Erotic Euphoria

"It is obvious that we can no more explain passion to a person
who has never experienced it than we can explain light to the blind."

TS Eliot

To enter into the Gnostic vision of the Fallen Sophia, we must first conceive Æon as filling the Pleroma with Lumière Infinie.

Sophia fell due to her desire to attain Infinite Wisdom or Omnipotence.

The Fallen Sophia leaves mankind in a state of formless ignorance.

Sophia is the dancer and the dance.

The part of Sophia that remains Æon, mass-free and non-devolved, impresses its Life-Force onto the materializing Earth.

One could say that the Soul of Sophia defines Her material reality.

The duality of Eros recalls the Tibetan yab-yum and mythic intuitions of the sexes associated with the Coco de Mer.

According to the legend of the Coco de Mer, male trees uproot themselves, and approach female trees.

Genders of Eros are described vividly: the masculine (electrical) aspect is "fire from light," and feminine (magnetic) aspect is "the soul of blood."

Here the Gnostic cosmology refers to human biological features which are coeval with terrestrial events.

"Fire from light" is the electrochemical element in the human organism, the hidden fire compressed in the lightning-like spinal current of Kundalini.

The "soul of blood" is plasma, the watery element of blood, yet because the blood carries iron, this watery element is charged with magnetism (desire).

The interplay of the two genders of Eros ("fire from light," the male, and "the soul of blood," the female) generates the Soul of Humanity:

"And the first Soul (Psyche) loved Eros, who was merged with her, and she poured her blood upon him and the earth."

As the Gnostics saw it, human blood was formed coevally with complimentary elements in the planetary body.

Earth and Psyche, Body and Soul, co-evolve together from the earliest stages of Life on Earth.

Eros permeates maya:

"From a single lamp many lamps are lit, and one and the same light is there, but the lamp is not diminished.

And in this way Eros came to permeate all the beings amalgamated from chaos, and was not diminished."

"In Parinama or Evolution as it is known to us on this plane, when one thing is evolved into another, it ceases to be what it was.

Thus when milk is changed into curd, it ceases to be milk.

The evolution of Shiva-Nataraja from pure Tattvas is not of this kind.

It is a process in which one flame springs from another flame.

Hence it is called "Flame to Flame."

There is a second flame but the first is perpetual." - John George Woodroffe

Gnostic emanationism parallels Tantric cosmology.

We have a force in us, an alternating current that plays between the blood and the nervous system; hence it carries a rhythm, directly sensed in the pulsing of the blood, and an electrical charge, an internal buzz of excitement.

These are, physiologically speaking, the gender functions (masculine and feminine energies) of Sophia incorporated in our bodies when connected.

Erotic elements of sexuality only operate self-referentially in narcissism.

We are immersed in an immense sea of electromagnetism, the macrocosmic counterpart to the dipolar erotic forces locked into our body structure.

Tantrics teach that Kundalini exists in two forms:

it assumes a compressed form in the human body, and a telluric form, Maha-Kundala, the massive "serpent power" of the Earth.

The homeostatic erotic charge is imparted by the dance of electromagnetic field of the Earth responding rhythmically to movement.

Sophia continually resupplies the Flame-to-Flame dynamic permiting constant renewal, reboot, rebirth but we must become consciously receptive of the continual emanation.

Just think of a certain kind of excitement you can feel that becomes more charged the more you express it.

This is the Euphoric hit of Sophia. It operates Flame-to-Flame.

Euphoria is dulled when we wall ourselves off to receive it in the first place.

In Western culture those that are euphoric are considered addled.

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