Influence and Origins of FDR

FOIA Files Prove FDR Had Foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor

1649 Claes Rosenvelt arrives in America.

1682 Nicholas, the son of Claes and the ancestor of both Franklin and Theodore, marries a Jewish girl, named Kunst. Nicholas has a son named Jacob Roosevelt.

"The former Governor has a sincere regard for President Roosevelt and his politics. He referred to the 'Jewish ancestry' of the President, explaining how he is a descendent of the Rossocampo family expelled from Spain in 1620. Seeking safety in Germany, Holland and other countries, members of the family, he said, changed their name to Rosenberg, Rosenbaum, Rosenblum, Rosenvelt and Rosenthal. The Rosenvelts in North Holland finally became Roosevelt." - Chase S. Osborn, The Times Newspaper, St. Petersburg, Florida, 1934

"The Delanos are descendants of an Italian or Spanish Jewish family Dilano, Dilan, Dillano. The Jew Delano drafted an agreement with the West Indian company, in 1657 regarding the colonization of the island of Curacao. About this the directors of the West Indies incorporation, had correspondence with the Governor of New Holland. In 1624 numerous Jews had settled in North Brazil under Dutch Dominion. President Roosevelt is from the standpoint of Jewish heredity law as good a Jew as Bernard Mannes Baruch." - Johann von Leers

governmnet reform

Great Depression and socialism

When Big Government Saved America

"Irving Fisher, advocated the stamp-scrip (demurrage) system as the way out of the Great Depression: "The correct application of stamp scrip would solve the depression crisis in the US in three weeks!"

Other economists agreed, but pointed out to Treasury Undersecretary Dean Acheson possible decentralizing political effects.

Roosevelt responded by banning all emergency currencies, choosing instead the centralized solution of the New Deal." - Charles Eisenstein

1903  Tax exempt foundations begin pushed the ideology of socialism.

1928   FDR selected governor of New York.

Many of the worst banking scandals occur under FDR's governorship.

October 29, 1929

Share prices on the New York Stock Exchange collapse.

Milton Friedman and Anna Jacobson Schwartz argue in, "A Monetary History of the US," the single biggest cause of the Great Depression was that the Federal Reserve let the money supply fall by one-third, causing deflation.

"Let me end my talk by abusing slightly my status as an official representative of the Federal Reserve. I would like to say to Milton and Anna: Regarding the Great Depression. You're right, we did it." - Ben Shalom Bernanke, 2002 birthday tribute to Milton Friedman

Banks are allowed to fail in the same way that Lehmann Brothers was allowed to fail September 15, 2008 causing a credit crisis.

"It was not accidental. It was a carefully contrived occurrence. The international bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair here so that they might emerge as rulers of us all." - Louis T. McFadden

1931   Gerald Swope, an avid reader of Edward Mandell House, presents a proposal for recovery, the "Swope Plan".

Swope's plan becomes Roosevelt's "New Deal".

Backed by the same industrialists the New Order of Adolf Hitler is the same as Roosevelt's New Deal - plans for a corporate state.

Gerard Swope*, Owen Young, and A. Baldwin of General Electric in the US were directors of AEG.

General Electric helps finance the Bolshevik Expansion.

Executive offices of General Electric are at 120 Broadway, New York.

Three New Deals: Why the Nazis and Fascists Loved FDR

When FDR is working on Wall Street, his address is 120 Broadway.

The Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation and the Franklin D. Roosevelt Foundation is located at 120 Broadway.

The most prominent financial backer of an earlier Roosevelt Wall Street venture from 120 Broadway is Gerard Swope of General Electric.

German General Electric (Deutsche Edison-Gesellschaft für angewandte Elektrizität) is a prominent financier of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party both directly and indirectly through Osram.

International General Electric in New York is a major participant in the ownership and direction of both AEG and Osram.

1933 "The smart thing to do would be to go off the Gold Standard a little farther than England has done." - Henry Agard Wallace, January 31, 1933

Roosevelt takes office, defaults on the debt and takes the US off the Gold Standard.

"By February 19, gold withdrawals from banks increased from five to fifteen million dollars a day.

In two weeks $114,000,000 of gold was taken from banks for export and another $150,000,000 was withdrawn to go into hiding.

The infection of fear was everywhere.

Factories are closing.

Unemployment is rising rapidly.

Bank closings multiplied daily." - John T. Flynn

Gold confiscation order pays Americans $20.67 an ounce.

The world price of gold has been set since 1810 in the private bank of NM Rothschild & Sons in London, at 11:00 a.m., on a daily basis.

