in practice, no one is infallible, it is frequently necessary to rearrange past events in order to show that this or that mistake was not made, or that this or that imaginary triumph actually happened." - George Orwell

In the past politics and religion were not neatly partitioned into two distinct categories but were one and the same - both deal with the structure of human cultural social systems. The culture of a fellowship of people, a social unit, will continually evolve over time regardless of attempts to keep "tradition" alive.

Monotheistic faiths of the Levant all originally believed in a single entity initially branded El. The God of Creation went through multiple name changes when the gods of neighboring tribes kept being folded in. The tribes god bound the tribe together and as the empire builders went to work in the Levant they quickly learned that the best way to get a tribe to submit was to adopt the gods of conquered tribes as lesser gods. Within the closeted group individuals adhering to the commonly held religious ideology become 'chosen ones'.

Three hundred years before the birth of Jesus the Tannaim/ Tekton/Therapeutea the cult of Serapis, founded by Ptolemy the Savior, required believers to make a ‘leap of faith' and adhere to the professed mythological theological structure to attain an afterlife. Before this period of time only rulers, such as Pharaoh Akhenaten, had the magical ability to return to life from the heavens above (as Tutankhamun).

All religious dogma requires believers to suspend belief in their senses, their experience and their understanding of natural reality. No person in a natural state of mind can accept the fantastic mythology of the fellowship as ‘fitting' with their own understanding of reality as their own understanding will always exclude miraculous supernatural events.

Myths of miraculous events in Christianity that point to the existence of seemingly miraculous supernatural experiences are labeled an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

People expect reality to conform to their current understanding of reality and yet understanding of reality must constantly be reevaluated as experience and knowledge are gained, both consciously and subconsciously. Unfortunately the knowledge gained subconsciously is unavailable to the ego, the conscious thought stream.

Attempting to understand sacred text mythology in a literal manner is a highway to darkness and insanity.

literalist zealotry

two forms of mythos one masquerading as logos

"The doctrine of Biblical inerrancy is the religious counterpart of the scientific ambition to axiomatize reality. Here is certainty! No longer is it necessary to look within oneself to know truth - it is all laid out in black and white!" - Charles Eisenstein

"I have a question for literalists: If the Bible is the revealed Word of God, and God is all knowing, why did God only reveal "facts" that a primitive people 3,000 years ago thought were the truths about the universe? Why didn't he reveal Bernoulli's Principle so the ancients could fly? The reason that the only things "revealed" in the Bible were ancient myths is because the Bible was written by men, not God. The fact that the Bible is a series of mythical stories does not diminish in any way the teachings that are in it. We can still learn a lot from the Bible on how to live, but let's not get carried away. God had nothing to do with it." - Paul Goldman

Zealots of literalist religious tradition believe the words of sacred text are a literal, accurate translation - an indisputably accurate copy of actual historical events. They believe that literary constructions in the form of myth designed to convey a deeper understanding of reality written or spoken in a culturally normative manner at the time in history they were first penned is a blasphemous sacrilegious concept.

To be a literalist you must reject reason and believe sacred texts are written and copied by men who will not change the facts, the nuance or the reality as presented by the original author.

A literal reading of "sacred text" is meant for children. Mature adults understand "sacred text" as metaphoric allegory. Literalist zealots call themselves fundamentalists but the term fundamentalist as applied to literalist zealots is a misnomer. If literalist zealots were truly fundamentalists they would go to the fundamental underpinnings of their religion as opposed to accepting myths as an actual account of historical reality.

"The whole Literalist mode of thinking about all elements of Christianity extends from there out to the official Western conception of other religions as well. The more thoroughly and radically I rejected Literalist Christianity, the better I was able to think in the Greco-Roman mode." - Michael Hoffman

"Once we understand the condition of the collective subconsciousness of the masses, the power of acculturation and conformism, and the craving for simple explanations, we must accept that widespread self-imposed ignorance in relation to religious belief is practically an innate aspect of the human condition. Such reductive faith in the exoteric literal interpretation of the New Testament severs it from its esoteric roots, thus becoming subject to distortion and politicized misuse. Let us attempt to overcome this, which, rather than undermining the Truth of Christ, is like clearing centuries of muck off a great work of art, revealing its essential beauty and meaning." - Lew Paz

Prideful teachers, that can not see,
that have become spiritually corrupt,
have warped the original intent
of Christ's return to Earth.

Receive the "reward" of Christ Consciousness when you accept Life !

Christ Consciousness returns to Earth !

Chinese charater for Jesus ChristChinese charater for swordChinese charater for knowledge

"I will crush the arrogance of the proud
and humble the pride of the mighty."

Isaiah 13:11

sword in stone

Christ Consciousness
returns to Earth
in blazing glory
carrying a
sword that cuts
away spiritual corruption
sacrificing self-centered ego
in the cleansing fire of ego death
creating a paradigm shift in thinking
while filling an individual's
soul and heart with
compassion for life
and joy in the living of life.

sword of justice

"There are only two forces in the world, the sword and the spirit.
In the long run the sword will always be conquered by the spirit."

Napoleon Bonaparte

"When He, the Spirit of Truth, comes,
He will guide you into all truth.
He will not speak on his own;
He will speak only what He hears,
and He will tell you what is yet to come."

John 16:13

God, the Father and Creator, is available to each and every man,
woman and child - everyone has already been given an intercessor -
simply look within your own heart for Christ Consciousness.

red arrowThis is the definition of a personal God.arrow red


Christ liberates us from the Fear of Death the soulless apostate followers of Mammon instill in us through their propaganda machines which attempt to control our every thought and deed.

Christ commissions us to overturn the institutions of the soulless apostate followers of Mammon that have defiled one of God's creation, the Earth, and to cast them out of their positions of power as they have abused that power to destroy the Earth and God's children.

Chinese charater for Jesus ChristChinese charater for swordChinese charater for knowledge

Christ having brought us the sword of knowledge, gives us the legal right, to use that sword of knowledge to cast the soulless apostate followers of Mammon out of positions of power.

The soulless apostate followers of Mammon are to be stripped of their assets, their money carts (institutions) overturned and they are to be driven from the temple (positions of power).

false prophets

false religious teachers

"Leaders of religion, in every age, have hindered their people from attaining the shores of eternal salvation, inasmuch as they held the reins of authority in their mighty grasp." - Bahá'u'lláh

"Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortionists will inherit the kingdom of God."
- 1 Corinthians 6:9-10

"In leadership they have recognized the ultimate object of their endeavor, and account pride and haughtiness as the highest attainments of their heart's desire. They have placed their sordid machinations above the divine decree, have renounced resignation unto the will of God, busied themselves with selfish calculation, and walked in the way of the hypocrite. With all their power and strength they strive to secure themselves in their petty pursuits, fearful lest the least discredit and undermine their authority or blemish the display of their magnificence." - Bahá'u'lláh

To identify a false religious teacher look for the following traits:

Many false religious teacher start out with a good heart and the right intentions but fall into the transcendental temptation as they gain pride with their new found power of molding emotion and thought.

A false religious teacher will ask for money; will call for violence; will build up a cult following by con-vincing sycophants that the only way to heaven is through accepting their interpretation of scripture and how scripture meshes with the image of reality they present as the only "right" one.

False religious teachers many times have academic credentials - masters degrees and doctorate degrees in theology and/or psychology and/or philosophy which they claim gives them a unique understanding of God. Due to that unique and profound understanding of God false religious teachers ask you to trust them to function as intercessors to God for you.

Individuals typically seeking religious succor as an aid in coping with life's tragedies are more malleable and open to religious suggestion. As they seek emotional release from the emotional burden that they carry they are quite willing to accept spurious theories for natural phenomena over which men have no control.

False religious teachers will concentrate on certain thoughts, concepts and ideas in a deliberate intent to excite intense emotional turmoil and confusion.

False religious teachers play a victim/initiate like a musician plays his instrument by employing psychology, the power of persuasion, the power of deception, cold reading techniques, Forer effect/Barnum statements, the techniques of shotgunning and the rainbow ruse.

False religious teachers will interpret your dreams for you and commission you to fulfill their interpretation of your dreams for them using unreasoning terror and fear as control mechanisms.

False religious teachers will grant you supernatural power through anointment in the Holy Spirit - for example speaking in tongues or the performance of miracles such as healing.

False religious teachers will tell you that if you just pray hard enough, have enough faith or are truly just plain righteous then you can physically alter the material world of reality with your prayers, wishes and dreams.

False religious teachers build elaborate theoretical complexes of symbolic archetypes from popular culture tied together with literalist interpretation of myths and scripture.

False religious teachers will suggest that murder is justifiable, the death penalty is a necessity and that war is a necessary condition of human social cultural structures.

False religious teachers will claim that their closeness to God is exhibited in the material wealth that God showered upon them while they relentless sell you the latest installment of their prophetic revelations in the form of conferences, books, CDs and DVDs. (Make the check out to me or my closely held non-profit corporation, please! religious non-profit corporations are exempt from reporting income unlike all other non-profits!)

False religious teachers reject the reality of existence by replacing reality with supernatural fantasy - armies of demonic beings, lead by Satan, at war with an army of angelic beings, lead by Christ.

Are these false religious teachers truly attempting to save your immortal soul?

Or do they crave power (possibly supernatural power), riches, celebrity and to live the life of an American aristocrat?

If you follow the lead of these spiritually corrupt deceptive false religious teachers then you have willfully rejected the reality of God as presented by Christ, the Apostles, the Hebrew Prophets and by Mohammed and agreed to worship a corrupt form of the vengeful desert war god, Yahweh, of the ancient Israelite cult of Yahweh.

ear ticklers

In the words of Jesus :

"Beware of the teachers of religion! For they love to wear the robes of the rich and scholarly, and to have everyone bow to them as they walk through the markets. They love to sit in the best seats in the synagogues, and at the places of honor at banquets, but they shamelessly cheat widows out of their homes and then, to cover up what they really are, they pretend to be pious by praying long prayers in public. It is hard for those who trust in riches to believe in God's words. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to hear and believe God's words."

"Beware of false religious teachers who come. You can detect them by the way they act, just as you can identify a tree by its fruit. Different kinds of fruit trees can quickly be identified by examining their fruit. A variety that produces delicious fruit never produces an inedible fruit. And a tree producing an inedible fruit can't produce what is good. So the trees having the inedible fruit are chopped down and thrown on the fire. The way to identify a tree or a individual is by the fruit produced. Not all who sound religious are. They may refer to me as 'Lord,' but still won't get to heaven, for the decisive question is whether they obey God's Law."

alan ashkenazi

Cyrus Ingerson Scofield

"The Final Apostasy," began with a small very wealthy and determined European political movement. It had a dream, and the American churches stood in its way.

