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"The 2001 California energy crisis precipitated by Enron shenanigans resulted in several deaths. Why were no manslaugter charges brought?" - Tom Lutz

"In 2000 - 2001, energy deregulation in California opened the door for Enron and similar companies to artificially limit the supply of electricity to the state, driving up prices and creating rolling blackouts.

Financial deregulation helped create the housing bubble by allowing companies to sell mortgages to people who couldn't afford the payments.

The surging commodities markets and the swooning stock markets are in part caused by rule changes, made in the name of deregulation, that make it easier to speculate on price swings.

Recently the three main credit-rating agencies - Standard & Poor's, Moody's Investors Service and Fitch Ratings - failed to rein in conflicts of interest in their ratings practices. Among the problems: Companies issuing marketable securities were paying the ratings agencies for their rating." - Eric Lotke 07/20/08

"Anyone thinking that Big Energy (including Big Solar and Big Wind) will solve America's energy problems must suffer from Stockholm Syndrome.

As long as we are implementing a new paradigm and point-of-use renewable generation is feasible on hundreds of millions of properties already, why re-enslave ourselves to wasteful, wilderness killing centralized power plants and massive power lines owned by monopolists, rather than working harder for independence from all Big Energy monopolies, whatever their fuel?

The debate is not Big Fossils versus Big Renewables, it is Big Energy versus ratepayers and the planet.

We all know which lobby is stronger." - Shelia Bowers 08/08

"Those of us in the renewable energy trenches are finding the battle to install solar becoming more difficult as building officials implement new restrictions that are not only seriously increasing the costs but in many cases making it unfeasible to install panels on a great percentage of rooftops.

Instead of becoming less costly, streamlined or more manageable, the permit process in most Southern California cities has become a Sisyphean task.

Almost daily, municipalities are adding fees and requirements that make getting a permit the most difficult part of going solar.

If these trends continue, it will soon be impossible to get a permit for a solar system unless you are working for a municipality or a utility." - Patrick A. Redgate 08/08

The Physics of Eletrical Transmission Lines

1996 Kenneth "Kenny Boy" Lay replaces Richard Kinder as head of Enron.

2001 Lawyers for big energy wrote the energy deregulation law.

Lobbyists presented it to the California legislature on the last day it could get on the initiative ballot and without examination allowed its passage.

Big energy then spent a huge sum of money on media advertising.

Actors hired by big energy explained how this was going to be the best deal for all Californians.

Californians were told they would be saving money for the next fifty years.

To make an energy market feasible the energy industry had to purchase software from a Ross Perot corporation that would allow it to trade on the newly opened, Enron operated, private energy market.

Then a sister Ross Perot marketing corporation went to work selling a manual that taught energy traders how to drive up energy prices through trading schemes with other profiteering trader's.

Enron, a trader in its own "self-regulated" private energy futures market, made bad energy futures bets.

To cover the losses Enron forged over 400 off-balance-sheet "special purpose" entities.

Enron's plunge occurred after it was revealed that much of its profits and revenue were the result of deals with off-balance-sheet "special purpose" entities (limited partnerships which it controlled).

The result was that many of Enron's debts and losses were not reported in its financial statements.

To offset loses Enron traders and other profiteering trader's manipulated California's energy market throughout the 2000-2001 energy crisis through schemes with nicknames including Fat Boy, Get Shorty, Death Star.

These tactics were used to rig wholesale power markets while delivering profits to the energy traders even as Californians suffered through rolling blackouts and soaring energy bills.

These trading practices are documented on the Colorado River Commission phone conversation tape recordings and mirror those found in earlier investigations.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission opposed the release of the tapes and has opposed the refund of $9 billion stolen from "Grandma Millie", a fictitious California grandmother, that Enron traders joked of stealing from.

A trader identified as Mallory on the transcript stated "If the line is not congested I just look to congest it. If you can congest it, that's a money maker no matter what 'cause you're not losing money to move it down the line."

Traders also stated on these tapes that their scam was protected because George W. Bush would not allow the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to impose price caps as one of George Walker Bush's good buddies, Enron CEO Kenneth Lee Lay.

"According to, Kenneth Lee Lay and his Enron pals gave more than $6.5 million to political campaigns over a 15 year period."- Dennis Doyle

"This helps make California's case because it clearly shows the intention to abuse the market by several new energy players, and it clearly shows that this ricochet game was being played by parties in coöperation with each other(conspiracy)." - Erik Saltmarsh, chief counsel and acting director of California Electricity Oversight Board.

"This is more than a smoking gun. It is an audiotape of the gun being fired, the bullet hitting the victim and the murderer standing over the victim and laughing."- Russ Campbell, a Nevada Power lawyer.

Tape recordings came to light when Enron sued Snohomish County Public Utility District for $122 million claiming it had been underpaid.

Snohomish County spent $100,000 having the Colorado River Commission phone conversation tapes transcribed.

2006 Two Houston energy traders were found quilty of wire fraud for fraudulently quoting energy prices.

2007 Trade manager John Forney is sentenced to 2 years probation and fined $4000 for driving up the price of power in 2000 and 2001 by faking transmission congestion.

British Petroleum agrees to pay a fine of $303.5 million for conspiring to fix propane prices in 2003 and 2004.

2008 James Brooks, Wesley Walton and James Patrick were convicted in 2008 of reporting false trade data on natural gas prices from 2000 to 2002.

Carnegie Mellon Electricty Industry Center in Pittsburg concludes that electricity consumers are paying more for electricity than they would have if the electrical industry had remained regulated.

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