Paul Warburg and his patners put their money into gold at $20.67 before the stockmarket crash and ship it to London.

The official price of gold is then raised to $35 per ounce.

They then ship it back and sell it to the US Government for the new higher price of $35 per ounce for a profit of $14.33 on every ounce.

(Baron David de Rothschild withdrew NM Rothschild from the gold market in 2005 shortly after this posting.)

Americans with gold were paid $20.67 per ounce and those that refused to surrender their gold were given a ten year prison sentence.

To store the confiscated gold Fort Knox is built.

"I regard the condition of the country the most serious in its history. The mere talk of inflation retards business. If you start talking about that you would not have a nickel's worth of gold in the Federal Reserve the day after tomorrow." - Bernard Baruch, February 11, 1933

"One of the key Roosevelt advisors is Bernard Baruch, a power in the Wilson Administration." - Jewish Examiner of Brooklyn, October 20, 1933


Climax with the enactment of the National Industrial Recovery Act in the first 100 days of presidency.

Hugh S. Johnson, Raymond Moley, Donald Richberg, Rexford Tugwell, Jerome Frank, and Bernard Baruch - key Roosevelt advisors - claimed unrestrained competition caused the Great Depression.

They claimed the government had a critical role to play through national planning, regulation, the fostering of trade associations, support for "fair" trade practices and support for "democratization of the workplace".

The New Deal - a program of central control, collectivism, similar to fascism, communism and corporatism - is accepted by the American people as a viable alternative to the rugged individualism of early Americans.

Roosevelt institutes a disastrous legacy of agricultural subsidies and seeks to cartelize industry.

"It was a crime against our civilization to pay farmers in two years $700,000,000 to destroy crops and limit production. It was a shocking thing to see the government pay one big sugar corporation over $1,000,000 not to produce sugar." - John T. Flynn

Roosevelt took steps to strengthen unions and to keep real wages high.

This helped workers who had jobs, but made it much harder for the unemployed to get back to work.

One result is unemployment rates remained high for the duration of the New Deal period.

Under Herbert Hoover and continuing with Roosevelt, the federal government increases income taxes, excise taxes, inheritance taxes, corporate income taxes, holding incorporation taxes and "excess profits" taxes.

The New Deal, "new economic order," is not a creature of classical liberalism but a creature of corporate socialism or corporatism.

Big business, as reflected in Wall Street, strived for a state order in which they could control industry and eliminate competition.

This is the core of the New Deal.

No one knows who was responsible for the gold confiscation order.

No Congressman ever claimed having written it, Franklin Delano Roosevelt stated he had not written it, nor had he even read it.

Secretary of the Treasury, William H. Woodin, claimed he'd never read it either. It was, he stated, "What the experts wanted."

1934   Retired Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler testifies before the Congressional McCormack-Dickstein Committee that Wall Street bankers including Guaranty Trust director Grayson Murphy, JP Morgan, DuPont, Remington Arms, and other interests are plotting to create a fascist veterans' organization with Butler as its leader to use in a coup d'état to overthrow FDR.

1935   Supreme Court unanimously declared the National Recovery Administration unconstitutional.

The National Recovery Administration is headed by Hugh Johnson a business associate of Bernard Baruch - a financial supporter of Red Zionism.

The National Recovery Administration allowed industries to create "codes of fair competition" set minimum wages and maximum weekly hours while also allowing industry heads to collectively set minimum prices.

"The National Recovery Administration worked by fostering giant cartels, which made products artificially expensive and punished small business trying to compete against big business. The general lesson is that government sponsored cartels don't help the economy as a whole. " - Robert P. Murphy

1937   FED increased reserve requirements for banks, thereby curbing lending and moving the economy back to dangerous deflationary pressures.

Henry Wallace becomes Secretary of Agriculture in Roosevelt's cabinet.

Wallace orders the slaughtering of pigs and plowing up of cotton fields in rural America to drive up the price of these commodities.

"The American fascist would prefer not to use violence. His method is to poison the channels of public information." - Henry Agard Wallace

September 2, 1939   Whittaker Chambers informs Adolf Augustus Berle, Jr. that several senior government officials, including Alger Hiss are members of a Soviet "apparatus" designed to influence US policy and pass classified documents and information to the Soviets.

Adolf Augustus Berle, Jr. told Chamber's that he and journalist, Isaac Don Levine, met with Roosevelt and conveyed what Chambers told them, but Roosevelt unequivocally refused to take any action.