The World Zionist movement had plans to acquire a homeland for all Jews worldwide, even though most were far from homeless, and many did not want another home. World Zionists wanted a specific property that American Christians called "the Holy Land." These Zionists read "Democracy in America" and other journals of many of America's churches which proclaimed Jerusalem as a Holy site of all Christiandom.

As self-proclaimed Jews, they were, according to the Christian New Testament, the persecutors of Christ and most of his early followers, and the engineers of his crucifixion. America's traditional churches in the 19th Century would never stand for a Jewish occupation of Jesus' homeland.

World Zionist leaders initiated a program to change America and its religious orientation. One of the main tools used to accomplish this goal was an obscure and malleable Civil War disserter named Cyrus I. Schofield and a venerable, world respected European book publisher - The Oxford University Press.

Cyrus Scofield was a small time politician and career criminal. In 1873, at 29 years of age, he was forced to resign his position as a District Attorney because of crooked financial transactions, that include accepting bribes, stealing political contributions, and securing bank notes by forging signatures.

A heavy drinker, Scofield abandoned his first wife and two daughters to marry his second wife while becoming an ordained minister while divorce proceedings lingered. Scofield became a leader in dispensational premillennialism. The Scofield Reference Bible is the most influential statement of dispensational premillennialism or Zionism.

German "high criticism" of the bible was leading many toward emphasis on a social gospel instead of on literal acceptance of miracles and supernatural events described.

A few theologians rejected this migration, and insisted on certain basic elements of Christian faith that included the virgin birth, the divinity of Christ, the bodily resurrection, the trinity, and the literal second coming of Christ, among other elements.

This scholarly backlash against the social gospel and higher criticism might not have gotten as much traction if it were not for the investment of Lyman Stewart, president of Union oil, in the publication of a series of booklets, which he distributed to any minister in the US who was interested.

The social gospel would call a rich man like Stewart to sell all he had and enter by the needle's eye. But the Zionist vision allowed him easier access, perhaps, and gave others a very hierarchical vision of things: Submit and be saved, fail to submit and be damned.

Lyman Stewart was a "dispensationalist" who believed Jesus would return and reign from Jerusalem and the purported promises to Israel would be fulfilled.

Scofield's notes teach futurism and dispensationalism, a theology that was systematized in the early nineteenth century by the Anglo-Irish clergyman John Nelson Darby (a Plymouth Brethren exclusivist who like Scofield had been trained as a lawyer). Dispensationalism emphasizes the distinctions between the New Testament Church and ancient Israel of the Old Testament. Scofield believed that between creation and the final judgment there are seven distinct eras of God's dealing with man and that these eras are a framework around which the message of the Bible could be explained. It was largely through the influence of Scofield's notes that dispensational premillennialism became influential among fundamentalist Christians in the United States, and these notes became a significant source for popular religious writers such as Hal Lindsey.

The scheme was to alter the Christian view of Zionism by creating and promoting a pro-Zionist subculture within Christianity.

Cyrus Ingerson Scofield's role was to re-write the King James Version of the Bible by inserting Zionist-friendly notes in the margins, between verses and chapters, and on the bottoms of the pages.

The Oxford University Press printed the Zionist revised bible - the Scofield Reference Bible. With limitless advertising and propaganda, it became one of the best selling Bibles in America and remained so for nearly a century.

The Scofield Reference Bible was not to be just another translation, subverting minor passages a little at a time. Scofield produced a revolutionary book that radically changed the context of the King James Version. It was designed to create a subculture around a new worship icon, the modern State of Israel, a state that did not yet exist, but which was already on the drawing boards of the committed, well-funded authors of World Zionism.

Cyrus Ingerson Scofield's support came from a movement that took root around the turn of the century, supposedly motivated by disillusionment over what it considered the stagnation of the mainline American churches. Some of these "reformers" were later to serve on Scofield's Editorial Committee.

Cyrus Ingerson Scofield imitated a chain of past heretics and rapturists, most of whose credibility fizzled over their faulty end times prophesies.

Scofield's Bible injects a very weird "End Times" prophecy into Christianity best termed Christian Zionism. Because of Scofield's altered Bible, many Christians today believe that Jesus will return to save his followers from the "end times" (The Rapture), after Israel is established, and that "God will bless those who bless Israel."

“In every human dispute we look for the oppressor and the oppressed and we try to determine who is right and who is wrong. I'm doing that now. EVERYTHING I read and access tells me that Zionism is a scourge and I am an Ashkenazi Jew, a Khazar by birth. So believe me, it has not been comforting to walk down this path. These are my people and I am beginning to believe that they're criminals, one and all." - Jeff Prager

Christian Zionism: The Antichrists' Rewrite of History

What's the Difference Between Fox News and Oxford University Press?

Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Phineas Parkhurst Quimby - born in Lebanon, New Hampshire, in 1802 - generally is recognized as the "Father of New Thought." Phineas Parkhurst Quimby was a philosopher, magnetizer, mesmerist, healer, and scientist. New Thought metaphysics denies objective material reality. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby transmitted his views to patients Warren Felt Evans,Mary Baker Eddy, and Julius and Annetta Dresser.

William Essek Kenyon was another New Thought proponent, and Kenneth E. Hagin the founder of word of faith movement used William Essek Kenyon's ideas almost verbatim. Kenneth Copeland and all other word of faith proponents trace their roots back to Kenneth E. Hagin and William Essek Kenyon.

William Essek Kenyon

William Essek Kenyon gave his first sermon at a Methodist Church in Amsterdam, New York. William Essek Kenyon desired to be an actor and attended the Emerson School of Oratory in Boston in 1892. In 1931, William Essek Kenyon became a pioneer in neoevangelic radio on the Pacific Coast with his show Kenyon's Church of Air, where William Essek Kenyon earned the moniker "The Faith Builder."

William Essek Kenyon's dogma was that of Pentecostal Christian Science.

William Essek Kenyon, founder Dudley Bible Institute", was influenced by Mary Baker Eddy (Christian Science founder).

"The only thing Christian Science lacks is the Blood of Jesus" - William Essek Kenyon.

All the religious movements arising from New Thought preach the supremacy of the spiritual over the material claiming the material reality is a fantastic "Matrix" like construct and that true reality exists only in the spiritual realm.

New Thought preaches the human spirit creates physical health; the human mind through positive mental attitude and positive confession has the supernatural power to create its own reality - health, wealth and dominion.

By using the precepts of New Thought's spiritual forces can be manipulated by the will of the individual.

"I know that I am healed because He said that I am healed and it makes no difference what the symptoms may be in my body. I laugh at them, and in the Name of Jesus I command the author of the disease to leave my body." - William Essek Kenyon

"When these truths really gain ascendency in us, they will make us spiritual supermen, masters of demons and disease. It will be the end of weakness and failure. There will be no more struggle for faith, for all things are ours. There will be no more praying for supernatural power. We are coming into the spiritual redwoods. We are going to see spiritual giants, supermen. They have the Lord dwelling in them. They no longer walk as natural men. They belong to the love class, the miracle class. They are in the Jesus class." - William Essek Kenyon

William Essek Kenyon's New Thought followers include Norman Vincent Peale, Robert H. Schuller, Kenneth E. Hagin, Kenneth Copeland and many others including Bill Hybels of Willow Creek. {Robert H. Schuller turned over his Crystal Cathedral mega-church non-profit corporate empire to his son Robert A. Schuller in 2006. In 2008, due to declining membership Robert H. Schuller removed Robert A. Schuller from the Crystal Cathedral mega-church non-profit corporate leadership. Robert H. Schuller promised to replace his son's lectern position on the "Hour Of Power" television show with the "greatest preachers in the world."

aimee semple mcpherson

Aimee Semple McPherson

"You have no business being sick - everyone of you should get well and get up and go to work, heh? Get up and go to work and earn some money and help send the gospel out!" - Aimee Semple McPherson

Aimee Elizabeth Kennedy was born in 1890 and raised in rural Ingersoll, Canada. Aimee Elizabeth Kennedy's worldly pursuits had drawn the consternation of her a Methodist father, James Kennedy who brought Aimee to a tent revival led by a visiting Pentecostal, Robert Semple, in an attempt to curb her licentious behavior. Robert Semple introduced Aimee to Pentecostalism and married her.

On one 150-day tour it is estimated that Aimee Semple McPherson traveled 15,000 miles and delivered 336 sermons to audiences totaling more than two million people. Aimee Semple McPherson pioneered the use of vaudeville and Hollywood theatrics to attract and hold the attention of her audience.

Aimee Semple McPherson built Angelus temple, an enormous flagship church located in Hollywood which provided hot meals for thousands of hungry people. Aimee Semple McPherson neoevangelic radio show reached millions of people over 45 radio stations during the Great Depression. In February of 1924 radio station KFSG (short for "Kall Four Square Gospel") went on the air, with live broadcasts of Sunday services at the temple. KFSG was the third radio station commissioned in Los Angeles.

"Aimee Semple McPherson called her religion the Foursquare Gospel, after a vision she had in Oakland in 1922. Aimee was preaching on the prophet Ezekiel's vision of Man, Lion, Ox and Eagle, when suddenly she began to shake with emotion. Aimee saw in the mysterious symbols 'a complete Gospel for body, for soul, for spirit and eternity.' ... Those four cornerstones - Regeneration, Baptism in the Spirit, Divine Healing, and the Second Coming - upheld the Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance, which George Jeffreys founded in Ireland in 1915. George Jeffreys and his brother Stephen were England's greatest (neo)evangelists after John Wesley and George Whitefield, and Aimee had worked with Jeffreys. The Elim Foursquare Gospel influenced the American Assemblies of God, which embraced the same four principles before Aimee had her vision in Oakland in 1922." - Daniel Mark Epstein

{This Merkabah symbol of the ox, man, lion and eagle are the same symbols used for British Israel.

[British Israelism spawned the Identity movement , which was incorporated in Los Angeles in 1948. Spawned from the Identity movement are the Posse Comitatus, Aryan Nations, the Christian Patriot movement, the Committee of the States, the Unorganized Militia and other white supremacy groups. The central belief in Identity movement dogma is the existence of two races on Earth: a godly white race descended from Adam and a satanic race fathered by Satan.(De' dark cuz de' done been burned in the Fires of Hell). KKK members Charles Fox Parham and William Marrion Branham, taught this dogma as the "two seed." In the "two seed" dogma, Jesus was not a Jew, but an Aryan. The legend claims that Adamic (Aryan) people were the lost tribes of Israel, fled to northern Europe and later became the Christian nations. Richard Girnt Butler, a Lockheed aerospace engineer and neo-fascist, founded Aryan Nations, a movement built around Identity movement and the "two seed" dogma.]

