Language evolves over time.

The word symbol liberal was originally defined as of, pertaining to, or befitting a freeman, free by birth.

Liberal acts became those actions appropriate for an adult person of free birth - a lady or a gentleman - an action inappropriate for a serf, slave, peasant, landless craftsmen (tailors, cobblers, carpenters, blacksmiths, etc.) or a child.

Over time a connotation developed with use of the word liberal.

A lady or a gentleman branded as a liberal was liberated from moral constraint, acted licentious, lacked moral restraint and exercised his or her freedom to live excessively.

When liberal was first used to describe a form of government a liberal government was defined as a representational form of government, democratic or republican, as opposed to monarchies.

In a monarchical system the laws coming down from on high are designed to propitiate or appease the landed aristocracy whereas in an ideal representative form of government the laws are designed by the people with the peoples overall welfare in mind - unlike America today.

Today those who define themselves as liberal:

A liberal individual may show a willingness to make "liberal" donations; abundant; bountiful; ample; profuse amounts freely or abundantly given.

A liberal interpretation of a rule or law is not strict or rigorous while a liberal interpretation of the Bible is an interpretation that is not literal.

A liberal education was defined as an education based on the traditional arts and sciences that enlarge and discipline the mind making it the master of its own powers.

Today a liberal education connotes liberation from moral constraint.

Although the definition of a liberal as being morally unrestrained or licentious is obsolete the opponents of liberalism have done everything in their power to revive this obsolete definition by branding liberals as morally unrestrained or licentious opponents of established moral systems.

Usage: Liberal, Generous.

Liberal is freeborn, and generous is highborn.

The former is opposed to the ordinary feelings of a servile state, and implies largeness of spirit in giving, judging, acting, etc.

The latter expresses that nobleness of soul which in the past was peculiarly appropriate to those of high rank, - a spirit that goes out of self, and finds enjoyment in consulting the feelings and happiness of others.

Generosity is measured by the extent of the sacrifices it makes; liberality, by the warmth of feeling which it manifests.

"c. 1375; from old French, liberal "befitting free men, noble, generous;" from Latin, liberalis "noble, generous;" literally, "pertaining to a free man;" from liber "free;" from Proto-Indo-European base *leudheros; (Greek, eleutheros "free"), probably originally "belonging to the people" (though the precise semantic development is obscure), from *leudho- "people" (evolutions: Old Church Slavonic, ljudu; Lithuanian, liaudis; Old English, leod; German, Leute "nation, people").

Earliest reference in English is to the liberal arts (Latin, artes liberales), the seven attainments directed to intellectual enlargement, not immediate practical purpose, and thus deemed worthy of a free man (the word in this sense was opposed to servile or mechanical).

Sense of "free in bestowing" is from 1387.

With a meaning "free from restraint in speech or action" (1490) liberal was used in the 16th century through the 17 century as a term of reproach.

It revived in a positive sense in the Enlightenment, with a meaning "free from prejudice, tolerant," which emerged 1776-88.

Purely in reference to political opinion, "tending in favor of freedom and democracy" it dates from 1801, from the French libéral, originally applied in English by its opponents (often in French form and with suggestions of foreign lawlessness) to the party favorable to individual political freedoms.

But also (especially in American politics) tending to mean "favorable to government action to effect social change," which seems at times to draw more from the religious sense of "free from prejudicial favor of traditional opinions and established institutions" (and thus open to new ideas and plans of reform), which dates from 1823." - Douglas Harper

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