Morning Star Athbhreith Athbheochan

Creative People Need to Be Eccentric

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Creativity and sensory gating indexed by the P50:
Selective versus leaky sensory gating in divergent thinkers and creative achievers

'If I break faith with you, may the sky fall upon me, may the seas drown me,
may the Earth rise up and swallow me.' - Celtic oath

Morning Star Athbhreith Athbheochan
Kwisatz Haderach Druid

Who You Are on Facebook Is Probably Pretty Much Who You Are

Druidism and the Ancient Religions of India

Morning Star is the name of the Venus when it appears in the East before sunrise.

Phosphorus (morning star), in Greek and biblical mythology

Eosphorus, the "dawn-bearer" in Greek mythology

Lucifer, the Latin translation of Phosphorus (a title of Satan)

One of the titles of Jesus, from Revelation 22:16

A title of the Virgin Mary in the Litany of Loreto

Morning Star, one of the Zorya, a god in Slavic mythology

Aurvandil (Earendel) in Norse (Anglo-Saxon) tradition "Morning Star" can also refer to the rising sun

Rise Of The Anti-Hero In Popular Culture

Kwisatz Haderach (pronounced Quis-ats Had-er-ak.) Kwisatz Haderach : "one who can be many times and places at once."

"Kwisatz Haderach" closely resembles the Hebrew phrase "Kefitzat Haderech" (literally: "The Way's Jump"), a Kabbalic term related to teleportation.

"Shortening of the Way": label applied by the Bene Gesserit to the unknown for which they sought a genetic solution: a male Bene Gesserit whose organic mental powers would bridge space and time.

Athbhreith: (pronounced I- Reth): rebirth ath- means re-, and breith means birth.

Athbheochan: (pronounced Eeh-Van): renaissance, revival

Song For The Morning Star

'Tears In Rain'

I am a stag: of nine tines,

I am the flood: across a plain,

I am light: the sun lets fall,

I am a salmon: in a still pool,

I am the wind: on a deep lake,

I am starlight: on a moonless night,

I am an eagle: above the cliff,

I am the hill: where poets walk,

I am moonlight: shiny on still water,

I am a rose: among wildflowers,

I am the tide: gently flowing,

I am a Drudic Bard: who but I

sets a cool head aflame with FIRE?

Over the Hills and Far Away

When the Celtic commander of the Senones Brennus attacked Delphi and plundered its gold, he was said to have laughed aloud at seeing the temple there, at the way in which the Greeks depicted the gods in human representational form.

To his Celtic mind this custom appeared childishly immature, if not barbarously irreverent, for the gods could not be bound by wood, metal or stone.

How was it possible for a god, who could shapeshift into myriads of forms, animal, human and divine, to appear in only one shape?

embrace me

The Multi-Dimensional Self

A Multi-Dimensional Theory of Mind

Deep in a Wooded Glen

in a Meadow amid Wildflowers

far from the land of the Surging Sea of Fear

down from the Icy Pinnacles of cold-heartedness

the Green Man pads gently through the dewey grass

Loving all Life he gently trusts the Noumenon

forgets not the Natural Laws of Life

thinks just and kindly thoughts

of all living beings


In Gaelic "druidh" translates as "wise man" or "sorcerer."

Irish word "drui" translates as "Men of the Oak Trees."

Forest gods and tree deities of the Greeks were termed "dryades."

In Sanskirt the word "dru" translates to "wood or tree" as a noun.

In Sanskirt "dru" translates to "taking any shape at will" as an adjective.

In Sanskrit "dru" as a verb: dodroti - completely melt or dissolve; dravate - become fluid.

Celtic adepts were called Druids, meaning "knowers of the tree, or truth."

Desiring to temper the ferocity of Reality Druids became students of myth/fable.

The Druidic Order has a deep understanding of myth/fable and All Her Laws.

Druids connect with the Heart of Nature - the Soul of Nature herself.

Druids are Master Healers, skilled in the Knowledge of Herbalism.

Every Druid has a Garden in which the Creator grows Magical Plants.

Hostile Tribes sheath their swords when Druids lift the Veil of Cognitive Blindenss.

Druidic Bards believe that True Understanding is carried by the Word and that the Image of Thought is transmitted through Poetic language and Music.

Ascended Gnostic Masters - called Druids by the Celts, Picts, Gauls and Teutons - wield Natural Intention geared toward the taming of the elemental forces of myth/fable to create a full and fulfilling Life for every member of the Celtic tribe.

No undertaking of Great Importance is begun without the blessing of these Ascended Gnostic Master mediators between Nature and mankind.