Merkabah is envisaged as secret, obscure or esoteric knowledge - what men call esoteric wisdom - the vehicle for the communication to human consciousness of the mysteries of the universe.

Merkabah refers to the Chariot Throne, the four-wheeled vehicle driven by four "Chayot", each of which has four wings and the four faces of a man, lion, ox, and eagle which correspond to the four directions the chariot can go - north, east, south and west. (Note: In this conceptualization the god's movement is restricted to two dimensions).

"As the Master said: The king among living creatures is a lion; the king among domestic beasts is an ox; the king among birds is an eagle, but man takes his place proudly above them, and the Holy One, blessed be He, takes His place proudly above them all, and above the whole world in its entirety." - Babylonian Talmud, Tract Hagiga, Chapter II

"Having mingled the Vital Spark from two according substances, Mind and Divine Spirit, as a third to these He added Holy Love, the venerable Charioteer uniting all things." - The Chaldæan Oracles of Zoroaster, translated by W. Wynn Westcott

Kabbalahists use the Sephiroth as the Merkabah for descending through the various realities enumerated in the Kabbalah.

Several movements in Talmudic mysticism, including the Ma'asei Merkavah of the late Greco-Roman period following the destruction of the Second temple, and later, students of the Kabbalah, have focused on these passages from Ezekiel, seeking underlying meaning and the secrets of Creation in what they argued was the metaphoric language of the verses. Due to the concern of some Torah scholars that misunderstanding these passages as literal descriptions of God's image might lead to blasphemy and/or idolatry, there was great opposition to studying this topic without proper initiation.

Talmudic commentaries emphasize that the imagery of the Merkaba is not meant to be taken literally; rather the chariot and its accompanying angels are analogies for the various ways that God reveals Himself on Earth. Hasidic philosophy and Kabbalah discuss at length what each aspect of this vision represents.

In Christianity, the man, lion, ox, and eagle are used as symbols for the four evangelists (or gospel-writers), appear frequently in church decorations and appear in the Tarot card "The World". The creatures are called Zoë (or the Tetramorph), and continuously surround the Chariot Throne, along with the twenty-four angelic rulers, the Seraphim, the Cherubim, the seven Archangels, the Ophanim, and countless angels, spirits, and saints, where they sing praises to the Trinity, and beg Jesus to have mercy on humankind.

Seraphim angels, flashing of fire by continuously ascending and descending, function somewhat like pistons in that they power the movement of the chariot. In the hierarchy of these angels, Seraphim are the highest, that is, closest to God, followed by the Chayot, which are followed by the Ophanim. The chariot is in a constant state of motion, and the energy behind this movement runs according to this hierarchy. The movement of the Ofanim is controlled by the Chayot while the movement of the Chayot is controlled by the Seraphim. The movement of all the angels of the chariot are controlled by the Likeness of Man on the Chariot Throne. (The chariot was used for warfare during the Bronze and Iron Ages. From a warrior people we would expect the symbology of a warrior god, Yahweh, on a Chariot Throne.)

The sages Rabbi Yochanan Ben Zakkai and later Rabbi Akiva were deeply involved in Merkabah exegesis. The Talmudic interdictions concerning Merkabah speculation are numerous and widely held. Discussions concerning the Merkabah were limited to only the most worthy sages, and admonitory legends are preserved about the dangers of overzealous speculation concerning the Merkabah.

Without the final initiation into the Merkabah the study of the Kabbalah will be ever incomplete, and the Merkabah can be taught only in 'darkness, in a deserted place, and after many and terrific trials.'

Since the death of Simeon Ben-Iochai this hidden mythology has remained an inviolate secret.}

angelus temple
Seen at a Aimee Semple McPherson "Healing Revival":

"A little girl wore a pair of glasses one-half of which was entirely black. I gathered that she was totally blind in one eye and almost blind in the other. I sat upon the stage very close to the whole procedure. While prayer was being made for her, the little girl, who appeared to be about 11 years of age, wept and sobbed and writhed in her eagerness to secure the help that she had been led to expect. She left the platform and public claim was made by one of the workers that she had been healed, and the little girl verified the claim by a nod of the head given in reply to the question of the workers. An hour later, when the meeting was out, I noticed a small cluster of women near the platform. I thought I saw the blind little girl in their midst, so I asked my wife to go over and investigate and talk to her if necessary. She found the erstwhile 'cured' girl flat on her face on the floor, sobbing, with shattered hopes and a breaking heart. Her disappointments was complete, and so was her disillusionment. The improved sight that she seemed to have had in the midst of the excitement on the platform had disappeared, and with it the hope of the little girl." - Arno Clemens Gaebelein

Biographer Daniel Mark Epstein, though extremely sympathetic to Aimee Semple McPherson, admitted that those healed were "mostly diseases of the immune system, or attributed to hysteria."

"Aimee Semple McPherson built her career by replacing the 'Gospel of Fear, Hellfire, and Damnation' with the 'Gospel of Reconciliation and Love'" - Daniel Epstein

Aimee Semple McPherson's mother, Mildred (Minnie) Kennedy, was a partner in her daughter's successful religious empire but left "after receiving a broken nose during an explosive argument" with her daughter.

Aimee Semple McPherson was twice-divorced and known to have committed adultery with her radio engineer. Aimee Semple McPherson died of a illegally obtained barbiturate overdose.

International Church of the Foursquare Gospel (ICFG)

Angelus temple, the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, a non-profit corporate institution, has now grown to include more than 1,834 fellowships in America, and over 29,973 fellowships worldwide. There are currently more than 3 and a half million members in 123 countries around the globe. At the end of the reporting year, there were 48,271 Foursquare employees. International Church of the Foursquare Gospel presently ranks as one of the three or four most recognized branches of Pentecostalism. Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel, had been raised in the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, although he states he never met Aimee Semple McPherson.

"My mother sat under Aimee's ministry, even played in the band, and later on (after Aimee's controversial death) worked in the central offices there at Angeles temple. However, to my knowledge, she never met Ms McPherson, and neither did my father…" - Chuck Smith Jr.

William Marrion Branham

William Marrion Branham reported supernatural visitations at ages three and seven.

In 1933 William Marrion Branham preached to three thousand people in a tent revival in Jeffersonville Indiana and later built Branham Tabernacle.

William Marrion Branham helped birth the entire "physical healing" signs and wonders movement which television neoevangelists have capitalized on ever since.

William Marrion Branham, in the early sixties claimed that he was the end-times "Elijah" - the "Messenger of the Covenant".

William Marrion Branham, an original Kansas City "prophet", became a legend to Pentacostal Charismatic's by filling the worlds largest auditoriums and stadiums by demonstrating the "gift of discernment" and the "word of knowledge".(Knowing the secrets of a individual's heart = cold reading)

William Marrion Branham claimed he was guided by an angel who was scientifically revealed in a photo image as a tongue of fire.

William Marrion Branham taught the "two seed" dogma; mentored Oral Roberts; proclaimed himself the "angel of revelation"; preached Manifest Sons dogma; claimed to have witnessed a resurrection due to his intercession and helped cross-pollinate the entire "positive confession/word of faith movement" with Manifest Sons dogma.

When William Marrion Branham died in 1965 many of his followers expected him to be resurrected.

They are still waiting.

"In Bible Days, there were men of God who were Prophets and Seers. But in all the Sacred records, none of these had a greater ministry than that of William Marrion Branham." - 1961 Voice, magazine of the Full Gospel Business Men International

Kenneth E. Hagin mythology, "RHEMA logos positive confession" borrowed from William Marrion Branham's positive confession teachings. Kenneth E. Hagin, never received any formal theological training, although he received an honorary doctorate from Oral Roberts University, a non-profit corporate institution, in the 1970s. (In 2008 debt ridden Oral Roberts University was abandoned by Benny Hinn and Creflo A. Dollar who were board members when a spending scandal by Richard Roberts, Oral Roberts son, came to light. Benny Hinn and Creflo A. Dollar were being investigated in 2007 by Senator Charles E. Grassley for violating tax-exempt status by living lavishly on the backs of small donors.)

Kenneth E. Hagin founded RHEMA (utterance) Bible Training Center. RHEMA Bible Training Center is not accredited.

You Tube - Brother William Branham: 20th Century Prophet

"Then the Lord said to me, "The prophets are prophesying lies in my name. I have not sent them or appointed them or spoken to them. They are prophesying to you false visions, divinations, idolatries and the delusions of their own minds." - Jeremiah 14:14

mobilizing the church

Rodney Howard-Browne

Rodney Howard-Browne attended RHEMA Bible Training Center, a non-profit corporate institution, in South Africa from where he graduated in 1983.

"One night I was preaching on hell, and laughter just hit the whole place. The more I told people what hell was like, the more they laughed." - Rodney Howard-Browne

"So began the so-called Laughter revival in the United States ... this "laughter anointing" passed down from Rodney Howard-Browne to Randy Clark and from Randy Clark the "anointing" passed downwards again to John Arnott, the pastor of the Toronto Airport Vineyard." - Dr. Eddy Cheong

"What shall we say about Rodney Howard-Browne's ministry? It is the result of a deceptive scheme of manipulation and crowd control, not the genuine work of God. Jesus said, "You will know them by their fruits." Remember: supernatural power, signs and wonders are insufficient to determine someone's true nature. Israel was misled and deceived in their days, and numerous Christians are misled and deceived today. Just look deeper than what meets the eyes." - Yves Brault

Rodney Howard-Browne's meetings are a good example of a scripted performance running to a definite plan and using psychological techniques to manipulate listeners. Rodney Howard-Browne's performance is mesmeric - carefully and minutely staged to best effect.

Rodney Howard-Browne's openly insults anyone who does not submit to his methods. Any individual foolhardy enough to sit still, read the Bible, and resist the waves of laughter is publicly branded "a religious Pharisee" and when that individual eventually walks out, Rodney Howard-Browne mocks them.

Jimmy Swaggart

Jimmy Swaggart

Jimmy Swaggart, television neoevangelist and prolific showman, was baptized by the Holy Spirit at the age of eight while attending an Assemblies of God meeting. Attendance at Jimmy Swaggart's meetings originally were boosted by his cousin Jerry Lee Lewis. As head of the Pentecostal Bible College, a non-profit corporate institution, Jimmy Swaggart conducted a television neoevangelist ministry of national prominence on par with Benny Hinn and Jim Bakker.

