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Cosmos Construction Phase 4

"Every early culture has understood its genesis and history as one woven of threads both divine and mundane to form a multidimensional mythology of creation, destruction and migration - a drama organized in time.

In Hindu cosmologies, world time is ordered into yugas, the Mayans have their katuns, the Aztecs their many ages and five "sun" periods.

Among the Greeks, the poet Hesiod described the ages of man as Golden, Silver, Bronze, Heroic and Iron, the last our own." - Arthur Zajonc

The Universe of Forged Things

is like crystal clear water

in which shine the attributes

of the Omnipresent One.

consciousness, justice, mercy

are like the stars of heaven

reflected in the crystal clear water.

Kings are the theater

royalty of the Ineffable;

Sages are the mirrors

of Eternal Wisdom.

Generations have passed on,

a next generation arises;

The moon is the same moon

but the water is not the same water.

Justice is not injustice,

knowledge is not ignorance,

as generation replaces generation

in a long unbroken endless chain.

Generation after generation

have passed on before us.

The divine attributes of the Noumenon

are changeless and eternal.

The water in the river

has changed innumerable times

while the reflection of the moon and the stars

eternally remains unaltered.

The reflection's origin is not in the water

but in the Lumière Infinie of Heaven.


Creation herein is defined as:

All of nature

Everything that exists

Act that forged the Noumenon

Event of bringing the Noumenon into existence

Myths of Creation found in the writings of the ancient inhabitants of the plains of Lower Mesopotamia, the Akkadians and the Sumerians, closely parellel the creation stories found in the Septuagint book of Genesis.

Hebrews are descendants of either a Sumerian (4000 - 2279 BC) or an Akkadian (2334–2279 BC) couple with the first names of Adam and Eve.

The people who had been enslaved in Egypt and were known as Hebrews in the Septuagint were most likely descendents of the Akkadian Babylonians as their mythology bears so many striking resemblances.

These previously enslaved court servants, comrades of Joseph son of Jakob, adopted the monotheistic religion of the court of Pharaoh Akhenaten.

1323 BC   Pharaoh Tutankhamun is murderd and the Akkadian Babylonians heretics of his court are exhiled from Egypt when traditional Egyptian religion is reinstated.

Moshe Rabbenu leads this rag tag band of wanderers, previously followers of Pharaoh Akhenaten, who later became known as Hebrews.

A nomadic desert life is becoming increasing difficult as the land had been stripped over several generations and manna is getting scarce.

Manna from heaven - or a shower of lichen?

10 AD   The period of the Tannaim lasts about 210 years.

The Tannaim were Hebrew teachers of the first two centuries.

The name "tanna" is derived from the Aramaic "teni" or "tena" ("to teach"), and designates in general as teacher of the Oral Torah.

Rabbinical sages of the schools of Hillel and Shammai; Rabban Yochanan ben Zakkai; Rabban Gamaliel I and II; Rabbi Eliezer; Rabbi Joshua; Rabbi Ishmael; Rabbi Akiva and disciples: Rabbi Meir, Rabbi Judah, Rabbi Jose, Rabbi Simeon ben Yohai; Rabbi Judah the Prince, editor of the Mishnah, and disciples: Rabbi Hiyya, Rabbi Hoshayah, Rabbi Hanina; are the teachers of the Oral Law whose teachings are contained in the Mishnah and in the Baraita.

The Tannaim operated under the occupation of the Roman Empire.

During this time, the Pharisees of the Temple (Kohanim) became increasingly corrupt and were seen by the Hebrews as collaborators with the Romans.

The Tannaim were direct transmitters of an oral tradition passed from teacher to student that was written and codified as the basis for the Mishnah, Tosefta, and tannaitic teachings of the Talmud.

According to rabbinic tradition, the Tannaim were the last generation in a long sequence of oral teachers that began with Moshe Rabbenu.

Palestinian Amoraim Rabbi Joshua ben Levi; Rabbi Johanan; Rabbi Simeon ben Lakish (usually referred to as Resh Lakish); Rabbi Eleazar ben Pedat; Rabbi Simlai; Rabbi Abbahu; Rabbi Ammi; Rabbi Assi; Rabbi Zera; Rabbi Jeremiah.

Babylonian Amoraim Rav and Samuel; Rav Huna (the Babylonians did not have the full title 'Rabbi'); Rav Hisda; Rav Judah ben Ezekiel; Rav Nahman; Rav Sheshet; Abbaye and Rava; Rav Pappa; Rav Ashi and Ravina.

The Amoraim were Palestinian and Babylonian teachers from the 3rd to the 5th centuries.

Jesus Teaches that We Must Become as Little Children

What Makes Storytelling So Effective For Learning?

What Great Listeners Actually Do

"Joseph Chilton Pearce speaks of the importance of storytelling to children, who, as they listen with rapt attention, flesh out the stories with sequences of associated images so vivid that it is as if the experience were their own.

This capacity, developed in childhood, can then turn to the envisioning in adulthood of what might be as cultural forks are seen and recognized .

To envision what might be is fundamental to play as well as to creativity, which, if authentic, requires the imagining of a possibility that did not exist before." - Charles Eisenstein

Initially the Hebrews resisted the writing down of Mosiac Law.

