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Celts: Kings and Druids

"If I break faith with thee,

may the Sky fall upon me,

may the Sea drown me,

may the Earth rise up

and swallow me

Celtic oath

Celtic Tree of Life

This great Celtic oath calls the very elements to witness.

Celts held a panentheistic or primal holistic concept of deity.

"Elements" are powerful manifestations of gods, not to be trifled with.

This great Celtic oath is a most solemn pledge to the elements to destroy those who do not keep their word and repay their debts.

The state of the land is always a reflection of the kingly rule.

Omens in the sky, the soil no longer growing crops, the rains coming at the wrong times, unseasonable cold and hot waves, all pointed to poor stewardship on the part of the king who directed the activities of the people.

Or did these omens point to bad advice ?

"Good is his reign. Since he assumed the kingship, no cloud has veiled the sun for the space of a day from the middle of spring to the middle of autumn. Not a dewdrop has fallen from grass till midday."

The word druid (Irish drui, Welsh derwydd) is derived from the Sanskrit: veda - to see or know, combined with the word for oak: Gaulish dervo, Irish dour, Welsh derw.

The words for wood and wisdom are very close: Irish fid and fios mean tree and knowledge; Welsh gwydd and gwyddon mean tree and knowledgeable.

This close connection suggests a druid is 'a knower of the tree' or 'tree-sage', give a closer feel of what the druid really was - a seer of great knowledge, whose closeness to the natural world put him or her in the position as a Walker of the Thinspace between the collective subconscious of mankind and the unseen collective consciousness of Nature.

The druids, sons and daughters of the Oak, were distinct by reason of the gift of reading natural patterns.

Male and female druids were gifted people who exhibited excellence in various arts (talents or skills) while maintaining shamanic roles.

Druids were the repositories of Oral Tradition wisdom/knowledge.

Druids, who searched for deeper understanding in the patterns revealed throughout Nature, used that wisdom/knowledge to note the right time for spring sowing, autumn harvest or the prognosis of an injured limb.

Some druids specialized in Branches of Nature, becoming seers or fáithi, teachers, poets, satirists and battle strategists as well as advisers to kings.

A druid is a person with natural wisdom whose advice is sought on matters of daily life; one who perhaps also practices a craft; one who married and had a family; one who brought people together for common celebrations.

In the druid we see the earliest form of tribal leadership - which was spiritual rather than temporal.

Distinctions between king and druid are blurred in Celtic mythology.

Although the king is the assumed leader, the druid rules through omen.

Rome banned the Druidic arts after sacking Anglesey in AD 64.

The function of the seer or fáithi, to divine the course of human affairs through a close observation of human nature, is still associated with people of Celtic extraction, many of whom possess 'the second sight'.

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