Jimmy Swaggart was caught one day with a prostitute in a local motel. Then was found to frequent prostitutes.

Jimmy Swaggart never repented and was defrocked by the Assemblies of God in April, 1988.

“If I do not return to the pulpit this weekend, millions of people will go to hell." - Jimmy Swaggart

YouTube - 1986 Jimmy Swaggart show promo

healing revival

Paul Cain

Paul Cain - a Kansas City "prophet"

"Little children are going to lay their hands on the sick and heal multitudes. We are going to be just like the Lord. They're going to say, 'Here comes that dreadful, fearful army of champions. Here comes those with a word of knowledge, the word of wisdom, the working of miracles, with a healing ministry, with the power to heal the sick and raise the dead." - Paul Cain

"In February 2004, we were made aware that Paul Cain had become an alcoholic. In April 2004, we confronted Paul Cain with evidence that he had recently been involved in homosexual activity. Paul Cain admitted to these sinful practices and was placed under discipline. However, Paul Cain has resisted this process and has continued in his sin." - Rick Joyner, Jack Deere, Mike Bickle.

Chuck Smith, founder of Calvary Chapel, was one of Paul Cain's "Healing Revival" campaign managers.

just wing it

Bob Jones

Bob Jones - latter day Kansas City "prophet"

In 1991 Bob Jones was removed from prophetic practice by Vineyard proponents following evidence of "sexual improprieties" involving several female members of the congregation. When Mike Bickle left Vineyard becoming Metro Christian fellowship Bob Jones was reinstated.

On July 23, 1996 and again on July 23, 1997, Bob Jones was given visions of a powerful demonic spirit identified as Basilisk. In the second vision given to Bob Jones in 1997, Basilisk had multiplied hundreds of times. ( I wonder how large Basilisk is now?)

corporate prayer

Mike Bickle

Mike Bickle - latter day Kansas City "prophet"

The harp and bowl prayer model is based around the type of worship and intercession as described in Revelation 5:8.

"And when he had taken it, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb. Each one had a harp and they were holding golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints".

The "harp" used in the scripture represents praise and worship and the "bowl" used represents the prayers of the saints rising up before the Chariot Throne. Worship around the Chariot Throne incorporates prayer and worship - the harp and the bowl - together to create a new dynamic of worship often referred to as intercessory worship or corporate prayer led by prophetic worship .

This harp and bowl is centered around the "International House of Prayer (IHOP)", a non-profit corporate institution, and involves 24-hour prayer and worship, a mix of revival worship led by musicians, antiphonal chanting of psalms and the "prophetic" singing of passages of scripture. This continuous prayer and chanting is designed to bring down the presence of the Holy Spirit in a new way and create an atmosphere of revival.

YouTube - Mike Bickle with IHOP on CBN

Pat Robertson standing by his mater's flag

Marion Gordon "Pat" Robertson

An example of one of the elite, select 'in group' of false religious teachers is Marion Gordon "Pat" Robertson, founder of the imperial Christian Broadcasting Network, CBN, a non-profit corporate institution.

Marion Gordon "Pat" Robertson claims to be able to directly communicate with 'God' and 'Satan', speaks in tongues and perform miracles such as healing. Marion Gordon "Pat" Robertson popularized the notion that if "one refuses to believe in Satan then one is possessed by Satan." Belief grants power to that which is believed in. Satan grows stronger with every new convert to the belief in Satan's actual existence.

Marion Gordon "Pat" Robertson is a Zionist Christian who worships at the altar of the Synagogue of Satan.

In 2002, Marion Gordon "Pat" Robertson received the State of Israel Friendship Award from the Zionist Organization of America for his consistent support for a Greater Israel.

When Marion Gordon "Pat" Robertson ran in the Republican presidential primary race of 1988 he stated that 'God' had told him to run for president. (To teach him humility?)

In August 2005 Marion Gordon "Pat" Robertson stated, in response to accusations from Hugo Chavez, president of Venzuela, that Americans were backing plots to assassinate him, "If he thinks we are trying to assassinate him, I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it."

Marion Gordon "Pat" Robertson, an elite American aristocrat and imperial Christian is obviously not a follower of the words of Jesus.

Marion Gordon "Pat" Robertson preaches that women that do not submit to the will of men "leave their husbands, kill their children>, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians".

"I know this is painful for the ladies to hear, but if you get married, you have accepted the headship of a man, your husband. Christ is the head of the household and the husband is the head of the wife, and that's the way it is, period." –Marion Gordon "Pat" Robertson

One of the stultifying characteristics of imperial Christianity is the manner in which women are subjugated. Although not forced to wear external burkas they are forced to veil their emotions with burkas. Women living under demeaning and subservient social circumstances live in a dream of life that is stultifying in it's rigid adherence to ‘proper' and ‘traditional' manners of behavior. This mindset is a direct descendant of a Talmudist worldview and has nothing to do with the equality of human beings that Jesus taught.

A women's removal from nature by these social codes causes her to die inside as see feels she must crush any emotion contrary to proper accepted modes of thinking and behaving. These dark emotions must be extinguished as they emanate from the dark animal side of a human's soul. By being required to play hostess and having been perched upon a pedestal as a living breathing goddess incapable of sinful acts, an individual women, unfortunately, can become that which she is ‘seen' as. Impenetrable and unapproachable, caught in the trap of a dream of life unfulfilled. (Is that why so many neoevangelic women fool around?)

On the other hand she can reject this spiritually corrupt dream of life trap but by doing so she may incur the wrath of imperial Christianity.

Marion Gordon "Pat" Robertson turned over control of the imperial Christian Broadcasting Network, CBN, a non-profit corporate institution, to his son Gordon Robertson in 2007 who holds a baccalaureate degree from Yale University and a juris doctor degree from Washington & Lee Law School. The imperial Christian Broadcasting Network, CBN employs approximately 2,800 and has sent out programs in 99 languages to over 225 countries with domestic studios in Virginia Beach and Nashville, and overseas studios in Manila, Jakarta, New Delhi, Hyderabad, and Kiev.

John Wimber

John Wimber

John Wimber was the manager of the Righteous Brothers before becoming "born-again."

John Wimber practiced intense personal evangelism from 1963 - 1974 as a Quaker.

John Wimber left Yorba Linda Friends Church in 1974 to become founding director of the Department of Church Growth at the Fuller Theological Seminary.

Fuller Theological Seminary was founded in 1947 by Charles E. Fuller, a well-known radio neoevangelist, Harold Ockenga, pastor of Park Street Church in Boston, Carl F. H. Henry, Wilbur Moorehead Smith and Harold Lindsell. Fuller Theological Seminary was the first academic institution to be founded by the neo-evangelical movement. Fuller Theological Seminary began with the theological vision of reforming fundamentalism from its anti-intellectual and socially isolationist stance of the 1920-40 era. It should be noted that Fuller Theological Seminary married the study of religion with the study of psychology in the hope of expanding the reach of the neoevangelicalic order.

On May 8, 1977 John Wimber's Bible study fellowships becomes Calvary Chapel of Yorba Linda, a non-profit corporate institution.

Mother's Day, 1980: Lonnie Frisbie says, "Come Holy Spirit" at Calvary Chapel Yorba Linda.

John Wimber, hungry for signs and wonders, interest in "the miraculous" escalates after Lonnie Frisbie's exhibitions.

In 1982 John Wimber and C. Peter Wagner launch their controversial course, MC510 - "The Miraculous and Church Growth" at Fuller Theological Seminary. This course included hands on "training" in signs, wonders, healing, etcetera.

John Wimber's Charismatic movement teaching of "truth" based on subjective experiences was rejected by Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel so John Wimber's fellowship was renamed the Vineyard.

John Wimber meets Paul Cain for the first time.

Paul Cain predicted his coming to and going from a meeting with John Wimber would be confirmed by earthquakes, which did indeed occur. (In California between 1988-1997 earthquakes occured at the rate of 37,283 per year; 3,107 per month; 714 per week and 102 per day.)

John Wimber was con-vinced.

A very intense ministry circuit partnership between John Wimber and the Kansas City "prophets" culminates in the Kansas City fellowship becoming an official Vineyard Association, a non-profit corporate institution.

John Wimber publicly calls for every Vineyard pastor to be ministered to by the Kansas City "prophets".

On a trip to Scotland Mike Bickle convinces John Wimber to change emphasis of the Vineyard to that of a prophetic ministry. Kansas City "prophets" Latter Rain/Manifest Sons dogma "cross-pollinates" the Vineyard.

Vineyard trainers began to complain that John Wimber's co-laboring with these "prophets" was changing the core values of the Vineyard.

John Wimber emphasizes supernatural healing, spiritual warfare, and prophecies.

John Wimber was con-vinced that the only way to get people to believe the word of God is to startle them into believing through healing, prophecy, and the casting out of demons which John Wimber called "supernatural power."

Mike Bickle submits all Kansas City "prophets" fellowships to Vineyard Association, non-profit corporate cover.

Mike Bickle parts ways with John Wimber over Toronto revival fall out taking the Kansas City "prophets" out of the covering of Vineyard to become Metro Christian fellowship, a non-profit corporate institution.

The hyper-charismatic movement within the Vineyard is also known as "Third Wave," "Signs and Wonders," and "Power " - has grown to approximately 450 United States congregations and 250 more in other countries.

Influences John Wimber cited in his teachings; Kenneth E. Hagin "father" of the word of faith movement, mentor of Kenneth Copeland, and disciple of William Essek Kenyon.

Lonnie Frisbee

Lonnie Frisbee

"Chuck Smith says it actually was a slightly built, long-haired Jesus freak named Lonnie Frisbee who brought the first ragtag fellowship of seekers to a Bible study. "The back door opened and all these kids with long hair and bells on their jeans came in and sat down," Chuck Smith says. "I can remember the shocked expressions on the faces of the other people." Chuck Smith calls Lonnie Frisbee the first (neo)evangelist of the Jesus movement." - Charisma magazine

Lonnie Frisbee, hippie Pentecostal Charismatic and self-described "seeing prophet" and mystic, packed Chuck Smith's fellowship with so many hippies that a large circus tent had to be pitched on a 10-acre plot of land where Calvary Chapel's present facility is located in Costa Mesa.

Chuck Smith was struck by Lonnie Frisbee's charisma, "I was not at all prepared for the love that this young man would radiate." Lonnie Frisbee sparked Chuck Smith's Calvary Chapel revival.