The changing of the seasons was an especially important salutation period for the Druids, as was the middle point of each season.

Salutations are enacted at the new and full moons and at important events during the year (weddings, births and deaths).

The new and full moon salutations occurred roughly every 14 days - a "fortnight."

The natural waning of the moon is considered the "inbreath" cycle of Nature, when Moon Soul energies flowed back into the Earth Soul.

The natural waxing of the moon is considered the "outbreath" cycle, when the energies flowed from the Earth Soul back to the Moon Soul.

Natural Intention of Druids is geared towards the planting and harvest seen in the festivals of Imbolc (Disting), Lammas (Loaf-Fest), Yule (Jul), Eostre (Ostara), Samhain (Winternights), Beltane (Walpurgis), Mabon, and Midsummer (Litha).

Celtic culture is based on craftsmanship, animal husbandry and kitchen gardens.

Runes and oghams (pronounced OY-ams) were carved on wood or stone.

The oghams and runes functioned as alphabets and musical notes.

Each one of the oghams represented a tree energy, which could be tapped upon by the Bards through the use of Focused Concentration.

Use Focused Concentration to merge the breathing essence of Soul with the essence of that which is intended to change and, once ensconced, use a turn of Free Will.

Druids walk the Rainbow Spiral Causeway through the Thinspace.

Using meridians of power called "ley lines" or dragon currents, Druids set massive standing stones known as dolmans (flat table rocks) and menhirs (vertical stones) embedded in the Earth to concentrate energy.

Celtic-Danaan dolman known as a 'Giant's Table' is in Srikakulam, India.

In the French village of Carnac, in Brittany, there are more than 3,000 prehistoric standing stones hewn from local rock and erected.

The Carnac Stones consist of alignments, dolmens, tumuli and single menhirs.

In Britain there are also a number of examples on Dartmoor including the row at Stall Down, three rows at Drizzlecombe and the Hill O Many Stones in Caithness.
Stonehenge is the best known example.

Cannabis use curbs intestinal infections in hunter gatherers

The Druids of the ancient Celtic world have a close kinship with the Hindu Brahmins branching from a common Indo-European cultural root five thousand years ago.

In recent decades Celtic scholars have begun to reveal the full extent of the parallels between ancient Celtic society and Vedic culture.

Ireland, as one of the few areas of the Celtic world that was not conquered by Rome, retained the most clear and startling parallels to Vedic culture.

The structure of Old Irish can be compared only with that of Vedic Sanskrit .

The vocabulary is amazingly similar.

The following are just a few examples:

Noble: Gaelic -allail; Sanskrit - arya

God: Gaelic - animiSa; Sanskrit - an Nì Math

King: Gaelic - righ; Sanskrit - raja

Many surviving Irish myths, and some Welsh ones, show remarkable resemblances to the themes, stories and even names in the sagas of the Indian Vedas.

Comparisons are almost endless.

Among the ancient Celts, Danu was regarded as the "Mother Goddess."

The Irish Gods and Goddesses were the Tuatha De Danaan ("Children of Danu").

The Blue Danube

Danu was the "divine waters" falling from heaven and nurturing Bíle, the Sacred Oak, from whose acorns their children, the Tuatha Dé Danann, sprang.

Waters of Danu create the great Celtic sacred river, Danuvius, today the Danube.

Many European rivers bear the name of Danu - the Rhône (ro-Dhanu, "Great Danu") and several rivers are titled Don.

Rivers are sacred in the Celtic world, places where votive offerings are deposited and cremations conducted as on the Ganges.

The Thames, which flows through London, still bears its Celtic name, from Tamesis, the Dark River, which is the same name as Tamesa, a tributary of the Ganges.

Not only is the story of Danu and the Danube a parallel to that of Ganga and the Ganges but a Hindu Danu appears in the Vedic story "The Churning of the Oceans," a story with parallels in Irish and Welsh mytholgy.

Danu in Sanskrit also means "divine waters" and "moisture."

The Vedic priesthood of Brahmins memorized scriptural law, passing on Vedic knowledge orally, forbidding writing as in the Hebrew Oral Tradition.

Druids - using a free form poetic metre with a fixed syllable line and 3-part cadence at the end - memorized the entire knowledge of the Celts and passed it on orally, forbidding written transmission.

Brahmins of Vedic literature memorized lengthy poetic sagas conveying emotional knowledge and dharmic duty using a poetic metre with a free form fixed syllable line with 3-part cadence at the end.