Alger Hiss remains at the State Department throughout WWII in positions as Roosevelt's principal adviser on Soviet affairs at the Yalta conference, as a delegate to the Dumbarton Oaks Conference and as Secretary General of the San Francisco conference establishing the United Nations.

1941   Roosevelt names Henry Agard Wallace chairman of the Board of Economic Warfare (BEW) and of the Supply Priorities and Allocations Board (SPAB).

1944   Henry Agard Wallace is wined and dined in Siberia by Sergei Goglidze and Dalstroi director Ivan Nikishov, both NKVD generals.

Henry Agard Wallace becomes a staunch supporter of the Soviet Union.

Wallace is endorsed by the Communist Party (USA).

Subsequent refusal to publicly disavow any Communist support costs him the backing of anti-Communist liberals in the 1948 presidential election.

"I reached a conclusion, under no circumstances, have any business dealings with him." - Henry Agard Wallace after getting to know FDR

"The outright ownership of farms ought to be greatly restricted.

Under intelligent state control it should be possible to introduce a planned flexibility into the congestion and rigidity of our outmoded system." - Rexford Tugwell Undersecretary of Agriculture

executive order 9066

Japanese-American Internment in WWII

Hitler's American Business Partners

Dorothea Lange’s Censored Photographs

The Best Enemies Money Can Buy
-- Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany --
Antony Sutton

1923 Kurt von Schröder founds J. Henry Schröder Banking Corporation in New York.

1924 Owen D. Young, adviser to Woodrow Wilson during the Second Industrial Conference, coauthors war reparations Dawes Plan.

Charles Norris, New York's first appointed chief medical examiner and pioneer of forensic toxicology is called to investigate the mysterious insanity and deaths of workers in the Standard Oil "looney gas building".

Workers making tetraethyl lead (TEL) show stunning signs of mental deterioration, from memory loss to a stumbling loss of coordination to sudden twitchy bursts of rage.


"Workers in the TEL building began collapsing, going into convulsions, babbling deliriously. By the end of September, 32 of the 49 TEL workers were in the hospital; five of them were dead." - Deborah Blum

Although Standard Oil had attempts to deny that the deaths are due to tetraethyl lead, New Jersey orders the plant shut down.

Soon after a federal government coverup finds no link between tetraethyl lead and the ailments of the workers, and the plant resumed production.

1925 Chemical cartel Internationale Gesellschaft Farbenindustrie AG or IG Farben is formed with funding from Wall Street by Hermann Schmitz.

Wax Warburg is on the board of directors of the German branch of IG Farben while Paul Warburg is on the board of directors of the American branch of IG Farben.

Hermann Schmitz, prominent Nazi supporter of Adolf Hitler, president of IG Farben, is also a director of the Bank of International Settlements.

The three German directors of American IG are found guilty of Nazi collusion during the Nuremberg trials while the American directors - Walter Teagle, CE Mitchell and Paul Warburg, also directors of Federal Reserve Bank of New York - are never tried.

Max Ilgner, a German director, directed the Nazi pre-war intelligence office in Berlin.

Walter Teagle was also the chairman of Standard Oil of New Jersey and a trustee of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation.

The Institute of Pacific Relations (IPR), an international organization, is established by grants from John D. Rockefeller, Jr. and the Rockefeller Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation, and other major corporations according to Frederick Vanderbilt Field.

IPR staffers identified later as Communists or collaborators with Soviet intelligence agents were Kathleen Barnes, Hilda Austern, Elsie Fairfax-Cholmely, Chi Chao-ting, Guenter Stein, Harriet Levine, Talitha Gerlach, Chen Han-seng, Michael Greenberg, and T.A. Bisson, as well as Kate Mitchell and Andrew Roth, both of whom were arrested in the 1945 Amerasia scandal.

The Institute of Pacific Relation was closely allied with Amerasia. The two organizations shared the same building, and many members of the Editorial Board of Amerasia were officers or employees of IPR.

An FBI review of Amerasia and The Institute of Pacific Relation publications found that approximately 115 people contributed articles to both.

