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"The reasons for the international terrorism threat are connected to American imperialism and humiliation of Muslims worldwide. Once we rein in imperialism and stop humiliating Muslims, we will discover a greatly diminished terrorism threat." - Robert Lentz

"In all nations there is a constant tension between literal history and the mythos of the State. In Free and/or Enlightened societies History, supported by evidence triumphs. In Tyrannies and other Totalitarian societies, the Mythos triumphs over all. This is the cost of the maintenance of the powers of the Elites. It is a cost which is never borne by those who profit from the expenditure. In our society, the pendulum has swung back and forth between these two poles, continually. Currently we are in the phase where Mythos is dominant, but thanks to the internet and other means of sharing the truth, History is on it's way back! The Ministry of Truth will always win at first, but in the end there comes a Winston and a Julia who finally emerge victorious. " - Al Anderson

Osama Bin Laden

"The corporate media sector strives to beautify leaders,
to entrance the community by keeping people concerned with trivia,
to stir up emotions and unnatural desire until corruption is widespread."
Usamah bin Mohammad bin Laden

The invasion of Afghanistan was presented as a war against the Taliban as well as a war against Islam which was represented as the fanatic Wahabbi cult.

The truth is it is and it was a war against intuition presented as a war against mythos.

The "War on Terror" or the "Long War" has been presented by think tank experts, journalists and academics as a "clash of civilizations" - an epistemological battle between Logos and Mythos with Western civilization - the 'advanced' 'rational' social culture based on science, logic and reason - representing reality {Logos} and Islam representing myth {Mythos}.

Epistemology is the branch of science and philosophy that concerns knowledge, specifically, how we know what we know. Although there is three ways on knowing primarily only two 'ways of knowing' are widely used. For convenience we will use the term Logos for one and Mythos for the other. Although we are using the same terms as above we will define them substantially differently than the corporate media snapshot.

Mythos, relying on intuition and emotion, embodies a form of mental artistry which symbolically and aesthetically resonates with an individual's past subconscious experiences of personal events leading to a mythically enlightened understanding of reality or emotional intelligence.

Logos relies on reason and logic, on what we call rational ways of knowing, the building blocks of scienctific discovery.

The spiritual/Mythos (subconscious/right brain) and the rational/Logos (conscious/left brain) thought forms exist together in every society but religious literalists and secular ideologues are blind to that reality.

Religious literalists are theocratic absolutists who believe any worldview other than there own is heretical and evil while secular ideologues utopian vision is really only a delusion of grandeur for their idealized socially engineered social culture - the visions coincide although arrived at from radically different perspectives using entirely different regions of the human mind.

The religious literalists of Christianity, Talmudism, Islam and the secular ideologues Transhumanists, Statists, Economists, Political Scientists and every other "pure" ideology do not want reason, critical thinking or intellectual pursuits to challenge their tradition; they demand blind faith and obedience to traditional interpretations of their sacred texts, textbooks or schools of thought. Secular ideologues claim to follow logic and reason and yet, economists for example, continue of to worship at the altar of the "invisible hand" which is a "science of economics" myth.

In the madrasas, the Islamic religious schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan, students are strictly forbidden from learning anything except the Qur'an as taught by the Wahhabi cult - as a literal text, without an understanding of metaphor, symbolic archetypes and social cultural bias, the Qur'an presents a corrupted Mythos just as the Vulgate or the Babylonian Talmud do when taken literally.

Wahhabi envision themselves not as individuals with desires, a relatively modern notion, but as operatives of Allah. This is also true with religious fundamentalists like Chris Kyle, the American Sniper, who believed in "killing ragheads" for Jesus or the Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg who was quoted in the New York Times on June 6, 1989 as saying: "We have to recognize that Jewish blood and the blood of a goy are not the same thing."

Wahhabi live deep within mythos and have subordinated themselves to mythos - living for a graven image they have conceptualized. We see a much different mythos enacted by the lives of George Walker Bush, Richard Bruce Cheney and Donald Henry Rumsfeld - a mythos of a New World Technocrat Bankster Order.

