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the moral sense

"There is no way of coming at a true theory of society, but by inquiring into the nature of its component individuals.

To understand humanity in its combinations, it is necessary to analyze humanity in its elementary form.

We quickly find that every phenomenon exhibited by an amalgamation of men, originates in some quality of the individual man.

A little consideration shows us, for instance, that the very existence of society, implies some natural affinity in its members for such a union.

It is pretty clear too, that without a certain fitness in mankind for ruling, and being ruled, government would be an impossibility.

The infinitely complex organizations of commerce, have grown up under the stimulus of certain desires existing in each of us.

It is from our possession of an emotion to which they appeal, that religious institutions have been called into existence.

We see throughout nature that the properties of a community are dependent upon the attributes of each and every one of its component parts.

Every social action must have its origin in a property of the individual.

Just as the attractions and affinities latent in separate atoms, become visible when those atoms are approximated; so the forces that are dormant in the isolated men, are rendered active by juxtaposition with his fellows.

Social philosophy suggests moral law originates naturally.

Had we no other inducement to eat other than survival, it is scarcely probable that our bodies would be so well cared for as now.

If, in addition to these needs of the body, all other requirements of our nature were similarly consigned to the sole care of the intellect - were knowledge, property, freedom, reputation, friends, sought only at the intellects dictation - then our investigations would be perpetual, our estimates complex, our decisions so difficult that life would be wholly occupied in the collection of evidence and the balancing of probabilities.

Quite different, however, is the method of nature.

We find in self desire; essential requirements induce powerful impulses.

Longings for food, for sleep, for warmth, are irresistible; the intense gratification derived therefrom is quite independent of foreseen advantages.

Continuance is secured not in obedience to reason but often in defiance.

That men are not impelled to accumulate the means of subsistence solely by a view to consequences, is proved by the existence of skinflints, in whom the love of acquisition is gratified to the neglect of the ends.

We find employed a like system of regulating our conduct to our fellows.

We behave in the public in the most agreeable manner, a love of praise.

With A Little Help From My Friends

Friends Have Similar Neural Responses

Teens catch happiness, not depression, from friends

"Manufactured thoughtlessness produces not only an inattentiveness to the never-ending
task of critique; it is the failure of conscience and moral witnessing." - Henry A. Giroux

Get Together

It is desirable that there should be a segregation of those best fitted for companionship - hence the sentiment of friendship from mirror neurons.

May we not then reasonably expect to find a like instrumentality employed in impelling us to conduct in observance what we call morality ?

Guided to bodily welfare by instincts which spring domestic relationships.

Similar agencies secure indirect benefit by regulating social behavior.

We possess a " Moral Sense," a duty to dictate rectitude in transactions; we enjoy gratitude through fair dealing; giving birth to the sentiment of justice.

"The object of our rule should be 'the greatest happiness to the greatest number?" the patrician

"Such is our opinion," answers the petitioning plebeian.

Whereupon, after some shuffling, our petitioner is forced to confess, that he has no other authority but his own feeling - that he has simply an innate perception of the fact; or, in other words, that "his moral sense tells him so."

In truth, none but those committed to a preconceived theory, can fail to recognise, on every hand, the workings of such a faculty.

From early times downward there have been constant signs of its presence - signs which happily thicken as our own day is approached.

The articles of Magna Charta embody its protests against oppression.

But how, it may be asked, can an emotion have perception?

How can a desire give rise to a moral sense ?

To elucidate this we must take an example.

Contrast the skinflint and the spendthrift.

Accompanying his devotedness to accumulation, the skinflint has a quite peculiar belief in the worth of money.

The most stringent economy he thinks virtuous; and anything like the most ordinary liberality vicious; whilst of extravagance he has an absolute horror.

Whatever adds to his store seems to him good, whatever takes from it, bad.

Should a passing gleam of generosity lead him on occasion to open his purse, he is pretty sure afterwards to reproach himself as having done wrong.

Whilst the spendthrift is deficient in the instinct of acquisition, he also fails to realize the intrinsic worth of property;

The spendthrift regards saving habits as mean; and holds that there is something noble in profuseness.

Here a confounding of intellectual intelligence with emotional intelligence.

It is clear perceptions of the propriety or impropriety of certain lines of conduct, do not originate with the intellect, but with the emotional faculties.

"I think I do not err in stating that there is in our souls some native seed of reason, which, if nourished by good counsel and training, flowers into virtue, but which, on the other hand, if unable to resist the vices surrounding it, is stifled and blighted." - Etienne de la Boétie, The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude

Reflections Of My Life

Intellect, uninfluenced by desire, would show both skinflint and spendthrift their habits were unwise; whereas the intellect, influenced by desire, makes each think the other a fool, but doesn't enable him to see his own foolishness.

Every desire is accompanied by a moral sense of the rightness of actions.

Human desire generates the moral sense according to the pleasure or pain they bring; and always generates such convictions when unopposed.

However, there is nearly always a perpetual emotional conflict - an antagonism throughout life resulting from the incongruity of belief.

Only when desire is predominant, or no adverse desire exists, does relation between instincts and opinions they dictate, become distinctly visible.

"If," say objectors, "this 'Moral Sense' originates different notions of duty in each age, each race, each individual, how can it afford a safe foundation for a systematic morality?"

The phenomena of social life, both past and present, illustrates the influence on the moral sense which is not readily explicable upon any other hypothesis.

Although decisions of moral sense are inaccurate and often contradictory, it may still be capable of generating a fundamental moral intuition, which can be logically unfolded into a scientific morality." - Herbert Spencer

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