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1860 to 1871 Otto von Bismarck, a conservative Prussian statesman, dominates German and European affairs.

"The expansion of Germany under Otto von Bismarck was accompanied by his dependence on Samuel Bleichroder, Court Bankers of the Prussian Emperor, who had been known as an agent of the Rothschilds since 1828.

The later Chancellor of Germany, Dr. von Bethmann Hollweg, was the son of Moritz Bethmann of Frankfurt, who had intermarried with the Rothschilds.

Wilhelm I relies heavily on Bischoffsheim, Goldschmidt, and Ernest Cassel of Frankfurt, who emigrates to England and becomes the personal banker to the Prince of Wales, later Edward VII.

Cassel's daughter married Lord Mountbatten, giving the family a direct relationship to the British Crown." - Eustace Mullins

Cassel is an adopted name.

1871 to 1890 Otto von Bismarck is the first Chancellor of the German Empire.

1890 Kaiser Wilhelm II dissmisses Otto von Bismarck.

1908 Bombastic and impetuous, Kaiser Wilhelm II sometimes made tactless pronouncements on sensitive topics without consulting his ministers, behaviors culminating in a disastrous Daily Telegraph interview that made him appear an out-of-control, power-drunk madman desperate for confrontation and war.

"I felt constrained to point out (Kaiser Wilhelm II on his last visit to England in 1911) that the Jews had captured and controlled the larger part of the German press. He did not dissent." - Herbert Henry Asquith, Prime Minister of England 1908 - 1916

November 1918 Revolution breaks out across Germany.

November Revolution begins at the end of the World War I and results in the replacement of the German federal constitutional monarchy with a democratic parliamentary republic.

The proletarian internationalism of Marx and Engels is very influential in both Western Europe and Russia.

The leftists, led by Rosa Luxemburg and the Spartacist League, formed the KPD at a founding congress held in Berlin.

Another dissent group of socialists called the International Communists of Germany join the party.

Revolutionary Shop Stewards, a network of dissenting socialist trade unions centered in Berlin decline as they deem the founding congress leaning into a syndicalist direction.

November 8 The People's State of Bavaria is founded by Kurt Eisner.

Spartacist uprising

The uprising is primarily a power struggle between the moderate Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) led by Friedrich Ebert, and the radical communists of the Communist Party of Germany (KPD), led by Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg, who had previously founded and led the Spartacist League (Spartakusbund).

This power struggle is the result of the abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II and the resignation of Chancellor Max von Baden, who had passed power to Ebert, as the leader of the largest party in the German parliament.

February 21, 1919 Kurt Eisner assassinated by German nationalist Anton Graf von Arco auf Valley.

Bavarian Soviet Republic founded.

1920 It was in the whirlwind of revolution and counter-revolution that the foundations of the German Communist Workers Party are laid.

KPD is committed to revolution in Germany and attempts to seize control of the government.

Germany's Social Democratic government, which had come to power after the fall of the Monarchy, is vehemently opposed to the KPD's idea of socialism.
"KPD supports all revolutionary tendencies in science and the arts, all those elements which correspond to the spirit of the proletarian revolution."

Halle, Germany Oct. 14 (Associated Press)

"For fully four hours tonight G.S. Zinovieff, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Third Internationale and one of the four big chiefs of Soviet Russia, pleaded with the Independent Socialists at their convention here to join with Moscow, create a revolution in Germany and help carry out the proletarian program for a world revolution." - New York Times, October 16, 1920

1922 The Social Democratic government is terrified of a Bolshevik Revolution in Germany.

"The German Revolution is the achievement of the Jews.

The liberal democratic parties have a great number of Jews as their leaders, and the Jews play a predominant role in the high Government offices." - Jewish Tribune July 5, 1922

"The sad fact is that through Jewish actors, playwrights, and producers, the Berlin stage of Weimar Germany linked Jews and deviant sexuality in all its sordid manifestations just as surely as Broadway does today.

Much of the filth in American entertainment today parallels that of Germany between the wars." - rabbi Daniel Lapin

The young Weimar Republic ships heroin and cocaine globally.

"It is useless to deny that grave Jewish problems existed in Germany.

The nation was in the unfortunate geographical position of being the first stage in the perennial push westward of the Polish Jews.

Unless forced on, they tended to stop in Berlin and Hamburg, where they obtained an unduly share of good professional positions.

In Berlin, when the Nazi came to power, 50.2% of the lawyers were Jews.

In medicine, 48 per cent of the doctors were Jews, and it was said that they systematically seized the principal hospital posts.

The Jews owned the largest and most important Berlin newspapers, and they had made great inroads on the educational system." - Stephen H. Roberts, Australian historian

"In truth, Jewish influence in Germany is powerful.

It is impossible to ignore it." - NH Bialik

1928 Owen D. Young pens the Young Plan which rewrites German debt service and facilitates the Wall Street loans which make possible the cartelization of the German electrical, steel and chemical industries.

1933 Walter Rathenau* of German General Electric and Gerard Swope* of General Electric in America promote radical ideas for control of the State by business interests.

Walter Rathenau authors the "Rathenau Plan," which bears a remarkable resemblance to the "Swope Plan" - FDR's New Deal - authored by Gerard Swope.

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