"When the Lord called me, I was going into the desert and I was taking all my clothes off and I was going ‘ Lord if You're really real, reveal Yourself to me!' And one afternoon, the whole atmosphere of this canyon I was in started to tingle and get light and started to change and I was going ‘Uh-oh!' I didn't want to be there!" - Lonnie Frisbee

Lonnie Frisbee's religious career began with a pilgrimage of friends to Tahquitz Canyon outside Palm Springs.

"So we drove out to Tahquitz Falls and we hiked up - he wanted to go to the very top falls. And once he got there, he opened his back pack and he spread out - and he had LSD, and he had marijuana, and he had all of his oil paints and he had togas, and he told us to put on togas, so we did. And he proceeded to paint an image of Jesus on the rocks, a full-sized image of Jesus on the rock. Then he pulled out his Bible and he got into a kinda yoga position and he says ‘We're gonna read the Bible now.' He was reading about John the Baptist and how John the Baptist baptized and he baptized us up at Tahquitz Falls." - Judy Meston

Kathryn Johanna Kuhlman was born-again at the age of fourteen in the Methodist Church of Concordia, began preaching in the West at the age of fifteen. Kathryn Johanna Kuhlman was an adulteress, lived a flamboyant lifestyle - expensive clothes, precious jewels, luxury hotels and first-class travel - while her "Healing Revival" employees worked at starvation wages. Kathryn Johanna Kuhlman had a weekly television program in the 1960s and 1970s which aired nationally titled I Believe In Miracles. Kathryn Johanna Kuhlman introduced "slain in the spirit."

YouTube - Lonnie Frisbee interviewed by Kathryn Johanna Kuhlman.

"Lonnie must have fixed this one particular room up. There were candles lit and everything. The room filled up with people and we had taken some LSD and he was reading the Gospel of John out loud, and we're goin' through the whole gospel. And we get to the end of it, it's the crucifixion stuff, everybody's crying, you know, and not one person left the room. And then it was over. Lonnie was a planner of experiences." - Connie (Frisbee) Bremer-Murray

Lonnie Frisbee mentored neoevangelist Greg Laurie who established Harvest fellowship.

Lonnie Frisbee's attachment to the Charismatic Pentecostal style caused some disagreement within the Chuck Smith's Calvary Chapel congregation since Lonnie Frisbee seemed focused more on gaining converts and experiencing "supernatural manifestations" of the Holy Spirit than on teaching newer converts Biblical doctrine.

Lonnie Frisbee sought out some of the stranger elements of Pentecostalism, especially in the practices of dramatic "supernatural manifestations" like being slain in the spirit, bizarre miracles, and ecstatic utterance which Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland and others attribute to an "anointing" of the Holy Spirit.

Lonnie Frisbee moved to John Wimber's fellowship which soon saw the Calvary Chapel fellowship as Lonnie Frisbee did; as quenchers of these "supernatural manifestations" and by implication not conducive to the "supernatural power" that Lonnie Frisbee and others were so hungry to see.

John Wimber and Lonnie Frisbee broke with Calvary Chapel and started the Vineyard fellowship.

"Lonnie Frisbee asked people 25 and under to come forward, so probably 300 or so go forward. He just says the words ‘Holy Spirit, Come'. Almost immediately, everybody just fell on the floor. They were sort of like trees in a forest falling on each other. It wasn't a clean thing …One of the kids, Ricky, when he fell to the floor, he pulled the microphone down. A lot of them started speaking in tongues, others were crying. But the sound was shocking and I didn't know what to do. I stared at this thing. I didn't know Lonnie. John was shocked. John was trying to figure out what was going on. A lot of people got up and left." - Bob Fulton, Vineyard leader

"Though little credit is given to Lonnie Frisbee, he was influential in what the Vineyard movement called "Signs and Wonders" – a paradigm of teaching that suggest that all Christians could operate in a similar manner to Lonnie Frisbee; that they too could perform miracles like they'd read in the New Testament…" - DiSabatino

"Most assuredly, the counterfeit transferable anointing Lonnie Frisbee practiced was heretical and has nothing to do with the biblical reality of the Holy Spirit. Sadly, Lonnie Frisbee's "Christian" life is riddled with erroneous belief and what can best be described as counterfeit signs and wonders associated with false revival and the presence of sexual immorality." - Steve Mitchell Power

Lonnie Frisbee practiced homosexuality before, during and after his religious career.

"At the end of the marriage he told me that he had been staying late in some gay bars." - Connie Bremer-Murray, Lonnie Frisbee's ex-wife

"I got a telephone call one day that this young man who was in the church here at Laguna Beach was feeling really bad, really convicted, really guilty and he confided in his pastor that he had had a six-month affair with Lonnie." - Chuck Smith, Jr.

"The kingdom of Satan has stronger demons. I just think that homosexuality is a stronger demon." - Bob Fulton, Vineyard spokesman

"Lonnie's misfortune is he got caught because there are a lot of Charismatic homosexual ministers right now. I'm not saying that it's okay as long as you don't get caught. I'm saying we need to find a way for them, find a way within the Body of Christ to love and minister and accommodate them." - Chuck Smith, Jr.(Chuck Smith, Jr. is no longer affiliated with Calvary Chapel. Chuck Smith, Jr. has aligned himself with the New Apostolic Reformation.)

"It was many years I didn't see Lonnie, and when I did the thing I was most impressed by was, ‘cuz you're going for the truth here, how bitter he was. Lonnie would just come in and it was almost like a person who didn't have personal restraint. Lonnie would just go off on how he had been used and abused and trashed. You know, kind of pathetic in a way." - Chuck Girard

Lonnie Frisbee said he had been sexually abused as a child. Lonnie Frisbee died of AIDS.

"If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination." - Leviticus 20:13

"Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due." - Romans 1:27

"No one who lives deeply in Christ makes a practice of sin. Those who continue to sin have neither seen Christ nor known Christ." - 1 John 3:6

"The Bible does not allow for both as simultaneous coexistent realities. While saints still sin, the Bible clearly teaches that they do not practice sin as a lifestyle." - Steve Mitchell Power

israel tour

Matt Sorger

"Matt was overcome with an anointing that was similar to that of Lonnie Frisbie back in the Jesus movement. Lonnie was used by the Lord in radical ways with supernatural power. As this 'fierce' anointing moved upon Matt, he jumped up on the chairs and began to release a corporate wind and wave of the Spirit over the people. Simultaneously over half of the conference room fell under the supernatural power as a wave of extreme Glory went over them. A scroll of fire was released as the Lord commanded us to 'eat' the word of God. Matt's eyes were then opened to the spirit realm. Matt wept as he shared how he could see the angels swirling over our heads and a chariot of fire leading the host of heaven. Matt began to prophecy that "there were more for us than against us!" - Prophetic Report, Northeast Prophetic Signs and Wonders Conference

This year's Northeast Prophetic Signs and Wonders Conference hosted by Matt Sorger Ministries was a strategic gathering releasing not only healing and miracles in the lives of many, but also a fresh prophetic revelation.
"For your gift of $30.00 or more a month you will receive a FREE monthly teaching from Matt." - Google

"We are no longer to be children, tossed here and there by waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, by craftiness in deceitful scheming." - Ephesians 4:14

Tim LaHaye & Hal Lindsey

Tim LaHaye & Hal Lindsey

Both Tim LaHaye and Hal Lindsey write as if what they say in fiction somehow contributes to the promotion of biblical eschatology.

Tim LaHaye, founder and president of psychologically oriented Family Life Seminars, is best known for the Left Behind series of apocalyptic fiction.

"We've fallen in love with the characters and the people and we're dreaming about what's going to happen to them.
It's really a fun experience." - Tim LaHaye

Hal Lindsey claims that according to Biblical prophecy the European Union is destined to become a "Revived Roman Empire" ruled by the "Antichrist." Hal Lindsey, a "Christian Zionist", also wrote Satan Is Alive and Well on Planet Earth.

Hal Lindsey hosted International Intelligence Briefing on the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

"The program this week addressed the tremendous political upheaval in Israel – including the toppling of the government – in the wake of the Gaza withdrawals. It warned about the peril America faces if we pull out of Iraq and leave the perception that radical Islamic terrorists defeated the worlds only superpower. A unique and dynamic exclusive interview that I was fortunate enough to conduct with Binyamin Netanyahu while in Jerusalem was also rejected from being aired on this week’s show." - Hal Lindsey

"I didn't ask to be a hero, but I guess I have become one in the Christian community. So I accept it." - Hal Lindsey

"The Tim LaHaye School of Prophecy convenes its first classes in January 2002. This Liberty University diploma program will be an extension of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and will meet at the Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg. Dr. LaHaye and I share a common burden to train 21st Century church leaders and eschatological teachers who fully understand the doctrine of the premillennial, pretribulational coming of Christ for all of His Church. The first 500 students to enroll in The Tim LaHaye School of Prophecy will receive a 90% tuition scholarship worth $8,000. This means the first 500 students will pay a tuition price of only $1,000-per-semester ($2,000 for the entire year). Regular one-year tuition cost, without the scholarship, is $10,000." - Jerry Falwell (Jerry Falwell's sons, Jerry Jr. and Jonathan, took over Jerry Falwell's megachurch non-profit corporate empire when Jerry Falwell died in 2007.)

The neoevangelicals that served with Tim LaHaye at Coalition for Religious Freedom as executive committee and/or advisory board members were Don Wildmon (founder of American Family Association, a non-profit corporation with an annual budget of about $14 million, owns 180 American Family neoevangelic radio stations in 28 states. Marlin Maddoux (Point Of View nationwide neoevangelic radio talk show host), Paul Crouch (Trinity Broadcasting Network founder), Hal Lindsey, James Robison, Jimmy Swaggart, and Dennis James Kennedy (television and radio neoevangelist of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church).

Beverly LaHaye's Concerned Women for America has long accepted Adolf Coors' money, which has hindered the Concerned Women for America from tackling alcohol-related issues. (Alcohol is the nation's number one "drug problem," accounting for over $100 billion in economic costs and 105,000 deaths each year.)

Dennis James Kennedy began Coral Ridge Ministries in 1974, which produces the weekly television program, The Coral Ridge Hour, carried on various networks and syndicated on numerous other stations, and a daily neoevangelic radio program, Truths That Transform, heard on neoevangelic radio stations in America and also available as a podcast on the program's website. During Dennis James Kennedy lifetime, Coral Ridge Ministries grew to a $37-million-a-year non-profit corporation with an audience of 3.5 million.