"The IPR was like a specialized political flypaper in its attractive power for Communists ... British Communists like Michael Greenberg, Elsie Fairfax-Cholmeley, and Anthony Jenkinson; Chinese Communists like Chi Chao-ting, Chen Han-Seng, Chu Tong, or Y.Y. Hsu; German Communists like Hans Moeller (Asiaticus) or Guenter Stein; Japanese Communists (and espionage agents) like Saionji and Ozaki; US Communists like James S. Allen, Frederick Field, William Mandel, Lawrence Rosinger, and Alger Hiss. The IPR has been considered by the American Communist Party and by Soviet officials as an instrument of Communist policy, propaganda and military intelligence. The IPR disseminated and sought to popularize false information including information originating from Soviet and Communist sources.The IPR was a vehicle used by the Communists to orient American far eastern policies toward Communist objectives. "- Senate Internal Security Subcommittee (SISS), chairman Senator Pat McCarran 1952

"I was in awe of Odysseus, and liked Zeus, Apollo, Hermes, and Athena
well enough, but the deity I admired most had to be Hephaestus: the ugly
god of fire, volcanoes, blacksmiths, and carpenters' the god of tinkerers."
Edward Snowden

1928 Owen D. Young pens the Young Plan which rewrites German debt service and facilitates the Wall Street loans which make possible the cartelization of the German electrical, steel and chemical industries.

Owen D. Young is:

chairman of the board of Radio Corporation of America (RCA);

director of General Electric (AEG);

director of Osram in Germany;

director of General Motors, NBC, and RKO;

councilor of the National Industrial Conference Board;

director of the International Chamber of Commerce;

trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation;

deputy chairman of the board of the Federal Reserve Bank and finally became chairman of General Electric after acceptance of the Young Plan.

Gerard Swope, Owen D. Young's right hand, is president and director of General Electric as well as French and German associated companies, including AEG and Osram in Germany.

Gerard Swope is also a director of RCA, NBC, and National City Bank.

General Motors, General Electric, DuPont - controlled by the international bankers Rockefeller, Chase and Warburg - are intimately related to the growth of the Nazi war armaments industry.

Chase and JP Morgan banking interests maintained open offices in occupied France during World War II.

A US Treasury investigation of Chase and JP Morgan reveals collaboration between both banks and the Nazis.

Standard Oil of New Jersey had the patent on synthetic rubber but would not license its production in America while licensing the process for production in Germany.

The Ethyl Gasoline Corporation shared its anti-knock technology, dependent on tetraethyl lead patented in America, with Nazi Germany for use in aviation fuel against the request of the War Department and the Army Air Corps to retain the manufacturing knowledge.

The process' developmental work on oil from coal was undertaken by Standard Oil Development incorporation within the US, in Standard Oil facilities.

The results of this research were made available to IG Farben and became the basis for the development of Adolf Hitler's oil from coal program.

When World War II began General Electric had a monopoly on the manufacture of tungsten carbide and raised the price from $50 a pound to $453 a pound. (Tungsten carbide is used to mill steel.)

Transfer of patented products belonging to Standard Oil and Ethyl Gasoline gave Nazi Germany the ability to create synthetic rubber, oil from coal, and high-grade aviation fuel which in turn made World War II possible !

John Foster Dulles and Allen Welsh Dulles laughing about fleecing the American people

Meet Allen Dulles: Fascist Spymaster

Biography Traces Pathology of Allen Dulles and His Cabal

"Democracy only works if the so-called intelligent people make it work.
You can’t sit back and let democracy run itself." - Allen Welsh Dulles

1929 John Foster Dulles presides over Goldman Sachs trusts.

Allen Welsh Dulles serves on the board of the J. Henry Schroder Banking Corporation while John Foster Dulles serves as the legal counsel.

John Foster Dulles lawfirm of Sullivan and Cromwell handles the legal end of Schröder loans.

John Foster Dulles and Allen Welsh Dulles "design" the CIA.

Both are active in intelligence operations during WWII.

Allen Welsh Dulles is US Ambassador to Switzerland where he meets frequently with Nazi leaders and looks after US investments in Germany.

John Foster Dulles goes on to become Secretary of State under Dwight Eisenhower.

Allen Welsh Dulles goes on to serve as CIA Director under Eisenhower and is later fired by John F. Kennedy.



These 5 Corporations Helped Carry Out the Holocaust

International Red Cross Confirms Holocaust of Six Million Jews is a Hoax


Bayer™ sued by Auschwitz 'guinea pig'

"The IG Farben industrial chemical cartel powered the Nazi war machine and the people who ran it got medals for their efforts.

At the Buna Chemical Plant attached to the Auschwitz death camp ("Buna Werke", administered from Auschwitz III/Monowitz), the IG Farben cartel used slave labor to produce synthetic gasoline and oil, and synthetic rubber." - J. I. Nelson

1931 Standard Oil incorporation of New York (Socony) and Vacuum Oil merge morphing eventually into the Socony Mobil Oil incorporation and later ExxonMobil.

