"If we think we can change anything using the same old useless tactics, then we are closer to becoming extinct than we know." - Anthony Bevilacqua

"Culture shapes the way general psychopathology is going to be translated partially or completely into specific psychopathology." - Sing Lee

“Neurosis is a natural response of human nature if a normal person is subordinated to domination of pathological people. The same applies to the subordination of a society and its members to a pathological system of authority. In a pathocratic state, every person with a normal nature thus exhibits a certain chronic neurotic state, controlled by the efforts of reason.” - Andrew M. Lobaczewski

Agoraphobics are notoriously resistant to treatment.

Psychologists have found them unusually imaginative, creative and intelligent but extremely uncooperative when society expects them to return to the social group. These highly articulate, self-imprisoned people are nothing less than the canaries in the coal mines of suburbia, the first sensitive casualties in a toxic cultural environment that is now affecting us all.

Kurt Vonnegut identified it as "a political disease," afflicting people who lack the essential emotional "damping apparatus" that prevents them from "being swamped by the unbelievability of social culture as it really is."

Lasting relief from agoraphobia did not occur by changing the perceptions of suffers but by changing the pathology "out there in the social group."

Rage and anger provide sturdy motivators to stressed out individuals suffering from the pervasive psychological disorder of a pathological social culture which disorders mental processes spawning strange behavior.

For those of us who are acutely depressed by the collapse of civility; unprecedented homelessness; the acceptance of torture as a viable method of extracting information; competition for scarce resources; preemptive invasions built on lies; unprecedented incarceration rates; toxic wastes fouling the Earth; the glorification of violence, murder and genocide as a viable solution to human social problems - there's not much relief in "a few quick tips." Facing the truth about the grim political realities behind our personal depression would at least eliminate the paranoia that "it's all in our heads."

Modern therapy has focused almost exclusively on self, separating an individual's problems from those found in the structure of our social culture. When treatment programs teach disturbed citizens to cope and not protest, to adapt and not rebel, to "work within your situation" rather than "refuse the unacceptable," James Hillman concludes, "therapy is collaborating with governance creating docile plebes."

As Americans, proudly rooted in a heritage of rugged individualism, we do not generally think of ourselves as obedient - and yet, as Victor Frankl observed of American culture, we have followed orders again and again to "be happy."

Politically forged depression is not likely to lift until American lives are grounded in the noumenon.

Politically forged depressions are suffered not by the perpetrators, rescuers or victims in a social order but by those who occupy the role of observer, those who do not draft social policy, those who have no voice in social policy and yet are subject to it. In any given social crisis, only the observers are likely to have enough time to take note of cultural conditions - everyone else being to busy issuing orders, running soup kitchens or just staying alive.


"Now that I look back, I realize that a life predicated on being obedient is a very comfortable life indeed. Living in such a way reduces to a minimum one's own need to think." – Adolf Eichmann

Nobel Laureate Heinrich Boll, after World War II, claimed the most dangerous flaw in the character of the German people could be stated in one word: "Obedience."

Confusion and harm occurs when these imagined virtual realities are mistaken for reality itself. The Cold War seeped into the personal relationships of men and women, fathers and mothers, the psyches of young children. The baby-boom generation was permanently imprinted with the image of the mushroom cloud.

Secret decisions made behind closed doors in Washington had a direct impact on my kindergarten finger-painting 2,000 miles away, as air-raid sirens drilled terror into my head.

The mushroom cloud provides a riveting clue to the etiology of my generation.

After spending our school years crouched between the wooden runners of our desks, ears pounding and minds squeezing with dread that this could be it, we later latched onto the rungs of corporate ladders with a frenzied, irresponsible compulsion to "eat, drink and be merry."

Indulging the need for immediate gratification to historic excess, we entered the job market guided by the slogan appearing on T-shirts in the 1980s: "Whoever dies with the most toys wins."