Dalai Lama

"Fame, wealth and power are not qualifications for a spiritual leader!"
- Dalai Lama

Jesus never preached on healing, prosperity, success,
or any of the other things that center on man and his material well-being !!!

Eugenee Scott

William Eugene Scott

Another example of an elite American aristocrat and imperial Christian who was obviously not a follower of the word of Jesus was William Eugene Scott. The Festival of Faith was designed by William Eugene Scott to cow followers into submission while increasing his assets. During the Festival of Faith William Eugene Scott, the son of an itinerant preacher, coaxed, cajoled, exhorted, pleaded and even whined to get the faithful to send in their hard earned dollars. In William Eugene Scott's opinion his 'students' owed him money for his 'teaching'. William Eugene Scott's salary was $1 per year plus unlimited expenses. William Eugene Scott offered his followers all the advantages of Christianity with none of the inconveniences, and thus became immensely wealthy.

"A skinflint may get to heaven, but what awaits him are a rusty old halo, a skinny old cloud, and a robe so worn it scratches. First-class salvation costs money." - William Eugene Scott

Contributors were required to sign pledge slips which specifically stated William Eugene Scott could spend the money they sent him however on whatever he chose. And William Eugene Scott did - living a celebrity lifestyle with busty models an each arm while he watched his racehorses run or while traveling the world. William Eugene Scott's television shows would sometimes feature "Scott's Bunnies", a bevy of female followers in thong bikinis. William Eugene Scott enjoyed a lifestyle that included a chauffeured limousine, a mansion in Pasadena, 24-hour bodyguards, several ranches and a stable of more than 300 thoroughbred horses. Some of William Eugene Scott's expenses included the collection of rare stamps, art, Biblical manuscripts and rare coins.

William Eugene Scott's personal enterprises ran the gamut - the Bishop Dr. Gene Scott Corporation, Dr. Gene Scott Incorporated, Dr. Gene Scott Consultants Incorporated, Gene Scott Travel Incorporated, W. Eugene Scott, Ph.D. Incorporated, Gene Scott Evangelistic Association, Wescott Christian Center, Los Angeles University Cathedral, Faith Center, the Faith Broadcasting Network, and the University Network - among others.

When William Eugene Scott died his third wife, Melissa*, inherited his position.

Although William Eugene Scott's background and original affiliation was with the Assemblies of God he broke with them when establishing the Faith Center. William Eugene Scott wove an exceedingly complex mythology that included the Pyramids, Atlantis, Roswell UFO's, Stonehenge, Amityville poltergeists, Nikola Tesla, the Bermuda Triangle, The Spear of Destiny and even the Philadelphia Experiment.

"Scott’s appeal was in the promise of access to superior knowledge." - Richard Parker, a lecturer in public policy at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government

"The dude was fascinating. I never wasted too many gray cells on his premises; but, what an example of how thoroughly you could research something you believed in. And shape and tailor that information." - Ed Campbell

"Scott has no formal education in theology, an enormous ego, eccentric personality and extraordinarily diverse interests. Scott is accountable only to himself, tolerates zero dissent and exerts a frightening level of control over his followers." - Glenn F. Bunting

"Scott surrounds himself with all these sycophants and weaklings who are just looking for somebody to submit to." - David Gill, professor of Christian ethics at North Park College in Chicago

"A side of him is engaging, warm. He knows how to make you feel good. He is dangerous primarily because he really comes off as a straight shooter. He is the ultimate hypocrite." - Rev. Dale O. Wolery

Besides William Eugene Scott's love of the limelight and expensive toys he also rejects Jesus' call to treat all humans as we ourselves wish to be treated. One of William Eugene Scott's favorite songs was "Kill a Pissant for Christ" (William Eugene Scott titled any heretic to his theology a pissant). During the Gulf War William Eugene Scott bellowed at viewers "Nuke 'em in the name of Christ!"

William Eugene Scott's sycophants were taught that Scott's mythology was the only truth (theocratic absolutism), that the greatest sin was questioning Scott's interpretation of Christianity(creating dissension among the breathern), that you could buy your way into heaven (by paying for Scott's secret and superior knowledge) much as one bought indulgences in the Catholic church of old and that Jesus did not teach morality(Scott was a moral nihilist as he believed John Calvin literal interpretation of humanities total depravity and predestination).

{"Our moral code is a product of gradual social evolution, like language, or manners, or the common law, and that, like them, it has grown and evolved to meet the need for peace, order and social cooperation.

Imagine a society in which no moral code existed, or in which it were the exact opposite of the codes we customarily find.

Imagine how long a society (or the individuals in it) could prosper or even continue to exist in which ill manners, promise-breaking, lying, cheating, stealing, assault, rape, robbery, murder, ingratitude, disloyalty, treachery, violence, and chaos were the rule - more highly regarded than their opposites - good manners, promise-keeping, truth-telling, honesty, fairness, loyalty, consideration for others, peace, order and social cooperation." - Henry Hazlitt}

"All that is written in the holy writings comes from the Spirit of God. The holy writings are good for these things: to teach people, to show them when they are wrong, to make them see what is right, to teach them to do what is right." - 2 Timothy 3:16

William Eugene Scott's followers replace the worship of Jesus/God/Holy Spirit with the worship of an idol - William Eugene Scott. William Eugene Scott graduated from Chico State in 1952 with a degree in history, stayed on for a master’s in social science and earned a doctorate in education at Stanford University in 1957 according to the Stanford University web site. Near the end of his life William Eugene Scott fell into the transcendental temptation refusing treatment for prostrate cancer which ultimately killed the "Doc".

Creflo Dollar ministries

Creflo A. Dollar

Marketing expert, Creflo A. Dollar, senior pastor of World Changers Church International, preaches that the Lord will reward the faithful with material riches. Using the gospel Creflo A. Dollar launced a "the Lord will make you rich" marketing campaign. Creflo A. Dollar, as a corportist preacher, has amassed a 25,000 strong congregation, 2 Rolls-Royces, a multimillion-dollar mansion and a private Gulfstream III jet. Creflo A. Dollar business' include a "School of Prosperity" which sells video and audio products, a bookstore, e-commerce sites, a television studio, staged conferences, a private elementary school, fitness center and a second institution at Madison Square Garden.

Creflo A. Dollar preaches that if you give wealth to his church you, individually, will prosper - buy a CD and you'll learn to prosper too.

"Religious institutions and the hierarchy of people who run them have reaped the benefit of tax exemption for too long at the expense of all of us. They are given liberties and latitude regarding holdings, assets and their distribution that would never be allowed in private individual or corporate dealings without at least some question. Billions of dollars in real estate are owned by religious institutions, not necessarily benefitting congregants but rather the top guns of the particular institution. Cars, buses, planes, buildings, homes, television stations and more can be written off as religious necessities. Why are religious institutions exempt from the same tax laws when they decide to become mega-churches, i.e. religious corporations? Enough is enough." - J.G. Peters

Creflo Dollar

Creflo Dollar Arrested, Charged With Punching And Choking His Daughter

"For fools speak foolishness and make evil plans." - Isaiah 32:6


George Otis Jr.

George Otis Jr. probes the labyrinth of the kingdom of darkness to determine the cause of strong spiritual oppression in certain geographic areas.

"In virtually every corner of the world there are certain neighborhoods, cities (City of God perhaps?), cultures and nations that embrace more idolatry, manifest greater spiritual oppression and exhibit more resistance to Gospel light. Certain travelers have described instances in which the prevailing spiritual atmosphere changed one way or the other at the very instant they crossed a particular territorial threshold. This new way of seeing I have labeled spiritual mapping. Negative feelings are related directly to the presence and influence of unseen territorial spirits. Satan assigns high-ranking evil spirits to control nations, regions, cities and tribes to prevent the Lord from being glorified in their territory. The ability to identify these satanic strongholds is described as spiritual mapping. It should come as no surprise that spiritual mapping involves investigating locations that have emerged as centers of idolatry and demonic attention. This firsthand observation allows you to acquire valuable insight into religious allegiances and possible sources of spiritual oppression. Armed with this intelligence you can proceed to strip the enemy of his cover. Supernatural power is to be used for deliverance from demonic bondage, prophesying and divine healing. Although we may find it difficult to imagine ourselves in the role of exorcist, seer or healer, this is how the Lord has chosen to minister to our bound and broken world." - George Otis Jr..

In 2000 new spiritual warfare practices were introduced in association with spiritual mapping. The most significant of these, and also the most controversial, was the activation of the gift of prophecy and the role of prophets and apostles.

In a film released by The Sentinel Group which is titled "Transformations" and which is narrated by George Otis Jr., we are presented with a series of four communities that are portrayed as having been radically transformed by using the method of spiritual mapping along with deliverance from demonic bondage, prophesying and divine healing.

"It is not the matter of whether or not we "accept" Christ but whether Christ accepts us - that is the crucial issue. Will, indeed, Christ accept us the way we are as so many today infer?" - George Otis Jr. (Learn something new everyday - Christ is now rejecting some who seek succor!)

In association with C. Peter Wagner, Chuck Pierce, Ted Haggard and Cindy Jacobs, George Otis Jr. of The Sentinel Group relentlessly pursues the grand cause of the New Apostolic Reformation aimed at unifying and controlling Christianity by turning the authority within Christianity over to the New Apostles. George Otis Jr. wrote a book in 1978 which has become one of the primary books endorsed by the modern version of the Moral Government movement.

"In effect the Moral Government teaching had made me into a perfect Pharisee. I was proud, self-righteous, superior because of my uprightness and understanding of the truth - all in the name of humility, truth and spirituality!" - Gregory L. Robertson

grand nights of malta

Rick Joyner

The last decade has seen a tremendous explosion of self-proclaimed "prophets", who claim having fantastic experiences or journeys to "heaven", trips to "hell", and lengthy, intimate dialogue with Jesus.

Purported dreams and visions have grabbed center stage, enthralling multitudes to the point where common sense is overridden in favor of the sensational.

"Having just exited, after twelve years, a congregation steeped in false teaching, I know firsthand the damage it can accomplish within the Body of Christ. As a fellowship we had literally ridden every "wave" that came along, including the one initiated by The Final Quest by Rick Joyner." - Kevin Reeves

Rick Joyner asserts he has an "ability to foresee future events and occasionally could look at people and know details about them."(see cold reading)

In The Final Quest, Rick Joyner presents his ascent up the mystical mountain. Along the way Rick Joyner converses with angels and discovers doors leading to secret knowledge that will revolutionize Christianity.

Rick Joyner's ascent up the mystical mountain is reminiscent of Jacob's Ladder.

