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Office of Strategic Services

"During World War II and its political aftermath, Sullivan & Cromwell lawyers such as noted partners John Foster Dulles and Arthur Dean played important individual roles in helping shape domestic policy and international affairs." - Sullivan & Cromwell LLP

When the Office of Strategic Services was founded wealthy individuals were approached and asked to spy for America.

Aristocracy traveled and socialized with other wealthy individuals.

From the very beginning intelligence has been aiding and abetting the transnational corporate elite reflecting the biases of that class.

What has leaked out over the years paints an image of a rogue operation beholden to a transnational corporate elite concerned only with profit.

Public diplomacy, psychological operations, influence agents, disinformation and computer information warfare - from open and overt to clandestine and covert, from public explanation of policy to secret subversion of enemies.

All of these must be well-orchestrated by a symphonic conductor.

william j. donovan

Wild Bill Donovan, the OSS, and the CIA

1941 In preparation for World War II, Franklin D Roosevelt creates the Office of Coordinator of Information (COI).

William "Wild Bill" Donovan heads the new intelligence service.

1942 Roosevelt restructures COI into something more suitable for covert action, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS).

4 partners and 35 associates of Sullivan & Cromwell are given upper management poistions.

Donovan recruits so many of the nation's rich and powerful that eventually people joke that "OSS" stands for "Oh, so social!" or "Oh, such snobs!"

1943 Donovan recruits the Black Jesuits of the Catholic Church in Rome to be the center of Anglo-American spy operations in Fascist Italy.

This becomes America' most enduring intelligence alliance in the Cold War.

Charles Douglas Jackson joins the OSS.

Edward Hunter, reporting for the Chicago Tribune's Paris edition, lives in Japan and in China from the mid-1920s to mid-1930s, during the Japanese invasion of Manchukuo and its detachment from China.

Hunter covered the Second Italo-Abyssinian War between Italy and Ethiopia and took note of the psychological warfare methods used in those instances as well as during the preparations by Germany for World War II.

According to Hunter's 1958 testimony, he served for two years during WWII as a "propaganda specialist" for the OSS.

1944 Charles Douglas Jackson is appointed Deputy Chief at the Psychological Warfare Division at Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF).

After the war, he became Managing Director of Time-Life International.

When it became clear that Dwight D. Eisenhower stood a good chance of becoming president, the CIA arranged for Jackson to join his campaign.

This involved Jackson writing speeches for Eisenhower.

According to the Eisenhower Presidential Library files in Abilene, Kansas, Jackson's "area responsibility was loosely defined as international affairs, cold war planning, and psychological warfare.

His main function was the coordination of activities aimed at interpreting world situations to the best advantage of the United States and her allies and exploiting incidents which reflected negatively on the Soviet Union , Communist China and other enemies in the Cold War."

1945 OSS is abolished - remaining American 'information' agencies claim to cease covert action returning to information gathering and analysis.

operation paperclip

Our Nazis: Gehlen Org

May 22, 1945 Operation Paperclip

While other Federal agencies are hunting down Nazi war criminals for arrest, the US intelligence community is smuggling them into America, unpunished, to use against the Soviets.

The most important of these is Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler's master spy who had built up an intelligence network in the Soviet Union.

With full US blessing, he creates the "Gehlen Organization," a band of refugee Nazi spies who claim to reactivate their networks in Russia.

These include SS intelligence officers Alfred Six and Emil Augsburg (massacred Jews in the Holocaust), Klaus Barbie ("Butcher of Lyon"), Otto von Bolschwing (Holocaust mastermind worked with Eichmann) and SS Colonel Otto Skorzeny (personal friend of Hitler).

The Gehlen Organization supplies the US with the only intelligence on the Soviet Union for the next ten years and serves as a bridge between the abolishment of the OSS and the creation of the CIA.

Much of the "intelligence" the former Nazis provide is bogus.

Gehlen inflates Soviet military capabilities at a time when Russia is still rebuilding its devastated society, in order to inflate his own importance to the Americans (who might otherwise punish him).

Come all you good citizens give me a listen

About a few facts that you mighta been missin'

There was a little problem of means to ends

I'm talkin bout the Cubans, that is, our friends

Back in '59 an island paradise called Cuba

John Roselli was in Havana playing the Tuba

Half way in Kennedy wouldn't

It wasn't that he couldn't

When Bautista pulled out, some folks lost clout

Bautista's partner Meyer Lansky had to get out

We had to keep alive dreams of glory

And believe me, they come up later in the story

Santo Trafficante put together shooter teams

Assassination teams are the stuff of dreams

How to deal with Trafficante

Perhaps its time to up the ante

Theodore, dude, if that didn't faze ya

How bout a stint in Southeast Asia?

Richard Vernon Secord was quite an intellectual

Air America in Thailand, unfortunately, was ineffectual

Edwin Meese applauded tradin drugs for guns

John K. Singlaub gave his OK for official runs

Theodore, from the CIA, was thinking along different lines

"Gimme space and gimme Thomas Clines.We'll make sure Laos realigns"

From the Heroin™ trade made millions

Phoenix program cleaned up civilians

Shackley was quick on the draw

A cleanup squad covered the Shah

Ted and Kissinger cured Chile of Allende

Took their loot to Nugen Hand, comprende?

For this part of the scheme

Ted recruited the cream

The Iran-Contra scandal mighta left you in doubt

So here's the background that didn't come out

Ponedexter showed his hand

Ollie North on the witness stand

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