Reversing the political formula Walter Lippman proposed for national security and world peace after the devastating lessons of World War II - public interest first, private interest next - we instead let Wall Street plundered America with merger mania creating vast middle class unemployment with leveraged buyouts while polluting the environment through deregulation. These unrealities were accomplished under such amorphous explanations as "market forces," "supply and demand" and "economic competitiveness," as though our mortal economic arrangements were acts of God or scientific laws.

For compassionate people to survive in a culture where raw suffering and the threat of violence is felt daily, our lives have to be "purged of feeling." Although observers reeling from cultural traumas might find temporary relief in emotionally distancing themselves, this tactic eventually aggravates, rather than cures, a political forged depression. By design, the passive behavior an observer during social violence, as Americans have been taught to look away, can result in unchecked aggression.


If Americans bravely confronted the reality of American social culture, it would soon be apparent that Americans are culturally depressed, fragmented, megalomaniacal, delusional and immersed in denial.

We are one nation of split realities: One fact in the newspaper - 200,000 acts of televised violence an American child sees before turning 18 - has one meaning for Arnold Schwarzenegger, an actor with made-up wounds in fake wars who supports real military aggression, and another for a dismembered veteran from a real war who now leads an unimaginable life.

Even before we knew the specific details of ruined global economies and environmental devastation that are being revealed today, as secret files and secret papers from the Cold War are opened up around the Earth, rumors abounded.

If the full details of: a crazed patient hospitalized in Oak Ridge, Tennessee cries out during nightmares, and then disappears; Karen Silkwood is killed in a car accident, and the briefcase of papers she had promised a reporter cannot be found; Iran-Contra affair papers are ever released from legal blockades at the National Archives; if the gag orders in the settlement of critical medical suits are ever lifted; buried research explaining immune system dysfunctions; we will not be surprised by the compromising secrets they contain.

Before any radioactive or toxic wastes can be dumped in our deserts and oceans, they must first pass through dozens of minds: secret plans have to be discussed, secrer orders have to be issued, secret papers have to be typed, secret cargo has to be transported, secret destinations have to be reached.

As Robert Bellah and his colleagues point out in "The Good Society," the homeless were not dropped on our streets by a deus ex machina; they arrived through human actions and social choices: "the market driven conversion of single-room-occupancy hotels into upscale tourist accommodation, government urban-renewal projects that revitalized downtown while driving up rents and reducing housing for the poor, economic changes that eliminated unskilled jobs paying enough to support a family, the states deinstitutionalization of the mentally ill and reduced funding of local health programs."

The homeless, the hobo camp inmates of our cities, had to pass through the thoughts of real estate brokers, economists, CEOs, human resource personnel, mental health experts, state legislators, county judges, voters and taxpayers, my friends, your friends, you and me, while none of us "knew" what was going on. Nearly all of us are guilty of indifference.

Breaking the habits of denial is no small chore. Fantastically imaginative thought patterns fill the void where the veil of cognitive blindness hangs. Individuals are trapped within "virtual realities "purged of feeling". Social injustice can not exist !

Political systems that force individuals to conform to industrial roles and dehumanizing lifestyles which create individual suffering on a massive scale are directly responsible for much of the pathology citizens experience.

We must seek True Knowledge to reconnect us with noumenon. We must actively resist indifference by allowing ourselves to feel empathy.

Reforming a civilization is a daunting endeavor for a culture under military control for over half a century.

The cure itself requires extensive internal effort, uprooting old lies and grafting real truth onto the way we each individually conceptualize reality.

mental chains outweigh physical chains

"A social order that glorifies war, rewards hypercompetitiveness, restricts resources, promotes isolation and punishes those who "fail to measure up" requires the therapist to "stop using therapy sessions" to fix up the people so the system works better and start fixing up the system so the people work better.

One must gain whatever resources are necessary to remove one's self from a condition of oppression and to affect not only one's own circumstances but also more general circumstances outside one's intimate surroundings." - Thelma Jean Goodrich

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