"One of the most striking Biblical dreams is that of Jacob and the ladder. Kabbalistically this “ladder," or sulam, represents the ladder of worlds, the Seder Hishtalshalut, and is the connection between G-d and the ethereal with our physical world." -

Rick Joyner journeys to the 'Garden of God' and tastes of the Tree of Life. Rick Joyner encounters many believers, personal friends, Lot, Jonah, Abel, Paul and Adam. Adam tells Rick Joyner about the famines, earthquakes, and wars to be released upon the world by, not God, but by an elite fellowship of exalted, last days, overcoming prophets and apostles.

When Rick Joyner reaches the summit/top of the ladder he meets Jesus.

Rick Joyner proposes that there are different levels of revelation.

Level one is prophetic "impressions".
Level two is described as "conscious illumination" which he says was the level the apostles used when they wrote the New Testament documents.
Level three is an even higher level which he calls "open visions" which are viewed externally like the clarity of a movie screen.
On level four, the highest level - "the trance," Rick Joyner claims to receive dreams and visions directly from the Father.

"This book was taught as doctrine in a home fellowship led by our pastor, heavily promoted within our ranks as "the word of the Lord", and nearly required reading if one was in leadership. As an elder of some years standing I heard no end of praise for this book, but no one was interested in dealing with specific questions that periodically arose about its content. If an issue was raised (and it was a rare enough occurrence), the person's concern was basically dismissed as spiritual immaturity. I had often personally been on the receiving end of this one." - Kevin Reeves

"If I had taken to heart every "prophetic word" spoken over me in the past dozen years, I would be the most "anointed", incredible believer that I would know personally, walking in demon-stomping, (neo)evangelistic, miraculous supernatural power in my everyday life. I am ashamed to admit that I preached it myself before coming out of all this deception. " - Kevin Reeves

Rick Joyner declares, "I saw the Father." Rick Joyner describes the Father in detail specifically mentioning the crown on the Father's head.

"What is about to come upon the Earth is not just a revival, or another awakening; it is a veritable revolution. The vision was given in order to begin to awaken those who are destined to radically change the course, and even the very definition of Christianity. The dismantling of organizations and disbanding of some works will be a positive and exhilarating experience for the Lord's faithful servants. A great company of prophets, teachers, pastors and apostles will be raised up with the spirit of Phineas." - Rick Joyner

prophetic destiny

Dutch Sheets

The Ramp Colorado
DSM Conference 2007
"I believe it's a fresh word from the Lord for us and the phrase that he gave me was the synergy of the ages and I have been meditating in that ever since asking the Lord what that means and working it into the form that it is in now … it is the marriage of the old and the new and as we do it the synergistic exponential anointing of the ages through the decree and the fullness of the king of the ages is released from generation to generation and from age to age..." - Dutch Sheets, National School Of The Prophets, 2000

Dutch Sheets claims that man has dominion over the Earth and that miracles will occur only through intercessors. Dutch Sheets pastors a Vineyard laughter movement. Dutch Sheets wrote River of God, endorsed by Rick Joyner, Cindy Jacobs and C. Peter Wagner.

C. Peter Wagner's World Prayer Center is situated on the property of Ted Haggard's Charismatic New Life fellowship, where people reportedly see angels and where demons go on shooting rampages. ("Forcing your religion down my throat all these years with your dominionist agenda ... the abuse ends now... I'm just so full of hate" - Matthew Murray. Matthew Murray was expelled from a Youth with a Mission program after hearing "unapproved" voices in his head - demonic possession? Matthew Murray went on a murderous rampage killing four youths in December 2007.)

"I eventually started to question some things that were happening. These questions had to do with the practice of shepherding, which made leaders into "spiritually advanced," infallible little popes. I started believing that Youth with a Mission leaders were using principles of "discipleship," "submission," "loyalty," etcetera to control the sheep. When I disagreed with my flock leader I was labeled "rebellious." He said if he was wrong and I submitted anyway, he would be held responsible before god and I would not." - Gregory L. Robertson

joel osteen

Religious dogma is all that separates Judaism from Christianty from Islam.

Each of these Abrahamic religions has elaborate moral and social codes developed over centuries and codified over a thousand years ago. At the time these codes were adopted and adhered to they were more than just religious codes they were as well the social law that society lived under.

To religiously follow the letter of every municiple, county, district, state and federal law, many of which are contradictory and unlikely to ever be enforced, is to invite insanity into your life. An example of a few laws that routinely are not enforced: laws that limit campaign contributions; laws that restrict immigration; laws that protect the environment; laws that require government accountability; laws regulating corporations, banking and industry
If every law was religiously followed and equally enforced as written the economy would come to a screeching halt. This does not mean that religious moral and social codes are to be jettisoned. On the contrary they should be studied and applied in spirit as opposed to literally.

Many ‘spiritual advisors' entirely miss fundamental concepts that are being expressed by trying to explain metaphorical allegory as literal fact. Any individual attempting to mystify sycophants with this method is a vehicle of deceit.

The fact that all religions have elaborate moral codes, specifically laying out for us proper modes of social behavior is very telling toward the way in which humanity perceives the Creator and Sustainer in that nearly all of humanities religions have remarkably similar moral codes. And all those moral codes are designed to keep the individual from making decisions that are likely to harm both the individual and the fellowship within which the individual resides, now or in the future.

Regardless of your views on religious dogma the simple truth is this:

Millions of men, women and children have been murdered by political zealots in the name of fanatic ideologies under the cover of religious dogma. Men, women and children have been burned at the stake in Europe and hung by the neck until dead in America. Women have been convinced to throw themselves on the funeral pyres in India. Men murder their sisters and cousins in Islamic countries for flirting. Men, women and children are being ruthlessly butchered now in Africa.

Religious dogma has been used to justify genocide. Individuals justify "ethnic cleansing" referring to obscure scriptural passages as justification for their crimes. The image a man devises in his mind of his conditioned or chosen conception of a organizing principle will inform the ways in which that man approaches and lives in the world.

Yahweh, Thantos, Mars and their brethern have nothing to do with the Creator and Sustainer, Christ or Allah.

The Creator and Sustainer, Christ or Allah do not ask for belief behind the barrel of a gun!

garden of eden

The Fall,
Original Sin
or the Ejection from the Garden of Eden

Where the concept of the ejection from the garden is false is that humanity left the garden of her own free will and God sits silently waiting in the Garden for us to rejoin him.

"As it is imbued so deeply into our mythology, our ideology, our culture, and our economy, the doctrine of original sin is actually correct - correct insofar as we are immersed in our culture. It is correct given our ideological infrastructure and the motivations built in to our cultural institutions." - Charles Eisenstein

"Original Sin," as it is called, is simply the emergence of the ego. The fall from grace," is only an illusion of separation. Adam and Eve were never tossed out of the beautiful paradise of God's creation. They walked out. By eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge, they suddenly became aware of their differences." - Vincent Cole

At the dawn of human history early rational thinkers could imagine a reality free from want. The vision of a reality free from want, seen in the imagination of the mind's eye, came to them in the image of the Garden of Eden. The Garden of Eden would be a wonderful place where all wants were met, where all desires were fulfilled and where the ever present desert of extremes receded from consciousness, a return to the dreamtime.

Although they could 'see' the Garden in their 'vision' (imagination) they were ultimately frustrated by the fact that their vision (imagination) was not one belonging to the material Earth. Over time the vision of the Garden became 'real' in their mind's eye, exquisitely beautiful perfection, but such perfection was separate from physical reality existing only outside of time and space in a dreamtime. Once they shared their vision with others it became necessary to come up with a rational reason for why man was separated from the Garden.

The emotions all men feel come from the natural order. For example, when a man was hunting and/or gathering fear was a very helpful and life saving emotion. A man that holds fear, is careful in his pursuit of game. A man careful to be aware of his surroundings when gathering fruit has a much better chance of surviving than the man that does not pay attention to the fact that on the rock ledge above his head a lion is crouching. (see biological orienting response)

Rational men have felt guilt ever since the first moment that they realized that the life they were ending, to survive, was of the same order as the life that they held within themselves - a natural empathetic response. Individual life saving emotions may work for the individual and yet hinder cooperation within the tribe - in particularly in a nomadic warrior tribe.

The religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam were all born from the same seed - the nomadic warrior tribe of the cult of Yahweh and their leader Moses who fled the reorganization of Egyptian society upon the death of Tutankhamun. Moses synthesized the religion of Akhenaten with the religion of Sumeria to create the foundational elements of the Torah which includes the story of the ejection from the Garden of Eden.

The basic premise that all men are born into sin is a relatively new concept. Emotion, not seen or heard, was of the supernatural realm. They began to imagine not letting primitive emotions drive decisions. The story of Cain and Able informs the nomadic warriors/hunters to become settled cooperating gatherers/farmers and herders. All human beings understand personal spiritual corruption in that they are unable to completely control their own emotions and live up to their own self-expectations. Without the taming of primitive emotions a social culture will remain limited in size or die as the group members destroy one another as they did on Pitcairn Island.

The elaborate religious theology constructed by each social culture depended upon taming primitive emotions and informing the type of lifestyle their culture embodied. For example, the horse people of Genghis Khan lived on the Mongolian Steppe, an endless grass prairie, practiced a shamanistic religion quite similar to the Native American horse people of the Great Plains. The differences between the two can be traced to elements of Hindu and Buddhist religions being different from elements of Christian religion which Native Americans had been exposed to.

Only groups working out elaborate commonly excepted social rituals that keep primitive emotions in check will be able to grow and prosper . With primitive emotions in check civility reigns within the social cultural group.

Most religious theologies divide humans into at least two opposing social cultural groups - those who belong to the fellowship or can be tolerated as non-threatening to the fellowship and those who are "other," threatening evil doers out to enslave or destroy the fellowship.

The followers of Moses had survived as nomads in the desert by worshiping the harsh war god of the desert, Yahweh. At this time high priests of the cult of Yahweh had gained a profound insight into the nature of the emotional state of a human in a social group by persevering in the desert for '40' years.

Guilt, an emotion only humans are known to experience, worked wonders as a social control mechanism. The religious leaders of the cult of Yahweh solution to the fact that not all their subjects felt guilt keenly enough was to bestow upon them Original Sin.

The religious leaders of the cult of Yahweh 'educated' the members of their tribe that men had been ejected from the vision of freedom from want, ejected from exquisitely beautiful perfection, ejected from Yahweh's presence because spiritual corruption was universal in mankind.