During World War II the Tschechowitz I & II subcamps of Auschwitz in Czechowice-Dziedzice provided forced labor for Vacuum Oil facilities in Nazi Germany.

Montagu Collet Norman, the Governor of the Bank of England from 1920 to 1944, is a close friend of the German central bank president Hjalmar Schacht and the godfather to one of Schacht's grandchildren.

Both are members of the Anglo-German Fellowship and the Bank for International Settlements.

William S. Farish, chairman of Standard Oil, close friend of Hermann Schmitz chairman of IG Farben, hires Ivy Lee to market IG Farben in the American press.

William S. Farish is the principal manager of a cartel agreement between Standard Oil and IG Farben to build an industrial plant to produce synthetic rubber and gasoline from coal, using concentration camp labor.

Emil Helfferich and Karl Lindemann are authorized to write checks to Heinrich Himmler, chief of the Nazi SS, on a special Standard Oil account managed by the German-British-American banker, Kurt von Schröder.

Emil Helfferich wrote checks to the SS for supervising mass murder at the Tschechowitz I & II subcamps and others.

According to US intelligence documents Emil Helfferich stated SS payments were made from Standard Oil funds.

1933 "Hitler's backing in the late 20s and early 30s came from chemical, steel and electrical industry cartels.

European plants owned by Wall Street interests are not bombed by the US Air Force in World War II.

German industrialists financing Hitler were predominantly directors of cartels with American associations, ownership, participation or some form of subsidiary connection.

Wall Street claims of innocence in German rearmament - not even knowing of Hitler's intentions - are fraudulent." - Anthony Sutton

Kurt von Schröder is the Bank for International Settlements German agent.

International Telephone and Telegraph (ITT) is founded by Sosthenes Behn.

Sosthenes Behn makes investments through Baron Schroder in the German armaments industry and buys substantial interest in German armaments firms, including Focke-Wolfe aircraft.

Armaments operations profits were reinvested in German rearmament.

Wax Warburg is on the board of directors of ITT.

ITT makes cash payments to SS leader Heinrich Himmler during WWII.

ITT factories in Germany are exempt from bombing.

General Electric, prominent in financing Adolf Hitler, profits handsomely from war production.

General Electric factories in Europe are not bombed in WWII even though they provided critical electrical parts for the war effort.

Walter Rathenau* of German General Electric and Gerard Swope* of General Electric in America have similar ideas of putting the State to work for corporate ends.

Gerard Swope and Walter Rathanau both promote radical ideas for control of the State by business interests.

Walter Rathenau authors the "Rathenau Plan" which bears a remarkable resemblance to the "Swope Plan", both of which are modeled after the ideas presented by Edward Mandell House in Philip Dru, Administrator.

Gerard Swope and Walter Rathanau are also prime backers of Roosevelt in America and Hitler in Germany.

1936 Underwriting and general securities business handled by the J. Henry Schröder Banking Corporation is merged into a new investment banking firm - Schröder & Rockefeller.

John Foster Dulles and Hjalmar Schacht - Nazi's economic minister, Reichsbank director and member of the Bank for International Settlements - agree to a cartel contract between 150 business' in Germany and the US which Oliver Harriman manages.

John Foster Dulles publicly supports Nazi philosophy writing a long article for the Atlantic Monthly labeled, The Road to Peace.

John Foster Dulles becomes a director of Consolidated Silesian Steel, whose sole asset is one-third interest in Upper Silesian Coal and Steel.

The remainder of the shares were controlled by Friedrich Flick and Hjalmar Schacht.

Fritz Thyssen controls through Vereinigte Stahlwerke AG (United Steelworks - includes Consolidated Silesian Steel and Upper Silesian Coal and Steel) the world's largest mining and steel manufacturing cartel with more than 75% of Germany's ore reserves has aligned himself with the Nazis in the early 1920s.

Upper Silesian Coal Basin is a coal basin in Silesia in Poland and Czech Republic with easily extracted coal to a depth to 1000 meters - about 70 billion tons.

Fritz Thyssen also controls the Bank voor Handel en Sheepvart NV in Holland which in turn controls Union Banking.

Averell Harriman has an interest in Union Banking and his brother Roland Harriman is on the board of directors.

Harriman Investment has an ownership interest in Consolidated Silesian Steel.

Prescott Bush becomes the managing director of Union Banking taking over the day-to-day operations of the Young Plan.