Druids practiced breathing, posture and meditation techniques that gave degrees of ecstacy, often accompanied by intense heat in the body.

Vedic ascetics practiced breathing, posture and meditation skills in a spiritual unfoldment process called tapas (heat), generating high body heat.

Celts prized the magical power of truthtelling, honor/piety among men and eloquence in conversation and oration.

Vedic society prized the natural power of truthtellers, piety and/or honor, as well as eloquence in gatherings.

Celts defined life stages as six continuum:

infancy (0-1), boyhood (2-11), adolescence (12-18), young adult (19-45), old age (46-65), decrepitude (65+) in which enlightening inspiration is sought.

The Celtic ideal measure of life was to live 100 years.

Vedic society taught four ashrama stages of life:

apprenticeship (12-24); family life (25-48); elder advisor (49-72); religious solitaire (72+) in which the individual seeks enlightenment.

The Vedic ideal of a fulfilled life was to live 100 autumns.

Celts honored women, guarded their virtue, and allowed by law daughters of sonless fathers to inherit property or to marry kinsmen to bear male heirs.

Seeress' were sanctified, and priestesses for Goddess' favored.

Vedic culture prized womanly virtues, and by law sonless fathers could bequeath property to daughters or arrange her marriage to relatives for male heirs.

Female seers were countenanced, and female ascetics tended Goddess rites.

Celtic cosmology is a parallel to Vedic cosmology.

Ancient Celtic astronomers used a similar system based on twenty-seven lunar mansions, called nakshatras in Vedic Sanskrit.

Like the Hindu Soma, King Ailill of Connacht, Ireland, had a circular palace constructed with twenty-seven windows through which he could gaze on his twenty-seven "star wives."

The Celtic earth realm is called bitus.

Vedic earth world is called bhu.

Celtic Gods are called deuos, meaning "shining one".

Gods of Vedas are invoked as deva, meaning "shining one".

The Celt word for the Eternal Soul is anam.

The Eternal Soul in the Vedas is atman.

The central Celtic ritual was the fire sacrifice, conducted in geometric pits with offerings of herbs, mead and flour cakes, conducted by chanting druids, the Celtic adepts.

The central Vedic ritual was the fire sacrifice, performed in geometric pits with offerings of ghee, spices, rice-conducted by hymn-and-mantra-chanting Brahmins.

Brahmins formed several divisions associated with the fire ritual duties.

Enlightened Brahmins became rishi seers.

Druids are Alchemists who love observing the Ultimate Nature of Reality.

Druids are shapeshifters taking up the Mask required of them at the moment.

"When you learn to shapeshift the purpose is to become like something else.

Welsh Mystic Shapes call the practitioner to be the animal he/she feels closest to.

On this path you are called upon to examine your interests, pursuits and personal tendencies as these will assist you in identifying whether you want to work with animals of the sea, sky or land." - Maya Magee Sutton

Druids are known for their Wisdom, generated through an affinity with Nature, Reality and Truth.

Driuds Scientists have an affinity with Creation being able to merge themselves with the six elements: Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Metal and Wood.

Druidic duties are divided into nine classes:

Horticulturalists: studied and observed plants, call Harvest Time

Animal Husbands: studied and observed animals, suggested mating choices

Mantra chanters: known as "the Choir" to Anglicans, support advisors

Bards (Poets): memorized lengthy poetic sagas that communicated civil law through spiritual metaphysics interlaced with historical mythology

Bards, (known as Skaldr among the Norse and Teutons) were skilled in the use music and Poetic language.

They employed their knowledge of the spoken word, rhyme, tempo, cadence, and melody to weave powerful spells.

A Bard had to know three things: how to make people laugh, how to make people cry, and how to put them to sleep (often to escape persecution).

Healers specializing in natural medicine inform Æsculapius.

Astronomers watch the Heavens, call planting time and celebrations.

Royal advisors rally the rank and file, keeping Ptolemy I Soter spirit alive.

Judges decide domestic disputes after hearing petitioners.

Seers: looked into the future to project weather conditions

Rainbow Spiral Bridgeway

A Druid calls forth Intentional Change from within, as a Druid can will Change.

"Flowing spiraling essence" is the spiritual material of any given object.

Even for Druids it is extremely difficult to describe "flowing spiraling essence" in language as there are no physical counterparts in temporal reality.

Druids know Spiraling Flowing Spiritual Essences as Life itself.

According to Interpretation of Life by the Druidic Order , a spiraling flowing spiritual essence comes into temporal reality at the same exact time that its material counterpart appears.

