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Why is the first stone so difficult to cast and why are the following ones so easy?

The answer is self-evident.

The first stone is the most difficult because there is no model to imitate.

Is a model really necessary for such a simple task as throwing a stone?

We need Jesus and his idea of the first stone to understand how the initial
humanity of the Ephesians could turn so quickly to unspeakable ferocity.

Chinese charater for justice

America’s Criminal Justice System Is Rotten to the Core

Judging Judges: Empathy as the Litmus Test for Impartiality

There is no happiness,

there is no liberty,

there is no enjoyment of life,

unless a man can say,

when he rises in the morning,

'I shall be subject to the decision

of no unwise judge today.'

Daniel Webster

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"State courts have no obligation to review a death sentence
on factual innocence grounds
." - Herrera v. Collins (1993)

The Trial

church scene

Portland's Anarchist Grand Jury Resistors

Justice is:



ethically fitting

conformity to truth

consistently morally correct

honest representation of facts

honorable and fair in relationships

natural conscience dictated by reason and sense of fairness

"At the constitutional level where we work 90% of any decision is emotional.

The rational part of us supplies reasons for supporting our predilections."

Charles Evans Hughes, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

"There is a common saying that the Supreme Court isn't last because it is right, but it is right because it is last. As a former law clerk, I came to understand more than I had in law school that on many issues, the outcome depends not on correct or incorrect analysis but rather on the judge's base views of morality and rights." - Julia Campins

"The Constitution requires the promotion of justice, domestic tranquility, the general welfare, and the blessings of liberty; instead the Supreme Court has constitutionalization a rapacious economic system.

Consider this short list of examples:

It is legal for a vendor to sell a product failing to preform as advertised but illegal for a buyer to purchase a product with an unfunded promise to pay.

During a corporate bankruptcy assets pay off creditors before employees.

A homeowner - who has paid regularly on his mortgage for decades, paid the property taxes and the property insurance - defaults due to serious illness loses the right of possession.

Companies collect personal information without consent yet are allowed to keep corporation secrets that hide wrongdoing.

Once a civil case is settled the corporation involved is allowed to not admit wrongdoing and the court seals the detailed record forever.

Nowhere in the Constitution is justification for the protection of corporate interests; yet the Constitution clearly states that one of the purposes for which the nation was founded is to "establish justice." - John Kozy

FBI foils terror plot

role of government

"Government should exist only for the security, happiness, and unity of humankind." - Thomas Paine

"Our prisons are already full. If perceived threats to public health justify legislation to curb behaviors such as smoking and overeating, then why not also legislate away unhealthy foods, alcohol, gambling, tattoos, video games, boxing, suntans and mountain climbing?" - Jim & Marlene Arden

Americans need to really examine the role of federal, state and local government in the social and economic fabric of America.

American aristocracy and their arrogant political hacks fear nothing more than a educated, engaged and enraged population.

Corporations now hold the strings of the politicial puppets.

And they will externalize all costs!

Americans have become disenfranshiced, disengaged and dismembered.

Americans are swamped with dubious information.

Much of it false or bent to suit the corporate sponsor position.

The call to reason first espoused by America's Founding Fathers which included George Washington and Thomas Jefferson needs to once again resonate throughout America.

"American credibility abroad used to be reinforced by the perception that our laws and government programs gave most Americans a fair chance to participate in a middle class meritocracy.

The appeal of the American model overseas is eroding as the gap between rich and poor widens, public education deteriorates, healthcare costs soar and pensions disappear.

The Federal indifference to its most vulnerable citizens in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina further undercut belief in the social contract.

Anti-Americanism will begin to ebb if the new watchwords of American policy and conduct are generosity, modesty, discretion, coöperation, empathy, fairness, manners and lawfulness.

Reducing economic inequalities, and decreasing American dependence on fossil fuels will help improve moral standards and security." - Julia E. Sweig

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