cherish eternal consciousness

"One day of life seeing one's own immortality is better than a hundred years asleep." - Dhammapada

To imagine consciousness experiencing oblivion in unconsciousness is an illusion from the Darkside.

It is an illusion to think that consciousness might discover upon unconsciousness that nothing awaits it.

An individual enjoying the perception that consciousness is eternal has better tools to contain emotional turmoil.

Only consciousness experiences emotional turmoil.

True Knowledge of this aspect of consciousness frees the Eternal Soul from the bondage of Fear of Death.

Spiritualism vs Religion

Spiritualism is individual.

Spiritualism is personal.

Spiritualism is Creative.

Religion is collective.

Religion is impersonal.

Religion is recreating ritually

acts of spiritual creation.

"Rituals are superstitions; they are adventitiously reinforced.

The more conspicuous and stereotyped the behavior upon which

the reinforcer is accidentally contingent, the greater the effect."

BF Skinner

ritual habituation


Disraeli Gears

"When people enjoy performing a specific activity - athletic, scholarly, artistically - then repetition becomes a ritual and we note a reduction in pleasure due to habituation.

The activity we once enjoyed has become an ordinary experience.

Ordinary experience we don't seem to notice or remember and at sometime we will inevitably wonder why we are still performing the activity.

Two devices allow people to beat pleasure reduction due to habituation - increase the variety of activities or increase the amount of time that separates repetitions of an activity.

When episodes of activity are sufficiently separated in time, increased variety is unnecessary." - Daniel Gilbert

Eight Miles High

I Can See For Miles

2000 Light Years From Home

Mystical experience opens a window to the subconscious.

The most widely spread method used by proponents of every religion is the contemplative meditative prayer.

Other methods include:




engagement in ritual practices;

holding a rigid body position for a prolonged period;

and entheognic methods of engaging mystical experience.

The mystic definition of salvation and of Eternal Life can happen now, whereas the literal definition of salvation you will only find in death.

Enlightenment, redemption, salvation, awakening, reconciliation and communion with God all pivot around the discovery of timelessness.

mind boggled

I Had Too Much To Dream

Neuroscientist Shows What Fasting Does To Your Brain

Fasting triggers stem cell regeneration of damaged immune system

An entheogen is a psychoactive substance used in a shamanic context.

Entheogens come from plant sources.

These contain molecules closely related to endogenous neurochemicals.

A wide variety of psychedelics are used in various religious rites.

Entheogens directly provoke what users perceive as a mystical experience.

"Entheogen" refers to any molecule which stimulates the central nervous system through one of the two main neurological pathways:

phenethylamine - a brain chemical associated with the adrenaline pathway, and a precursor of mescaline and 2C-B;

tryptamine - a brain chemical associated with the natural metabolism of serotonin, a precursor of psilocin, psilocybin, n,n-dimethyltryptamine and lysergic acid diethylamide.

Within the global paradigm shift in thought processing occuring during entheogenic initiation accepted abstract cultural concepts shift with a new perspective of time, self-control, agency and self-conceptualization.

Metaphorical allegory: Step into Eternal Life, the experience of timelessness; the discovery of the existence of timelessness - life suspended in a moment.

This is the Key Mystics turn to win Eternal Life.

1955 Christopher Paget Mayhew, a British member of parliament, is given 400mg of mescaline before BBC TV cameras by Dr Humphry Osmond.

Chris is totally convinced that consciousness exists outside time.

Christopher Mayhew shows no significant loss of intelligence.

Christopher Paget Mayhew received a life peerage and is raised to the House of Lords as Baron Mayhew.

"After brooding about it for several months, I still think my first, astonishing conviction was right - that afternoon I existed outside time.

I don't mean this metaphorically, but literally.

I mean the essential part of me ("This is me") has an existence conscious of itself in a timeless order of reality outside the world as we know it.

Though perfectly rational and wide awake I was not experiencing events in the normal sequence of time." - Christopher Paget Mayhew

Selfless love turns off brain's need for reward

Human Evolution in a Time of Global Crisis

"The Path towards Æon is selflessness."


filled with spirit

Most interpretations of the Jesus narratives suggests Jesus gave his life to remove the burden of original sin.

To gain this redemption from original sin it has been claimed that Jesus the Tekton freely gave his own life.

If this is true then Jesus did not live for his own self.

Did he truly give his life, or did he become a victim?

The state of selflessness, Nirvana, gained through true knowledge or gnosis is typically misunderstood by both the individual and society in general.

Individuals typically see selflessness as a loss of either identity or sovereignty.

Selflessness is an abandonment of concerns of the ego.

Abandonment of concerns of the ego does not mean a loss of identity, but a loss of concern for the fulfilling of previously established hedonistic desire.

