The Ten Commandments

Do not have any other god before G-d

Do not make yourself an idol

Do not take the Lord's name in vain

Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it holy

Honor your mother and father

Do not murder

Do not commit adultery

Do not steal

Do not testify or bear false witness

Do not covet

ten laws and ten fingers - a law for every finger !

For the Hebrews if a man was lost in battle, captured or killed, then it was the responsibility of his brother, if he had a brother, to take his brother's wife as his own wife.

learn to discern

"The highest function of the intellect is to discern
the true from the false." - Moses Maimonides

"Hebrew poetry was not based on rhyme or rhythm
but on parallelism - parallelism of thought."
Fred G. Zaspel

"Any court established after the Great Synagogue enacting legislation or defining customs for the village's residents did not gain the acceptance of all Israel due to remoteness of settlements and the difficulties of travel.

The members of the court of any particular village are just individuals.

The Great Rabbinical Court of Seventy ceased to exist several years before the writing of the Babylonian Talmud." - Moses Maimonides

"A low estimate of non-Jews pervades much of Talmudic literature.

The Mishnah admonishes Jews not to leave their animals unattended at the inn of a gentile, because gentiles are suspected of engaging in bestiality.

Gentiles are described also as liable to rape and murder, so that a lonely Jew should avoid their company." - rabbi Ismar Schorsch

The word 'Talmud' literally means 'study'.

The Talmud is sometimes Referred to as the Shas.

Shas is a shortened form of the term 'Shisha Sedarim (six orders), a reference to the six orders of the Mishna.

The Mishnah is the Babylonian Talmud codified by Moses Maimonides.

The six orders are Seeds, Holidays, Women, Damages, Holy Things, Purity.

Divided into 14 books with eighty-three groups of edicts:

The Book of Knowledge has 5 groups of laws, 75 edicts, +16 and -59.

The Book of Compassion has 6 groups of law, + 11 edicts.

The Book of Times has 10 groups of laws, 35 edicts, +19 and -16.

The Book of Women has 10 groups of laws, 17 edicts, +8 and -9.

The Book of Holiness has 3 groups of laws, 70 edicts, +8 and -62.

The Book of Promises has 4 groups of laws, 25 edicts, +10 and -15.

The Book of Seeds has 7 groups of laws, 67 edicts, +30 and -37.

The Book of Service has 9 groups of law, 103 edicts, +47 and -56.

The Book of Sacrifices has 6 groups of laws, 39 edicts, +20 and -19 .

The Book of Ritual Purity has 8 groups of laws, 20 edicts, +18 and -2 .

The Book of Injuries has 5 groups of laws, 36 edicts, +16 and -20.

The Book of Acquisition has 5 groups of laws, 18 edicts, +6 and -12.

The Book of Judgments has 5 groups of laws, 23 edicts, +11 and -12.

The Book of Judges has 5 groups of laws, 74 edicts, +27 and -47.

The total number of Mishnah edicts that are obligatory for all generations is 613: 248 of them are + positive edicts, whose mnemonic is the number of parts in the human body; 365 of them are - negative edicts, whose mnemonic is the number of days in the solar year.

A follower of the Babylonian Talmud may not charge interest to another follower of the Babylonian Talmud.

Code of Hammurabi has 282 laws compared to the 613 in Mishnah.

Baruch Spinoza


Benedict de Spinoza was misunderstood by his contemporaries and later Western philosophers as well.

This misunderstanding occurred in Western culture because Spinoza's explanation of reality was seen as subsuming the individual.

Spinoza was raised in a Portuguese-Jewish community in Amsterdam.

He developed highly controversial ideas regarding the authenticity of the Hebrew scripture and the nature of the Divine.

Jewish religious authorities issued a herem against him, causing him to be shunned by the community at age 23.

His books were also later put on the Index of Forbidden Books.

For two reasons Spinoza's explanation of reality was rejected:

Having an individually unique bodily substance we inevitably think of ourselves as an individual thing separate from all other things that exist.

Western consciousness has an unjustified fear of autonomy being subsumed by the oneness of all things, a fear of the loss of individual identity.

Rene Descartes saw correctly that the ability of consciousness to separate itself from nature allowing that mind an ability to observe natural phenomena without considering itself in relation to the phenomena observed.

Dissociative states occur naturally while engaging rational consciousness.

Spinoza repudiated Descartes' Cartesian consciousness as a mistake in the fact that Descartes' Cartesian consciousness came to be considered an actual fact as opposed to a clever mental exercise to reduce variables to see clearly.

Spinoza's philosophical concepts include:





reason is universal

eternal consciousness

basis of true knowledge

actuality of true knowledge

distortion due to inadequacy

immutable truth of consciousness

perception is based on perspectives

social cohesion is dependent on governance

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