Chinese charater for faith

"Knowledge is faith mediated by symbols."

George Santayana

"Self-confidence is the basis of faith."

Sri Sathya Sai Baba

faith is herein defined as:

reoccurring pattern recognition

previously occurrances are likely to occur again;

confidence in individual ability to have properly discerned reality;

a persuasion of the mind the noumenon has been properly identified.

Knowledge is an essential element in all faith, and is sometimes
spoken of as an equivalent to faith (John 10:38; 1 John 2:3).


"I admire people with an unshakable fundamental integrity
and an allegiance to truth." - Bruce McDonald

Faith is not the credulity of an awestruck ignorance.

Faith is the consciousness and the confident of compassion.

Faith is the cry of reason, which persists in denying the absurd, even in the presence of the unknown.

Faith is a sentiment necessary to the soul, just as breathing is to life; it is the dignity of courage, and the reality of enthusiasm.

Faith does not consist of the affirmation of a symbol, but of a genuine and constant aspiration towards the truths which are all veiled by symbolisms.

Faith being the aspiration to the unknown, the object of faith is absolutely and necessarily this one thing - mystery.

In order to formulate its aspirations, faith is forced to borrow aspirations and images from the known." - Eliphas Levi

leap of faith

"The leap of faith is really a very ordinary operation. We take it every time we fall in love, expect kindness from someone in return for a good deed, impulsively sacrifice some little piece of our self-interest." - Lee Siegel

"My faith is weak, my eyes are blind from the shimmering blaze of the desert sun.

The heat lies on me like lead.

Thirst torments me, I dare not think how unendingly long my way is, and above all, I see nothing in front of me."

The Eternal Soul answers:

"You speak as if you have learned nothing.

Can you not wait?

Should everything fall into your lap ripe and finished?

You teem with intentions and desirousness!

Do you still not know that the Way to truth stands open only to those without intentions?" - Carl Gustav Jung

true faith

True faith is synonymous with certitude.

True faith has nothing to do with belief systems.

"He whose mind is unsteady, who knows not the path of Truth, whose faith and peace are ever wavering, he shall never reach fullness of wisdom.

He whose mind in calm self-control is free from the lust of desires, who has risen above good and evil, he is awake and has no fear." - Dhammapada

People have faith for the same reason a person has a worldview - it resonates rationally and spirtually over a wide range of living experiences as true.

The opinion that religion is grounded in fear is an article of "faith".

True faith, grounded in the noumenon, has to relate directly to actual life.

True faith enhances daily living experiences by relieving anxiety.

True faith is known, not taught - no one needs an intercessor!

Did adapting to smoke let us outlive Neanderthals?

Tolerance of smoke may have given us an edge over Neanderthals

"Neither the pillar of cloud by day nor the pillar of fire
by night left its place in front of the people." - Exodus 13:22

True faith teaches reason and intuition are to be trusted, and no religious teaching should ever be accepted if it does not make rational logical sense.

True faith teaches the true reality inside your heart and soul can be trusted to have a common structure with the true reality in which we are immersed.

True faith is built on the central pillars of honesty with oneself - a reasonable, truthful, logical , rational and realistic worldview.

True faith awakens an understanding of the emotions that drive people.

A Stiff Necked People

It may come as a surprise to many students of the Bible that in the original Hebrew text the body of water the Israelites crossed when leaving Egypt is called yam suph, "Sea of Reeds," not Red Sea (Ex 15:4, 22; Dt 11:4; Jos 2:10; 4:23; 24:6; Neh 9:9; Ps 106:7, 9, 33; 136:13, 15).

Unfortunately, yam suph has been rendered "Red Sea" in nearly all of translations, the Jerusalem Bible and the New Jewish Publication Society Hebrew Bible being notable exceptions.

The "Red Sea" phrase came into the account with the third century BC translation of the Old Testament into Greek.

Septuagint translators made yam suph ("Sea of Reeds") into eruthrá thálasse ("Red Sea").

The Latin Vulgate followed their lead with mari Rubro ("Red Sea") and most English versions continued that tradition.

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