Once the requirements for continued existence are fully met then all other hedonistic desire is simply window dressing for the ego.

An ego freed of desire exists in contentment and enjoys an inner peace.

mortification of the flesh

Ritualized pain can come in many forms and appears in many religions.

The act of self-flagellation is practiced by some Shi'a and utilized by many Christian sects, such as Opus Dei, throughout Christian history.

In India the Standing Babas, or Khareshwari, vow never to sit or lie down in a self-inflicted punishment intended to spark spiritual enlightenment.

They hope to experience a mystical timeless rebirth.

They want to grow out of an entirely materialistic concept of self.

A consciousness overcoming delusion, māyā, takes a higher perspective.


evil genius seeks minions !

Self-sacrifice, once seen as a noble endeavor, has become something other.

In a tight knit social group self-sacrifice still is a noble endeavor.

In the context of MICE culture it is a presentation of feeble mindedness.

Self-sacrifice cannot be an actual physical sacrifice, as in the terrorist act of a suicide bombing, and have any lasting impact upon MICE culture.

Only noble self-sacrifice in MICE cultural is killing the cultural parasite.

This requires a razor sharp intellect that is not afraid of using the razor to shave away the fungal overlay to reveal the polished marble underneath.

Elegua - guardian of the crossroads of life

"Intelligence is quickness

in seeing things as they are

George Santayana

Eleguá is a syncretic deity of roads in Santería, Umbanda, Quimbanda, Candomblé and Palo Mayombe.

Eleguá is syncretized with either Saint Michael, Saint Anthony of Padua or the Holy Child of Atocha.

Eleguá is known in Cuba and Puerto Rico as the Orichá and "owner" of caminos.

All ceremonies and rituals in Santería must first have the approval of Eleguá before progressing.

Eleguá is known as Èṣù- Ẹlẹgbára in the Yoruba religion.

In Afro-Brazilian religion Èṣù- Ẹlẹgbára is an Èṣù.

There are 365 paths to Èṣù or Exù - each one an Èṣù- Ẹlẹgbára.

lucid dreaming

lucid dreaming

You have fallen asleep.

You have begun to dream.

Realize you are dreaming.

This is lucid dreaming !

"Your vision will become clear only

when you can look into your own heart.

Who looks outside, dreams;

who looks inside, awakes."

Carl Jung

lucid living

Does the Brain Filter out a Wider Awareness?

Individuals feel a sense of awe in the presence of the sacred.

This is an ultra awake state of consciousness called 'lucid living'.

There is a sense of homecoming, a reunion with the Eternal Soul.

Throughout history individuals from all cultures and religious faiths have awoken to experience lucid living - Nirvana or integral consciousness.

When living lucidly you are conscious that what you thought was consciousness was, comparatively, a hazy dream.

This awakened state of enlightenment is participatory awareness. .

The foundation of lucid living or gnosis rests on true knowledge.

The Greek language distinguishes between scientific or reflective knowledge and knowing which is termed gnosis.

Gnosis is an intuitive process of immersion in true knowledge which leads to knowing oneself and, finally, an understanding of human nature.

Those who claim to know nothing about ultimate reality are called agnostic.

Those who have walked the Thinspace of noumenon are Gnostic.

Gnosticism refers to those familiar with the Pleroma.

Insights are expressed as analogies and metaphors of local culture.

Gnosticism is sometimes called 'the perennial philosophy' because it has been found in all cultures and at all times throughout mankind's history.

Gnostic teachings are to be taken in a metaphorical sense as they are unique individual perspectives of the experience of Integral Consciousness.

Religions mired in literalism are social clubs for people who want to Walk with Æon but end up worshiping the One True Finger.

But the finger only points the Way to the Experience of Awakening.

Institutionalized religion functions only as a social control mechanism.

Once sacred writings are interpreted and literally set in social cultural stone then the critical thinking, a necessary and required step in the attainment of awakening into gnosis, is abandoned for rote interpretation by "experts" - rabbis, priests, teachers, prophets and apostles - intercessors to Æon.

"This reality is a passing dream which the sleeper is convinced is real, until unexpectedly the dawn of death frees him from this fantasy." - Rumi

Throughout history gnostics have ceaselessly exposed literalism in religion as a pernicious source of ignorance, superstition, division and suffering.

In so doing gnostics have been branded as heretics and persecuted through threat of death by ruling classes interested in maintaining the status quo.

Taking myths literally is the root cause of religiously sanctified violence.

Experience of gnosis, of awakening, answers a profound human yearning.

The experience of gnosis' inspires people of all cultures to create beautiful works of art, gloriously soaring cathedrals and temples, transcendental music and songs, sublime poetry and literature that speaks to the heart.

The experience of gnosis has the ability to rescue the teachings of gnostics from under centuries of accumulated debris of religious dogma.

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