Prescott Bush remains a managing partner of Brown Brothers Harriman and CEO of Union Banking where he managerially controls the Consolidated Silesian Steel ownership interest.

Prescott Bush and Averell Harriman mismanage and the Poles require the owners to pay back taxes.

"Records of Standard's dealings with the Axis were contained in the Records Rooms of the Diplomatic Branch of the National Archives were specially declassified.

There, too, I found records of Sterling Products, General Aniline and Film, and William Rhodes Davis, whose FBI files were also most revealing.

Documents on ITT and RCA were declassified.

After waiting out the better part of the year, I was able to obtain them from the National Archives.

Classified SKF Industries files are held in the Suitland, Maryland, annex of the Archives.

General Motors matters are covered in the James D. Mooney public access collection of Georgetown University, Washington, DC." - Charles Higham

China cuffs

China's internet 'spin doctors'

1938 Israel Epstein joines the China Defense League, which has been established by Soong Ching-ling, Sun Yat-sen's widow, for the purpose of publicizing and enlisting international support for the Chinese cause.

1941 FDR creates the Office of Coordinator of Information (COI).

William Joseph "Wild Bill" Donovan, prominent New York lawyer, heads the new intelligence service.

Nelson Rockefeller coordinates the Office of Interamerican Affairs (CIAA), which runs intelligence and propaganda operations against the Axis Powers in Latin America.

David Rockefeller dark legacy in Brasil

Pearl Harbor and Wars of Corporate America

What Obama Really Meant by ‘No Boots on the Ground’

December 7, 194l Japan bombs Pearl Harbor.

June 13, 1942 Roosevelt splits the functions of the COI and creates two new agencies: the Office of Strategic Services run by William Joseph "Wild Bill" Donovan and the Office of War Information, predecessor of the United States Information Agency.

William Joseph "Wild Bill" Donovan engages four riders of the apocalpyse Allen Welsh Dulles, Richard Helms, William Colby and William Casey.

October 20, 1942 Under the Trading with the Enemy Act, the US Alien Property Custodian seized the stock shares of Union Banking owned by Prescott Bush; Roland Harriman; Averell Harriman; Cornelis Lievense, (Nazi banker); Harold D. Pennington and Ray Morris of Brown Brothers Harriman; Johann G. Groeninger (Nazi industrialist).

"The Harrimans were intimately connected with prominent Nazis Kouwenhoven and Groeninger and a Nazi front bank, the Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart.

There is every reason to believe that the Harrimans knew of Thyssen's support for the Nazis.

In the case of the Harrimans, it is important to bear in mind their long-lasting and intimate relationship with the Soviet Union and the Harriman's position at the center of Roosevelt's New Deal and the Democratic Party.

The evidence suggests that some members of the Wall Street elite are connected with, and certainly have influence with, all significant political groupings in the contemporary world socialist spectrum - Soviet socialism, Hitler's national socialism, and Roosevelt's New Deal socialism." - Anthony Sutton

1943 Solomon Adler and John Stewart Service send back reports opposing gold loan program of $200 million to help the Nationalist Chinese Government finance its defense against the Japanese invasion.

Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Harry Dexter White and Director of the Treasury's Division of Monetary Research Virginius Frank Coe support the opinion of Solomon Adler and John Stewart Service.

1945 Hyperinflation in China has climbed to 1,000% weakening the standing of the Nationalist government and allowing the Communists to come to power in China.

Solomon Adler worked for twenty years for the Chinese Communist Party Central External Liaison Department, an agency involved in foreign espionage.

A photograph shows him with Henshen Chen, a senior government official who had been an intelligence operative in the US from the late 1930s until 1949.

Chen wrote in his memoirs that he used the cover as editor for the journal Pacific Affairs and worked as a researcher at the Institute of Pacific Relations, and had covert liaisons with the Communist Party of the US.

1945 One week before his death FDR signs the order authorizing the Manhattan Project.

October 1st, 1949 Mao Zedong declares the founding of the People's Republic of China in Tiananmen Square, Beijing. Mao Zedong is funded by connections through Solomon Adler, a former US Treasury official; Israel Epstein, the son of a Bolshevik; and Virginius Frank Coe.

1951 Soong Ching-ling invited Israel Epstein to China to edit the magazine China Reconstructs, which was later renamed China Today.

In 1955, 1965 and 1976 Israel Epstein visited Tibet, and based on these 3 visits, he published in 1983 the book "Tibet Transformed".

1983 Israel Epstein is elected as a member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, an advisory body.

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