Butrus Elias, a communications major at the University of Cairo, admits to being a democracy advocate. Butrus Elias owns the DVD of the movie Forrest Gump. Butrus Elias favorite scenes are the surreal handshakes between Forrest Gump, played by Tom Hanks, and an assortment of smiling American presidents who are juxtaposed with evidence of their political dark sides.

"Forrest Gump helped me understand that my country's leaders are not in accord with reality. I saw in the movie Forrest Gump how a politician would behave dishonestly just to influence the society around him, and I identified with the simple character who could be so easily manipulated by falsehood. It helped me to look at my own country and see our leadership through a similar lens."- Butrus Elias

Religious literalists and market ideologues, both avid followers of their own particular form of Mythos, demand obedience to modes of thought bound by their tradition. Neither are willing to acknowledge any way of thought other than their traditionally prescribed way. Both would prefer it if the population remained passive and did not employ the halo of critical thinking.

1095 Pope Urban II launched the First Crusade knowing that the Seljuk empire has dissolved with infighting and that the balance of power in Central Asia had been overturned as a result.

1220 Religious discord flares up in Ghengis Khan's empire. Mongols are shamanists who, although acknowledging the existence of a unifying mystery, also venerated the forces of Nature - the Sun, Moon, Earth, water, etcetera which did not go over well with followers of Islam. In response to the Crusades and the Mongol invasion Islam turned from the path of enlightenment towards a more literal translation of the Quran much as Christianity had done over 800 years earlier.

The path of literalist religious zealotry creates cultural stagnation as thought outside traditional thought patterns is forbidden. The stagnation in Saudi Arabian Wahhabism mirrors the stagnation that occured in the Christian countries of the decadent Roman Empire which was only broken in the Christian countries of the West by renewed contact with the East.

The stagnation of the Mythos of the market literalists will only be broken when the "the invisible hand" which supports the "science of economics" myth lays shattered on the ground.

"If the grace and mercy of Allah is present, then surely one reforms, otherwise, the person just wanders around in the desert of knowledge and intellectualism. After studying the educational history of the Earth, this point becomes very clear that all the mischief and chaos that were created, were all at the hands of intellectuals and geniuses. During the period of Ilm (knowledge) a greater portion of Fitna (mischief) appeared by the way of Ilm. Even among the Ulama-e-Haqq, many geniuses due to their sharp intelligence and accentricity became victims of their wrong thoughts and ideas." - Moulana Muhammad Yusuf Binnori

Islamic literalism

The enemy is not easily identifiable. The enemy may be the girl next door.
She may harbor politically incorrect heretical thoughts.

Islamic literalists have been fighting imperial Christian and Talmudic powers for over a millineum. Islamic literalists understand that America supports corrupt regimes that suppress any religion other than the secular state religion as any religion other than the secular state religion is a threat to the corrupt regimes existence.

Islamic literalists insist that Islamic governments be based on the Sharia, or Islamic law. Sharia, Shari-'ah, Shari'a, Shariah or Syariah is the Arabic word for Islamic law, also known as the Law of Allah. Islam classically draws no distinction between religious, and secular life. Sharia covers not only religious rituals, but many aspects of day-to-day life, politics, economics, banking, business or contract law, and social issues much in the same way that the Torah does. As a matter of fact the real reason that Zionists oppose Sharia is that contracts can be found null and void if deception has occurred whereas in Talmudism deception in contracting for self-enrichment at the expense of others, especially contracts made with goy, is looked upon as the ultimate success.

To the devout religious literalists - Talmudist, Islamist or Christian - the most abhorrent effects of rationality has been the growing replacement of Mythos with the Logos of the State.

The original American system of government, born of reason with the hope of freedom and liberty for all men, is not just under the assault of the Islamic literalists but is also under the assault of American Zionists, imperial Christians and the false prophets of (neo)evangilism.

