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Gnostic Mysteries

Gnosticism and the Roman empire

Secret Quest: The Path of the Christian Gnostics

Gnostic mysteries are the culmination of human philosophical, religious and scientific thought up until the ascendency of the State of Rome's Imperial Religion - Roman Catholicism. Greek Orthodox religion is nearer to the Gnostic Mysteries but it still misses the mark because, once again, it became the State religion of the Byzantium Empire.

As was spelled out in the Bhagavatam and the Vedas by the mystic saints of India, Avatars would descend from heaven to inhabit earthly bodies and accomplish great spiritual feats. These Avartars, walking the thin space between worlds, would act as intermediaries between the material world and the spiritual world. Men of Wisdom - sage, seer, shaman, all wrapped up into One - sharing the unseen mysteries that inhabit this earthly plane. Women of Sophia - augur, oracle, soothsayer, three living as One - sharing deeply veiled mysteries hidden under stones.

And then there is the most pressing problem with religion. It grows old and stale. The life leaves it as it is reworked and then overworked by left brained blind men into a social control organization. To keep religion from getting old and stale mystics suggest looking at the Creator and Sustainer in a manner both alien and odd to the theologian keepers of the religion.

Mystics can teach theologians how to revitalize their institutionalized religions.

Eleusinian Mysteries

Omkara - the Sound of Divine Love
is the other name for - the God of Truth

Omkara is ineffable.
No principle knew It, no authority, no subjection,
nor any creature from the foundation of Reality,
except It alone.

Omkara is immortal and eternal, having no birth;
for every creature who has birth will perish.
It is unbegotten, having no beginning;
for every creature who has a beginning has an end.
No one rules over It.

Omkara has no name;
for whoever has a name is the creation of another.
It is an unnameable sound.
It has no human form;
for whoever has human form is the creation of another.

Omkara has its own semblance - not like the semblance we have received and seen,
but a strange semblance that surpasses all things and is better than the totalities.

Omkara looks to every side and sees itself from itself.
It is infinite;
It is incomprehensible.
It is ever imperishable and has no likeness to anything known to us.

Omkara is unchanging perfection.
It is faultless.
It is everlasting.
It is blessed.
It is unknowable, while It nonetheless knows itself.

Omkara is immeasurable.
It is untraceable.
It is perfect, having no defect.
It is imperishably blessed.

Omkara is called 'Creator and Sustainer of the Universe'.

Now, if anyone wants to believe the words set down here, let him go from what is hidden to the end of what is visible, and this thought will instruct him how faith in those things that are not visible was found in what is visible.

This is the principle of true knowledge.

Omkara female aspect is 'First-begotten Sophia, Mother of the Universe ,'
whom some call 'Compassion'. Some call her Faith.

Omkara masculine aspect is 'Savior, Begetter of all things'.

From the consenting of those I have just mentioned, thoughts appeared. From thoughts, reflectings; from reflectings, considerings; from considerings, rationalities, from rationalities, wills, from wills, words.

All I have just said to you, I said in the Way that you might accept, until the one who need not be taught appears among you, and he will speak all these things to you joyously and in true knowledge.

adapted from Eugnostos the Blessed

Aeon Christ

Gnostic Mystery of Christ

Emanation theory is common to all forms of Gnosticism. In different cultures these emanations are named, classified, and described in different manners. The source of all being is AEON, in which an inner being dwells, recognized as Ennoea (thought/intent/grace/silence).

AEON, vital force of eternal life imagined as Monad - the One Perfect Being, then splits and conceives the second Aeon, Nous (mind), within itself, creating a Holy pair. Aeons eternally split conceiving countless Aeons. Complex hierarchies of Aeons are thus produced.

Aeons belong to a purely ideal, noumenal, intelligible, or supersensible world; they are immaterial, they are hypostatic ideas. Together with the source from which they emanate, they form the Pleroma (region of light).

The transition from immaterial to material, from noumenal to sensible, was created by the passion of the Aeon Sophia.

The material world sprang into being through the passion of the female Aeon Sophia who emanated a dream of a faulty reality that produced the Demiurge by spurning the re-synchronization of reality with AEON - the One. This produced the duality we experience.

The Demiurge is a creature that should never have existed in the vision of AEON as it does not belong to the Pleroma. To solve the problem Sophia has presented by exhibiting free will the One AEON emanates two savior Aeons, Christ and the Holy Spirit, to save humanity from the Veil of Cognitive Blindness the Demiurge uses to blind the actual reality Christ presents from humanity. Christ took a human form (Jesus), to teach humanity how to achieve Gnosis. The ultimate end of all Gnosis is metanoia, or repentance - undoing the failures of material existence by returning to the Pleroma in spirit.

Aeons, existing as beings of light, bear a number of similarities to Judaeo-Christian angels, including roles as servants and emanations of God. In fact, certain Gnostic Angels, such as Armozel, are also Aeons.

Observe carefully and you might see an Aeon descended from Pleroma walking and talking with the common people, bringing them spiritual relief.



In Gnostic texts the word homoousion is used with the following meanings:

Identity of substance between generator and generated.

Identity of substance between things generated of the same substance.

Identity of substance between the partners of a syzygy.

Using the terms as they were originally meant to be used Jesus is homoousion as I am homoousion as you are homoousion.

Although we are of the same substance as the Creator and Sustainer we lack the creative ability of the Creator and Sustainer simply because the Creator and Sustainer encompasses all of reality while the spark of life granted each and every living organism encompasses only the immediate surroundings of the individual organism - not the totality of Reality.

Although we are homoousion we need to not allow ourselves to identify ourselves as capable of accomplishing the same feats as the Source.

surround yourself with those on the same mission

wisdom is a danger to society

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