trapped in a transderivational search loop

Brain Network Reconfiguration and Perceptual Decoupling
During an Absorptive State of Consciousness

"Learn from me, if not by my precepts, then

by my example, how dangerous is the pursuit

of knowledge
and how much happier is that

man who believes
his native village to be the

than he who aspires to be greater than

his culture will allow
." - Mary Wollstonecraft


"We are very much afraid of the word magic for meaning has degenerated and become superstitious in our ears.

But magical was originally simply psychical, the ancients did not know of the existence of the psyche, so not being able to call anything psychic they used the word magik." - Carl Jung, ETH Lecture XI, 3Feb1939, Page 71

The Thrill Is Gone

"Our psyche can function as if space did not exist.

Psyche can be independent of space, time, and causality.

This explains the possibility of magik."

CG Jung, Emma Jung and Toni Wolff :
A Collection of Remembrances
; Pages 51-70


conceptions of afterlife:

metaphorical and literal

Ego death involves the loss of the need to hold onto a subjective self-identity.

A fundamental transformation of the psyche occurs.

Spiritual corruption is burned up in the cleansing flame when the adopted fallacies of ego patterns are put to death.

Redemption of the Eternal Soul exists NOW when conceptual structures of hyperreality have been jettisoned and replaced with fundamentals.

The reborn soul, having experienced ego death, regains its lost innocence and walks hand in hand with the Creator in the Garden.

The evidence is certain for this afterlife - eternal life in the death of the ego.

To sacrifice the pride of the intellect we need to control our circumstances.

Biblical scripture points to a mystical awakening to the Kingdom of Heaven - along with a realization about Death and the Last Judgement.

The Mystery of the Jesus Narratives is set up through deliberate conflation of literal death with spiritual ego death.

Think of time as illusory frees us from the bonds of time.

This allows us to 'step out of time' and into eternity.
psychospiritual rebirth

The only evidence for eternal afterlife is mystical timeless rebirth.

Salvation rests in realease from the deterministic materialistic cosmos.

Enlightenment is actually simple, rational, and comprehensible.

The fully developed mind "transcends rationality" in a specific, mild, restrained sense - mystic insight is essentially comprehensible!

No words can adequately describe the realm of the dreamtime.

Words used metaphorically and analogously transcend a materialistic interpretation of reality by transcending rationality within limits.

Revelation is rational epiphany.

Revelation brings vague mental connections into stark relief - connections our conscious minds have only been dimly aware of.

Faith is about surviving the mystic experience of spiritual ego death and rebirth by transcending a previous conceptualization of reality.

Quest for Rebirth

I wandered lonely as a cloud

that floats on high o'er vales and hills,

when all at once I saw a crowd,

a host, of golden sunflowers;

beside the lake, beneath the trees,

fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

Continuous as the stars that shine

and twinkle on the Milky Way.

William Wordsworth


The Song of the Butterfly

When I first heard of DMT

Healing Deep Wounds with Holotropic Breathwork

Lung tissue contains a large amount of enzyme capable of methylating

enjoy your rebirth

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