Hindu military science recognizes two kinds of warfare - the dharmayuddha and the kutayuddha.

Dharmayuddha is war carried on the principles of dharma, meaning here the Ksatradharma or the law of Kings and Warriors - a just and righteous war with the approval of society.

Kuttayuddha is unrighteous war - a crafty fight carried on in secret.

The Hindu science of warfare values both niti and saurya - ethical principles and valor.

It was therefore realized that the waging of war without regard to moral standards degraded the institution into mere animal ferocity.

The necessary education, drill, and discipline to cultivate militarism were confined to the members of one community, the Ksatriyas.

This prevented the militant attitude from spreading to other communities and kept the whole social structure unaffected by actual wars and war institutions.

Nuclear Explosion Power Comparison

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nuclear explosion comparison

Nuclear Warfare in the 21st Century


August 6, @ 9:15 am

"Little Boy" is detonated @ 1,900 ft.

1.38% of the uranium-235, 80% enrichment, actually fissions.

One hundred and fifty thousand people are killed.

August 9 @ 11:02 am

Christian bomber crew drops a plutonium bomb, on Urakami Cathedral, Nagasaki, Japan the main Christian community in Japan.

Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion

1956 US Cold War Nuclear Target List

1958 Edward Teller at Atomic Energy Commission begins Project Chariot, part of Operation Plowshare, a proposal to construct an artificial harbor at Cape Thompson on the North Slope of Alaska by burying and detonating a string of nuclear devices.

Plan to detonate a nuclear bomb in Alberta to collect oil sands wins approval of the Alberta government, but is vetoed by Canadian Prime Minister John Diefenbaker.

Hardtack Umbrella

America’s atomic vets: ‘We were used as guinea pigs"

For 25 Years, U.S. Special Forces Carried Miniature Nukes on Their Backs

The Davy Crockett Battlefield Nuclear Weapon System

1961 Tsar Bomba shock wave blows roofs off stone houses and destroys wood houses hundreds of miles away.

Tsar Bomba

The Day the Earth Caught Fire

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

US nearly detonated atomic bomb over North Carolina

1962 Sedan test explosive device is lowered into a shaft drilled into the desert alluvium 636 ft deep.

The fusion-fission blast had a yield equivalent to 104 kilotons of TNT and lifted a dome of 11,000,000 long tons (12,000,000 short tons) of soil 300 ft above the desert floor.

The resulting crater is 330 ft deep with a diameter of about 1,280 ft.

A circular area of the desert floor five miles across is obscured by a pyroclastic surge.

The blast caused seismic waves equivalent to an earthquake of 4.75 on the Richter scale.

Sedan Nuclear Test - Original Military Film

In the Starfish Prime project a Thor rocket carrying a W49 thermonuclear warhead (manufactured by Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory) and a Mk. 2 reentry vehicle was launched from Johnston Island in the Pacific Ocean, about 1,450 kilometres (900 mi) west-southwest of Hawaii.

The explosion takes place at an altitude of 250 miles (400 km), above a point 19 miles (31 km) southwest of Johnston Island.

It produces a yield equivalent to 1.4 megatonnes of TNT.

While some of the energetic beta particles follow the magnetic field of the Earth and illuminated the sky, other high-energy particles became trapped and form radiation belts around the earth.

These man-made radiation belts eventually cripple one-third of all satellites in low Earth orbit.

Soviets nearly use bomb

1967 Solar storm nearly takes US to brink of war

5 Cold War Close Calls

20 Mishaps: Accidental Nuclear War

5 Nuclear detonations that went WRONG

1992 A high-ranking Pakistani official admits that the country had developed the ability to assemble a nuclear weapon by 1987.

1995 Nuclear War and the Science Experiment

1998 India detonates three nuclear weapons so Islamabad detonates five nuclear weapons.

"This was not a failure of intelligence. The intelligence was in the system." - Richard Barlow


(a) Findings.--Congress makes the following findings:

(1) Richard M. Barlow was a counter-proliferation intelligence officer with expertise in Pakistan nuclear issues.

(2) From 1980-82, Richard M. Barlow served as the action officer for Pakistan proliferation matters at the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency.

(3) In 1985, Richard M. Barlow joined the CIA, becoming a recognized issue expert on Pakistan's clandestine nuclear purchasing networks and its weapons programs.

(4) After serving as a Special Agent with the Customs Service, Richard M. Barlow then joined the Office of the Secretary of Defense starting in 1989, where he continued to investigate Pakistan's nuclear weapons network headed by A. Q. Khan.

(5) Richard M. Barlow was instrumental in the 1987 arrest and later conviction of 2 agents in Pakistan's nuclear weapons development program headed by A. Q. Khan, for which he received an award for exceptional accomplishment from the Director of the CIA and numerous commendations from senior State Department and law enforcement officials.