When one is fighting for land the terms of battle are relatively clear. When one is fighting for one's ideological "Promised Land" the terms of battle are incomprehensible. In this new conflict, religious literalists have many targets, virtually anything and everything that does not fit within their narrow religious literalist worldview, but American Zionists, imperial Christians and the false prophets of (neo)evangilism, have no military targets to hit.

government sponsered revolution

The Iranian revolution, in which the Shah was deposed, elevated the Shiite religious leader Ayatollah Khomeini to the center of power. The Shah had come back to power after the democratically elected government of Iran was dispossessed with the help of the CIA in Operation Ajax.

US Foreign Policy Towards Iran

"Allen W. Dulles, the director of the CIA, approved $1 million on April 4 to be used "in any way that would bring about the fall of Mossadegh". The chief of the CIAs Near East and Africa division, Kermit Roosevelt, a grandson of Theodore Roosevelt, arrived in Tehran to direct Operation Ajax. The house of at least one prominent Muslim leader was bombed by CIA agents posing as Communists." - James Risen

Islamic fundamentalism, in the form of Mawdudi and the Jamaat-e-Islami, have existed in Pakistan for over a half century. Recent events have increased the fortunes of Islamic fundamentalism.

The civil war in Afghanistan, fought between Islamic literalists and the United Soviet Socialist Republic, proved to Islamic literalists that they could gain control of a country by evicting a world superpower. The civil war in Afghanistan was 'the straw that broke the camel's back' of the United Soviet Socialist Republic - not Ronald Reagan's 'Starwars' program and accompanying military buildup !

Islamic literalists, the Mujahideen, were recruited to fight in this 'holy' war or jihad, struggle, from all over the Islamic world. When the civil war ended there existed tens of thousands trained professional mercenaries who subscribed to Wahhabism and who had successfully caused the withdrawal of a superpower from Afghanistan.

They became known as the Taliban.

The House of Saud had been powerful on the Arabian pennisula ever since the eighteenth century, when the radical cleric Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab, the founder of the puritanical Wahhabi movement, wandered into Dar'iya, near present-day Riyadh, and made a bargain with its ruler, Muhammad ibn Saud. The Saud family would provide the generals, and the Wahhabi's would provide the foot soldiers.

In Saudi Arabia Wahhabism rose due to a deal that the House of Saud cut with the Wahhabi. The Wahhabi promised not to speak out against the opulent and ostentatious life style of the royal family members of the House of Saud if they were given funds to run madrasas.

Popular imams all over Saudi Arabia have called openly for a jihad against the West. Two out of every three Ph.D.s earned in Saudi Arabia are in Islamic studies. Fifteen of the nineteen hijackers on 911 were Saudis. Until 911, Saudis were not even required to appear at the American embassy in Riyadh or the consulate in Jidda for a visa interview. Under a system called Visa Express a Saudi had only to send his passport, an application, and the application fee to a travel agent.

1997 Abdul Aziz coordinates a $100 million aid package for the Taliban. All of the wealth of the House of Saud comes from oil sales, much of that oil is and was sold to America. Much of the Saudi money was funneled into Pakistan to support religious madrass.

1998 Attacks on the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, which are supposedly organized by Usamah bin Mohammad bin Laden from his bases in Afghanistan. House of Saud continues to aid the Taliban and its main supporter in the region, Pakistan.

The Pakistanis are directly involved with the civil war in Afghanistan as money, supplied by the American government through the CIA, is funneled through the Pakistani Intelligence Service to provide arms and ammunition to professional mercenaries, Usamah bin Mohammad bin Laden for one, that were fighting the USSR supported marxist government of Afghanistan.

It is ironic that America, directly and indirectly, supported the rise of Islamic fundamentalism - Wahhabism.

Directly by supporting the Taliban in the civil war in Afghanistan, the despotic governments of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan and the military government of Pakistan.

Indirectly by purchasing petroleum from the House of Saud.

"So it is down to you and it is down to me."

… in the battle of wits between Wesley and the Sicilian
in the movie The Princess Bride the Sicilian states,

"You fell victim to one of the classic blunders
- never get involved in a land war in Asia."

death on the line

"Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland;
Who rules the heartland commands the World Island;
Who rules the World Island commands the World."
- Sir Halford Mackinder

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