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"Through the universal substance as through a furious torrent all bodies are carried, being by their nature united with and cooperating with the whole, as the parts of our body with one another." - Marcus Aurelius

How the West Really Lost God

Chinese charater for God

Creator and Sustainer


Great Mystery



attributes of the Creator

is the question of God simply one of a definition of terms ?

"Trying to define God the infinite with the finite human intellect is like pouring a trillion pounds of sugar into a one-bound bag." - Akhtar H. Emon

"To find one's self alone in the possession of power over nature, to know that one is responsible for every decision and that one's own strength is all that can be relied upon, amounts to an intolerable situation.

If the myth is challenged, it ceases to exist, and man, with his blinders removed, has to face an excruciating reality."

Jacques Ellul

"How can the Infinite become the object of words?"


scientific discovery


Chinese charater for God

Creator and Sustainer

ultimate mystery of being

The nature of the Creator is known to man

through the Natural Moral Order and

the Physical Law of Reality as the

Truth of the Way of the Lumière Infinie

Rational purpose of the recognition of a Supreme Being is to preserve systematic unity in the empirical use of reason.

"The idea of a ground of objects of experience helps organize knowledge.

Keep before your mind the idea of Unity in this body of phenomena."

Frank Thilly

"To glorify God is to honor and participate in a most glorious manifestation.

God is known, after all, as the Creator, and so to glorify God is to revere and participate in that Creation.

Our gifts are creative gifts.

The gifts of mind and hand that make us human, the gift of life itself, enable us to participate uniquely in the ongoing process of creation.

Our lives are a gift, and the way to pass on that gift is to live that life as beautifully as we are able." - Charles Eisenstein

supernatural god

Chinese charater for god

an idea; an image

supreme being; jehovah; yahweh

a demigod who is the personification of a force

a demigod worshiped as controlling some aspect of reality

a supernatural power being to be propitiated by sacrifice and worship

a being of supernatural powers or attributes believed in and worshiped

"He formed gods of the most preposterous and ridiculous kinds: these became the sole objects of his hope, and the creatures of his fear: he was unhappy, he trembled under these imaginary deities; under the supposed influence of imaginary beings forged by himself; under the terror inspired by blocks of stone; by logs of wood." - Paul-Henri Thiry, Baron d'Holbach

"The idea of God as a separate power external to nature who enforces morality is a crutch for the mind lost in the myth of separateness, a means of understanding the consequences of our treatment of others. The concept of a supernatural god might have a salutary effect in the short term, but runs the risk of reinforcing the illusion of separation."- Charles Eisenstein

The word "God" and the word "Jehovah" are not found anywhere in the original Biblical scriptures.

Jehovah is a version of YHWH which is found in the Torah but not found in the New Testament.

The true name of the Hebrew God is transliterated as El, Elah, Eloh, Eloah; in a plural form to express grandeur, Elohim.

A god in Arabic is transliterated as Ilah.

Muslims believe that the actual name of God is Allah but anyone who has traveled back in a time machine to ancient Ugarit knows the name of God is El.

a god

Chinese charater for superman

a divinity; a deity;

an object of worship; an idol;

the deification of a man or woman;

the deification of a conceptual construct;

the deification of a principle or set of principles.

"He gave himself up without enquiry to men like himself, whom his prejudices induced him to contemplate as beings of a superior order, as gods upon Earth, they profited by his ignorance, took advantage of his prejudices, corrupted him, rendered him vicious, enslaved him, and made him miserable." - Paul-Henri Thiry, Baron d'Holbach

No human individual is perfect and no human individual need be put upon a pedestal of worship.

religion of statism

When the State becomes God

Statism Is Slavery


an object idealized as significant

Invisible entities, thought to own and control some incremental part of nature or reality, expressed as natural phenomena or took the guise of an animal - and in Greece - humans.

Archaic unity consciousness recognizes all of nature as interconnected.

This recognition is transformed into the unified belief of Creation taking the form of a pregnant woman, a Mother Goddess analagous with the Earth, who embodies the Creation of Life and brings the prosperity of life to the Tribe.

We named her Gaia.

The theory of God as the Mother of Life and everything else is a natural concept.

As humans filled and overburdened the ecological niches in the Middle East, after being driven out of a drying Sahara, theories of the Nature of the Creator morphed into one in which the template for the conceptual image was based on the Alpha Male head of the tribe.

This Animal Kingdom conceptual image is clearly intended for a warlike people who will be blessed when they gain control of an adjacent ecological niche, allowing further expansion of their Wetiko centered tribe.

As the nature of the Creator is not easily described it is easy to understand why a conceptual image would take the form of familiar objects that already exerted an influence over the course of human existence.

People naturally project onto the Creator an archetypical image of power or force already existent in their natural conceptual image of reality.

The Bible shows an amazing evolution or transformation of the conceptual image of the Creator.

The Old Testament image of the Creator is a distinctly Hebrew image penned by the Hebrews of Alexandria who took up the narrative style of Herodotus.

The New Testament image of the Creator is basically an amalgamation or synthesis of the mythical modes of describing reality of the Egyptians, Persians, Greeks, Hebrews and, finally, the Romans.

The Synoptic Gospels introduce the narrative style of Herodtus broadly.

The evolution of the conceptual image of the Creator shows a change from one in which the Creator is the patriarch of the tribe with warrior intentions to one in which the people are charged with no longer being warriors but farmers as Rome needed a quarter cut of all harvests to stay alive and, unlike Alexander the III of Macedonia, had no problem with conscripting legionaires. (Kinda like getting 'contractors' in Iraq.)

The Septuagint should be rewritten to say:

"In the beginning, Hellens, not understanding the Nature of Creation or the Creator and Sustainer, designed the Hellenistic Gods in the image of man."

attributes of the Creator

Nothing is known to exist outside Nature.

Nothing can be known that exists outside Nature.

If nothing can exist of be known to exist 'outside of nature' then

if a Creator exists that Creator must exist within nature.

Omnipresence requires being everywhere at once.

Omnipotence can only be had by being everywhere at once.

Omniscience, as well, requires being everywhere at once.

Existing everywhere at once the Creator permeates nature.

The essence of the Creator exists renewing all things.

All that lives is sacred - an extension of the Creator.

highest form of ignorance

"He who disbelieves this truth
is spoken of as one devoid of understanding."
Psalms 14:1

The term 'Gnosis' is a Greek word expressing a method of understanding, true knowledge through intuitive consciousness tapping total personal experience.

Achieving Gnosis, a mystical experience, is equivalent to stepping into Nirvana, reaching Integral consciousness or walking the Thinspace.

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