It was universally understood that the Oral Tradition was less likely to have inserted ponerological elements due to the evolution of definitions.

Tradition taught each child orally knowledge revealed by the Hand of Æon.

Jesus the Tannaim taught using the Oral Tradition as he wandered.

Hebrew attitudes toward translations of Hebrew scripture evolved over time.

Alexander the III of Macedonia introduced Hellenism in Egypt.

Ptolomy added Hellenistic elements to the evolved Heliopolitan mythology.

"Ptolemy had taken a great many captives, both from the mountainous parts of Judea, and from the places about Jerusalem and Samaria, near Gerizzim.

He led them into Egypt, and settled them at Alexandria gave them equal privileges of citizens with the Macedonians themselves and required of them to take their oath to remain loyal." - Antiquities of the Jews, Book XII

By the time of the birth of Jesus the Hellenized Hebrews of Alexandria had built a scriptural edifice, later translated into the Greek Septuagint.

2nd century BC Readings in the synagogues must be translated from Hebrew into Aramaic for the local people to understand.

A later Talmudic injunction by rabbi Simon ben Gamaliel said that Greek was the only language into which the Torah could be accurately translated.

garden of eden

The Fall

Chinese charater for paradise

"Original Sin is that thing which makes man capable of conceiving of his own perfection and incapable of achieving it." - Reinhold Niebuhr

Original Sin is the emergence of the Ego through rational dissociation.

The Fall is an illusion of separation walling off mystical consciousness.

Adam and Eve were not tossed out of the perfection of God's Creation.

After imbibing of the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge they walked out.

Eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge, they became aware of differences.

(Adam=Atom, Eve=Electron)

dualing realities


Chinese charater for paradise

"Paradise is Life." - Henri Barbusse

"Paradise", a Persian word describing a walled orchard garden or an enclosed hunting park, is a synonym for the Garden of Eden.

The earliest cultures of Mesopotamia, "Land Between the Rivers," and the Levant were directed by priests who established religious traditions.

The Temple, an awe inspiring building, is erected at the settlement center.

This pattern of a society with a centralized place of worship can be seen in the all the ancient cities of Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

The role of religion in civilization is to establish a common moral order.

Priests derive authority from gods and devise the moral and social codes that keep increasingly complex societies operating in a 'civil' manner.

At the dawn of human history in the Dreamtime of Unity Consciousness a vision of a reality free from want, seen in the mind's eye, came to them.

The Garden of Eden, where all wants are met, all desires are fulfilled and where the ever present desert of extremes recedes from consciousness, is a return of consciousness to the theta brain wave state of the dreamtime.

Ponerology appeared when it became necessary to come up with a logical reason for why man was separated from Paradise by the Demiurge.

The emotions people experience come from the natural order.

While individual life saving emotions may work for the individual they may hinder coöperation within the tribe as orders may not be followed.

Fleeing the reorganization of Egyptian society Moshe Rabbenu synthesized foundational elements of the religion of Akhenaten with the Sumerian creation stories, Canaanite religion and Babylonian law.

Rational consciousness bestows an element of guilt on a taker of life that understands a gift of life has been given - a natural empathetic response.

Ritual gratitude for life relieves the bearer of error - Original Sin.

The premise that all men are born in error is a relatively new concept.

They began by imagining not letting primitive emotions drive decisions.

Advanced cultures engage in social engineering in the attempt to control the population as primitive emotions must be diverted for socialism to thrive.

Only groups working out elaborate commonly excepted social rituals that keep primitive emotions in check will be able to prosper in turbulent times.

With primitive emotions in check civility reigns within the culture.

Elaborate religious theology constructed within each culture informed the type of lifestyle and operant behaviors citizens were expected to adhere to.

Most religious theologies divide humans into at least two opposing groups - those who belong to the fellowship or can be tolerated as non-threatening to the fellowship and those who are "other" - designated to be excluded.

First mention of Israelites is on the Merneptah which has a short section at the end of the poem describing a campaign by Merneptah in the first few years of his reign, 1210 BC.

One line mentions Israel:

"Israel is laid waste, its seed is not."

Here we have the earliest mention of Israel outside the Bible and the only mention of Israel in Egyptian records.

The Egyptian record identifies the Israelites as a nomadic people.

The fleeing Israelites had been driven into their nomadic life by the Egyptians led by Horemheb who usurped the dynasty of Akhenaten.

Akhenaten was referred to as 'the enemy' in Egyptian archival records.

The Israelites defeated the king of the city of Ugarit around 1180 BC.

In Canaanite mythology Yahweh was the son of El.

Babylon = Ba-bi-ilani, or "Gate of the Gods" gods descended to Earth.

Inca urban society rested on the belief that their rulers were gods, their word law, which was very similar to the pyramid building Egyptians.

Greek and Roman communities shared a powerful sense of "sacred space" in their central core and each devised elaborate codes of law most readily seen in the pantheon of common gods.

Islam fostered the creation of a coherent civilization by imposing a rule of law that applied to each personal and every commercial transaction.

The horse people of Temüjin lived on the Mongolian Steppe, an endless grass prairie, practiced a shamanistic religion quite similar to the Native American horse people of the Great Plains.

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