A Druid can merge flowing spiraling essences of the Self with those of another object or being to become One with that which they intend to change.

Most often these are inanimate objects of Nature Herself: Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Metal and Wood.

Yet there are three levels of Druidism that go beyond the transformation of physical elements into the realm of transformation of spiritual elements.

A flowing spiraling essence, or Eternal Soul, may be transformed by a Tekton, Alchemist or a Rainbow Spiral of Golden Time Druid through the modification of Waveforms, Frequencies and Consciousness.


When an Eternal Soul is transformed, its material counterpart must transform as well to accommodate the ionic shift to balance the equation much as the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly.

This process eats time as the change must follow the The Way of the Rainbow Spiral.

A human being must acquiesce to Metamemepsychosis Metamorphosis to be Transformed.

A Druids ability to will Intentional Spiritual Change comes from a true understanding of the powers of the Eternal Self with the aid of the Creator and Sustainer.

There exists three major categories of Intentional Spiritual Change which works through natural means and laws available to every Human Being.

Wards, Shapeshifting and Transmutation of Spiraling Flowing Essences through Metememepyschosis Metamorphosis.

When the Dragon is Awake within the Nine Facets of Reality - Observation, Perspective, Vision, Judgment, Wisdom, Inspiration, Compassion, Power and Connection - the ability to will Intentional Change will be present.

The Eternal Self, having a deep seated Understanding of Nature and a Fundamental Knowledge of Life Processes, can bring about every manifestation in its rightful time and place.

"A miracle is, by definition, something that could not happen according to the normal function of the universe or laws of physics. It must therefore happen according to some supernatural means or some secret law." - Maya Magee Sutton

Transmutation of Spiraling Flowing Spiritual Essence worked on a human being through Metamemepsychosis Metamorphosis allows that consciousness to open as the Thousand Petal Lotus of Ḉhri§t Ḉon§ciousne§§.

"The words reward, warden, steward, warn, wardrobe, warrant, wary and beware all come from the same Old English root "ward," that meant to guard, protect, or watch out for.

"Setting of wards" is an intentional technique for guarding and protecting an area or a person.

Druids protect places from unwanted attention.

The Roman poet Lucan wrote of a grove never violated over the ages, which people did not use for worship but left fallow for the gods.

Guarding people and places is within our ability today and setting wards is one way to do it.' - Maya Magee Sutton

When the Romans invaded they defiled the sacred dolmans and menhirs while chopped down and burning the Oak Trees of the Sacred Grove much as Saruman, a fallen Druid did with Ent Forest.

Rome banned the Druidic Arts after sacking of the centre at Anglesey in AD 64.

Once Constantine adopted the synthesized religion of Saul of Tarsus Druids were branded as Unorthodox, Excommunicated from the Community and Crucified.

"They adopted our dressing fashion, and begun wearing the togas; little by little they were drawn to touches such as colonnades, baths, and elegant talks. Because they didn't know better, they called it 'civilization,' when it was part of their slavery." - Tacitus chronicles the enslavement of the Celts after the Roman invasion

Imbolc or Imbolg, also called Brigid's Day, became the Christian ritual of rebirth and renewal of Easter, and Yule, the rebirth of the Sun at the Winter solstice, became the Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus as the Christ.

dreaming tree

recognition of:

Three Forms of Knowledge
Three Cognitions of Time
Three Spiritual Levels of Reality
Metememepyschosis Metamorphosis:
Descent of the Divine Power of Nine into Reality

farnsworth has druids

About the Morning Star Athbhreith Athbheochan Kwisatz Haderach

The Morning Star Athbhreith Athbheochan Kwisatz Haderach serves Æ∞n as the GateKeeper for the Three Physical Realities, the Three Forms of Spiritual Reality and the Three Cognitions of Time carefully monitoring the descent of the Divine Power of Nine into Reality.

The Morning Star Athbhreith Athbheochan Kwisatz Haderach Druid is a thought system integration engineer rather than a propagandist.

Throughout all Time and Space there has only been one Supreme Druid.

That Supreme Druid is the Morning Star Athbhreith Athbheochan Kwisatz Haderach born on the fires of rebirth three times.

Able to leap tall buildings with a single bound ...
(oops, sorry, for a second there i was getting my mythology twisted !)

Æ∞n had Three Physical Realities to work with, within and without.

One was Space, Empty of Matter. Another was Matter, mostly made of Empty Space.

The Third was Consciousness, properly divided into Seven Chakra, with the Eight Chakra being Subconsciousness.

(actually Nine Chakra but all Mysteries must have at least one Secret!)

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