Oral Tradition

Jesus Teaches that We Must Become as Little Children

"Heart to heart is an essential means of passing on the secrets of the Way."


Initially the Hebrews resisted the writing down of Mosiac Law.

It was understood that the Oral Tradition was less likely to have inserted ponerological elements due to the evolution of the definitions of words.

Tradition taught each child orally all the knowledge previously revealed by the Hand of Æon.

Jesus the Tannaim taught using the Oral Tradition.

Hebrew attitudes toward translations of Hebrew scripture evolved over time.

When Alexander the III of Macedonia conquered Egypt he introduced Hellenism which swept the world up in an epileptic fit.

Ptolomy added Hellenistic elements to the evolved Heliopolitan mythology, particularly when he brought the stolen stone idol to Eygpt.

"Ptolemy had taken a great many captives, both from the mountainous parts of Judea, and from the places about Jerusalem and Samaria, near Gerizzim.

He led them into Egypt, and settled them at Alexandria gave them equal privileges of citizens with the Macedonians themselves and required of them to take their oath to remain loyal." - Antiquities of the Jews, Book XII

By the time of the birth of Jesus the Hellenized Hebrews of Alexandria had built a scriptural edifice, later translated into the Greek Septuagint.

2nd century BC Readings in the synagogues must be translated from Hebrew into Aramaic for the local people to understand.

A later Talmudic injunction by rabbi Simon ben Gamaliel said that Greek was the only language into which the Torah could be accurately translated.

Mythweavers and Storytellers

What Makes Storytelling So Effective For Learning?

What Great Listeners Actually Do

"Joseph Chilton Pearce speaks of the importance of storytelling to children, who, as they listen with rapt attention, flesh out the stories with sequences of associated images so vivid that it is as if the experience were their own.

This capacity, developed in childhood, can then turn to the envisioning in adulthood of what might be.

To envision what might be is fundamental both to play ("let's pretend I'm a bear") as well as to creativity, which, if authentic, requires the imagining of a possibility that did not exist before." - Charles Eisenstein

Anansi and the Sky Kingdom


To the Gunwinggu, the Rainbow Serpent is Ngalyod, the great creation mother from whom the first people were born.

She is the great creator, ever since the Dreamtime, because she brings the Wet Season after the long Dry, which rejuvenates the land with plants and animals flourishing.

After rain she stands on her tail to reach high into the sky.

Ngalyod is a harsh mother, punishing severely those breaking her taboos or failing to observe the rituals associated with her Dreaming sites.


Borlung is always male, and sometimes he is referred to as the son of Ngalyod.

As with Ngalyod, he is seen as a rainbow in the sky, sometimes over water, and even in the spray from a waterfall.

The Dalabon believe there are many Borlung, and they believe the Borlung are strongly linked to fertility.

The borlung snakes are common in waterholes, and one must enter a woman is she is to conceive.

When a person dies, the spirit will change back to a Borlung and return to the waterhole to await another woman it can enter as the spirit of the baby.

At the beginning of time, there was Jingana, the Mother.

Jingana grew 2 large eggs in her belly, one becoming the male serpent Borlung, the other a female, Ngalkunburriyaymi, had an appearance more like that of a fish.

When represented in paintings, Ngalyod and Borlung are usually given snake forms, Jingana usually has a composite hermaphroditic appearance, having a head ornament of white cockatoo feathers, a beard, a serrated back like a crocodile, and her chest has a prominent bulge like a brisket bone.

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