(6) In addition, Richard M. Barlow received a prestigious commendation from the State Department Legal Advisor for assistance to President Ronald Reagan and Secretary of State George P. Schultz for triggering the Solarz Amendment relating to termination of military and economic aid to Pakistan for exporting nuclear weapons technology.

(7) In a classified hearing following the arrests of the Pakistani agents, Richard M. Barlow, as the CIA's top expert, testified truthfully to the Subcommittee on Asian Pacific Affairs of the Committee on International Relations of the House of Representatives, then known as the House Foreign Affairs Committee, that the arrested Pakistanis were agents of the Pakistani government, and revealed that Pakistan had continued to regularly violate US nuclear export laws.

(8) Richard M. Barlow's actions revealed that certain Executive Branch officials had been withholding this information from the Congressional committees.

(9) In 1989, Richard M. Barlow joined the Office of the Secretary of Defense in the Office of Non-proliferation where he continued to investigate Pakistani proliferation networks.

(10) In April 1989, Richard M. Barlow received an outstanding performance review from his DoD supervisors, and in June 1989 he was promoted.

(11) During the spring and early summer of 1989, Richard M. Barlow told his supervisors on a number of occasions that he had serious concerns that Executive Branch officials were concealing intelligence about Pakistan's nuclear program from Congress and were obstructing pending criminal investigations into Pakistan's procurement efforts in order to avoid triggering the Pressler and Solarz Amendments and to obtain approval for a proposed $1,400,000,000 sale of F-16 jets to Pakistan.

(12) On August 2, 1989, Richard M. Barlow raised concerns about false testimony given by senior officials to the Congress on Pakistan's nuclear capabilities to the Subcommittee on Asian Pacific Affairs of the Committee on International Relations of the House.

(13) On August 4, 1989, several weeks after being promoted, Richard M. Barlow was handed a notice of pending termination.

(14) On August 8, 1989, Richard M. Barlow's security clearances were suspended for reasons that were classified and not revealed to him.

(15) On August 26, 1989, Richard M. Barlow, under threat of firing, was offered a series of menial, temporary assignments by Department of Defense personnel and security officials concerned about possible retaliation against him as a Congressional whistleblower by senior officials in the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

(16) Richard M. Barlow then underwent a 9-month long security investigation involving numerous allegations levied against him by his superiors in the Office of Secretary of Defense, all of which were found to be false.

(17) In March of 1990, Richard M. Barlow then had his security clearance restored and remained in a series of temporary assignments until February 1992, when he then resigned under duress.

(18) At the time of his separation from government service, Richard M. Barlow had completed 8 years of government service.

(19) Richard M. Barlow's temporary loss of his security clearance and personnel actions against him damaged his reputation and left him unable to find suitable employment inside the Government.

(20) For the next 15 years, Richard M. Barlow continued to serve his country as a consultant to the intelligence and law enforcement communities working on complex counterintelligence and counter-proliferation operations without the benefits he would have had if he had continued as a Federal employee.

(21) In 1998, the Senate approved a private relief resolution, Senate Resolution 253 (105th Congress) to provide compensation for Richard M. Barlow's losses on ``the nature, extent, and character of the claim for compensation referred to in such bill as a legal or equitable claim against the US or a gratuity''.

(22) With Senate Resolution 253, the Senate recognized the importance of protecting Federal employees who inform Congress of Executive Branch distortions of the truth and other wrongdoing.

(23) On March 6, 2000, the Government filed a protective order under the state secrets privilege for documents requested under discovery by Richard M. Barlow relating to the Pakistan nuclear program.

(24) The documents denied under the state secrets privilege were documents that Richard M. Barlow had official access to prior to the loss of clearance.

(25) The documents denied under the state secrets privilege were subpoenaed by Richard M. Barlow to substantiate the allegations he originally made regarding his claim of false testimony of Government officials to Congress on the Pakistan nuclear weapons program and the actions taken against him.

(26) The evidence withheld from the Court as a result of the state secrets privilege included significant, sworn statements from a number of senior intelligence, State Department, and DoD officials corroborating Richard M. Barlow's charges of Executive Branch wrongdoing.

(27) As a result of the use of the state secrets privilege, Richard M. Barlow and the US Court of Federal Claims did not have access to evidence and information necessary to evaluate the key information relating to the merits of Richard M. Barlow's case and accurately report its findings to the Senate.

(28) Since Richard M. Barlow's separation from government service in 1992, five Senate and five House committees have intervened in support of Richard M. Barlow's case on a bipartisan basis, and investigations by the CIA, State Department Inspectors General, and the Government Accountability Office have corroborated Mr. Barlow's findings or found that personnel actions were taken against him in reprisal.

(29) Richard M. Barlow is recognized for his patriotism and service to his country.

November 7, 2001

Khan Job: Bush Spiked Probe of Pakistan’s Dr. Strangelove


Nuclear Weapons Site Alarms Shut Off, Scientists Inhale Uranium

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