First mention of Israelites is on the Merneptah which has a short section at the end of the poem describing a campaign by Merneptah in the first few years of his reign, 1210 BC. One line mentions Israel: "Israel is laid waste, its seed is not." Here we have the earliest mention of Israel outside the Bible and the only mention of Israel in Egyptian records. The Egyptian record identifies the Israelites as a nomadic people.

The harsh war god of the desert, Yahweh would redeem them.

The fleeing Israelites driven into their nomadic life by the Egyptians who usurped Akhenaten's dynasty (Akhenaten was referred to as 'the enemy' in Egyptian archival records) fell upon and conquered the city of Ugarit and the land of Canaan around 1180 BC. Canaan had been an Eygyptian protectorate until 1210 BC so that is only thirty years.

"The conquest of Canaan was but one more instance of a hungry nomad horde falling upon a settled community. The conquerors killed as many as they could find, and married the rest. Slaughter was unconfined, and was divinely ordained and enjoyed. Gideon, in capturing two cities, slew 120,000 men; only in the annals of the Assyrians do we meet again with such hearty killing." - Will Durrant

The Canaanites worshiped a pantheon of gods. El was the supreme god, the Creator, but El did not act on Earth. Secondary gods, who acted on Earth, were Baal, who's name appears 76 times in the Old Testament, and Baal's consort Asherah. Canaanites worshiped Baal and Asherah who brought the Canaanites rain, fertility and life. The Israelite's conquered the Canaanite city of Ugarit slaughtering every man, subjugating the woman and children throughout the land of Canaan.

The Hebrew prophets combined and folded several aspects of the individual Canaanite gods into Yahweh. In Canaanite mythology Yahweh was the son of El. The Hebrew prophets intent was to civilize the barbarous Israelites by taming the war god Yahweh.

At this period in history Hebrews religious leaders or priests were the dispensers of natural, religious and social laws in a way which was paralleled later in history during the reign of the Pope's Roman Catholic church before the Protestant Reformation of Martin Luther. At this time in history civil law and moral laws, those laid down by man, were one and the same.

The earliest cultures of Mesopotamia, "Land Between the Rivers," and the Levant were directed by priests who established coherent rules for the society. The temple was erected at the center of the settlement and was the most awe inspiring building.

This pattern of a society with a centralized place of worship can be seen in the all the ancient cities of Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Historically the role of religion in every civilization was religion's ability to establish a common moral order. Priests, or kings derived their authority from the gods and they were the ones who devised the moral and social codes that kept increasingly complex societies operating in a 'civilized' or controllable manner.

Babylon derived its name from Ba-bi-ilani, or "the gate of the gods," the place where the gods descended to Earth.

Inca urban society rested on the belief that their rulers were gods, their word law.

Greek and Roman communities shared a powerful sense of "sacred space" in their central core and each devised elaborate codes of social and moral law.

Islam fostered the creation of a coherent civilization by imposing a rule of law that applied to personal and commercial transactions.

After the fall of Rome, the Roman Catholics preserved the last vestiges of civilization in Europe by providing the legal system under which European civilization continued to function.

Today it is nearly unbelievable that many modern people subscribe to notions of reality that are based entirely on mythical fantasy. In this age of humanity we have allowed ourselves to be duped by purveyors of social control into believing in concepts that has no basis in material reality.

For the average literalist Christian, Jew or Islamic believer today the only way to believe in the harsh Israelite war god of the desert, Yahweh, is to make a leap of faith, to abandon logic, to abandon reason, and accept what the Hebrew religious teachers had ordained about mankind's removal from the presence of God.

God against man.

Man against God.

Man against Nature.

Nature against man.

Nature against God.

God against Nature

- very funny religions!

Dr. D. T. Suzuki, Zen philosopher on the desert religions
of Judaism, Christianity and Islam

authoritative revision

psyche, metaphor,
literary constructions and the mystical

"Know verily that the purpose underlying all these symbolic terms and abstruse allusions, which emanate from the revealers of God’s holy cause, hath been to test and prove the peoples of the world; that thereby the earth of the pure and illuminated hearts may be known from the perishable and barren soil." - Bahá'u'lláh

Early sacred religious text writers understood themselves to be working with psyche metaphor and literary constructions.

Early sacred religious text writers selectively and strategically cobbled together mystical literary themes.

Early sacred religious text writers demonstrate authorial command over the texts they revised, redacted, recombined, borrowed to create, and put forward as "right thinking".

The initial core origin of religion was based on a visionary mode of experience, a dissociative state of consciousness, described metaphorically.

This dissociative state of consciousness naturally produces themes of mystical experience incorporating and conjoining conscious concerns.

Early sacred religious text writers recognized and considered dissociative metaphor to be a major rule of religiously authoritative and legitimate writings.

Although there are endless variations the general conceptual modes remained the same, forming a category of universal mystical metaphoric language, enabling initiates who were familiar with that mode of expression to readily understand each other without taking the concepts in the literal sense.

Early sacred religious text writers recognized and understood this strategy and attempted to create metaphorical ideals that created, in turn, behavior that they socially desired.

Early sacred religious text writers expected adult members of the audience to read in a culturally normative manner, as metaphor hearkening back to the authoritative dissociative state of consciousness.

When crafting the literary metaphors to express political ideas in terms of mystic experiencing, they felt completely free - not burdened by any restrictive concern for mere historical factuality - to utilize available respected symbolic archetypes combined in a traditional universal manner to forward their own political philosophy through the mystic dissociative mode of consciousness.

explain understanding

The pathway to God is free of dogma !!!

zealotry, humility and youth

As a teenager when i saw the reality of man's abuse of the Earth for the first time i became deeply disturbed. At the same time the Vietnam war was still raging and the body bags were coming home regularly.

I friend, and his family, invited me away for a weekend in the mountains. I went ice skating for the first time. I took a bad fall in which my skates went out from under me and my head bounced off the ice. I fell into a deep depression due to brain inflammation.

I had been taught that God watched over us and that men that believed in God were essentially good. The inhumanity now revealed before caused me to fall into despair. In my deep depression i had a vision, a revelation and i felt Christ's spirit move within me.

I regularly attended a youth fellowship at my church. In charge was a literalist zealot who i respected. This literalist zealot helped light my passion for Jesus. At some point the light that was shining in me was too bright for this literalist zealot. This literalist zealot decided that i needed to be humiliated as selfless behavior is frowned upon by imperial Christians.

As i had trust in him to do right i was very pliable, i was only fourteen years of age. The group was getting ready to go on an field trip and he asked me to stay for a minute after the others left. This literalist zealot then pulled out a pair of handcuffs and asked me to hold out my arms. i was extremely reluctant but eventually i gave in to his relentless "trust me if you love Christ !" This literalist zealot handcuffed me to a post in the basement and left. About four hours later he returned and uncuffed me.

He taught me that zealotry would be fought by those that claimed preeminence of zeal for themselves. Their coercive actions could be cruel. They would not be just or reasonable. I decided that I was not strong enough and abandoned my zeal. At that time I also abandoned Constantine's Dream - the concept of the possibility that a common metaphysical conceptual understanding of reality could unify humanity. I embraced Dionysus. Dove head first into the hedonism of sex and intoxicants. Might as well satisfy the flesh. I traveled that hazard strewn path for a decade. Nearly my demise. After reentering the thinspace once again I had a mystical experience that revealed to me the fallacies I had previously adopted, internalized and lived by.

"It takes real courage to contemplate the possibility that your entire faith could be based on highly questionable, even unlikely premises. If you really probe, really dig deep enough through the theological mishmash, through the history of religious ideas, past the programs of conforming belief all clergymen are handed during their youthful seminary years, past all you have been taught in your church, you will discover your religion has no more reason to qualify as the 'one true way' than any other religion humans have constructed over the ages since the dawn of consciousness.

Thus you are free to open yourself to the full mysterium tremendum which transcends all religious concepts that confine the soul's need of blossoming, trusting that such opening creates a deeper faith which is nourished by the mulch of newly found wonder and awe.

There is much that stands in the way of such open-minded contemplations.

Psychological research has revealed that behind people's front of certainty and confidence in their religious belief, lies bewilderment and fear they are completely unaware of, because the subconscious mind, the very source of intuition, has its own way of detecting falsehoods contrived by the ego.

This intuitive knowledge gnawing at the threshold of consciousness kindles the heat of desperation, which the ego skillfully represses with the weight of false confidence. The more intense the subconscious doubt, the more zealous the claim of the believer. Such a belief system will be defended at all costs, inciting both politically and religiously justified wars." - Lew Paz

selfless Jesus

the selfless example Jesus set

According to the official narratives Jesus gave his life to remove the burden of original sin.

To gain this redemption from original sin it was claimed that Jesus freely gave his life.

If this is true then Jesus did not live for his own self but for others. In other words Jesus was selfless.

attributes of divinity

conceptualization of the attributes of Divinity

Every fellowship of worshipers symbolizes divinity in a slightly different manner. This is true even within a given social group, culture or religion. No individuals conceptual image of Divinity will be perfectly in tune with another individuals conceptual image of Divinity as these conceptual images can not match as each human mind is individually formed by it's own unique experiences

"As a child, I attended a literalist Christian school in Saint Petersburg, Florida. At Keswick Christian School, the Bible was our textbook. We pledged allegiance to it every morning, and it was a daily subject of study, like math and English; we memorized lengthy passages of Scripture and were tested on our understanding. On the first morning of my fourth-grade science class, I was told to open my King James version of the Bible and read from the book of Genesis: In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth. It was the early 1980s, and "intelligent design" was not yet in fashion; instead, we learned creation science. My religious teachers taught us that God had created the Earth and everything on it in six days, resting on the seventh, and we learned that we were all descendants of that first living, breathing couple, Adam and Eve. We made mathematical calculations based on book of Genesis that proved that the Earth was not billions of years old but a mere 6,000, and I learned that the Grand Canyon had been created by the biblical Great Flood." - Elizabeth Rosen, fellow Ethics and Public Policy Center

"Pope Benedict the XVI announced that he will reach out to other religions. Wouldn't it be wonderful if he and the leaders of all other religions agreed to set aside their doctrinal differences and join in worldwide effort to promote ethical behavior. So much energy has been spent on enforcing and promoting doctrine that we appear to have lost sight of a sense of right and wrong, transcending religion and sectarianism. Like medicine, religion should have as its first precept: Above all, do no harm." - Phyllis O'Connor

"On an Earth far too often dominated by politicians imbued with religious literalism of all flavors - Jewish, Christian, Muslim - we need the thoughtfulness, self-awareness and subtlety that comes from progressive religious expression." - Stephen Julius Stein

divine plan
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