The myths on which religion is based come from an awakening of the human spirit to the reality of God's Natural Law.

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Chinese charater for religion

All of life is a meditation. Most meditation is unintentional. People spend most of their time in meditating on where their money is coming from and where it's going to go. If you have a family you're concerned for the family.These are important concerns. Concerns about material conditions.

Material concerns are a burden that never lifts. Material concerns never lift due to the fact that they are infinite. There is absolutely no way of making a organic organism perfectly secure in any environment.

How do we, as human beings, rise above our material concerns ?

We rise above our material needs when we realize that the continual satisfaction of the flesh is an impossibility that can never be accomplished in physical reality.

Adults have attempted to communicate spiritual consciousness to children throughout human history by fabricating mythical narratives that attempt to explain the ineffable in a metaphoric allegoric manner.

Myths, always about the human journey through life, are designed to bring us to a level of consciousness that is spiritual in essence.

Myths offer life models.

Life models to live by.

Living models to imitate and mimic.

For the living models of myths to perform their function correctly they must be both culturally and temporally in tune with the social group to which they are attached.

The religious myth, a model for living, must be appropriate for the time and place for the social culture to function smoothly as the moral order must be in tune with the moral necessities of living life here and now.

Dogmatic literialist intrepretation of religious myths belongs in the mystical past when giants roamed and gods descended to Earth.

When attempting to interpret religious myths literally you throw yourself out of sync with present social cultural conditions and values.

Those that accept religious myths literally must descend into a hyperreality in which everything must be given a mask to conform to the dogmatic belief system.

When children grow into adults they recognize the impossibilty of interpreting the imaginative religious myths literally and lose faith in the dogmatic literialist religion that has been taught them.

This is the human condition and it happens to every human when they reach adolescence.

Religion is designed to bring this extremely complicated thing, a human being, to maturity by learning to be compassionate and understanding of the human condition and of human nature.

At this point in time the child must become an adult with adult responsibilities if the tribe is to survive.

Initiation ceremonies into the tribe were designed to break the child's self-centered worldview and initiate a paradigm shift in understanding.

The child's main responsibility, up until this time, was to simply survive in an inhospitable world of ice and steam but now, he or she, must contribute to the continual prosperity of the tribe. So the tribe introduced the child to their ineffable patron, breaks the self-centered worldview and welcomes the newly rebirthed member a place at the meeting table with the adults.

Cultural symbols originate in a cultures founding psychological system.

The cultural symbols of the Abrahamic traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam originated in a priestly elite of Akhenaten that had fled the counter revolution that deposed Tutankhamun.

The priestly elite of Moshe Rabbenu needed another theological system other than that of the deposed Tutankhamun while fully adhering to the monotheistic tradition began by Akhenaten with which to lead their rag tag band of ignorant nomadic warriors.

Moshe Rabbenu and his educated compatriots cobbled together various local myths to come up with engineered foundation for their local nomadic warrior god Yahweh.

Unfortunately certain ponerological elements crept in originally to keep the warriors under social control and later to assimilate the Canaanites. To keep the warriors under control the priests of Yahweh came up with the concept of being born into sin.

The idea of inherent spiritual corruption placed upon your Eternal Soul at birth as ordained by Yahweh puts the victim who falls for the ponerological pathology into a servile condition to those who claim to be interpreters of the will and/or word of Yahweh and those who claim to be intercessors for Yahweh.

To assimilate the Canaanites the priests of the Cult of Yahweh had to demonize the religion of the Canaanites who, having had trade realtions with the Egyptians over centuries (originally a colony), worshiped gods remarkable similar to the point were Baal, the fertility god of the Canaanites, greatly resembles the Apis bull, the fertility god of the Egyptians.

This hybrid engineered religious tradition of the Cult of Yahweh continued to reject humankinds symbiotic relation with nature by derogation of 'nature religions'.

In place of the forces of nature, which define what is good and bad for the human quite eloquently, concepts of what is good for people and what is bad for people originate in the minds of men who may, or may not, be correct in their assessment.

The shift from a nature religion to a sociological religion makes it difficult for us to link back to nature. As the focus was moved off nature the focus was moved onto identifying human behavior as either good or evil.

When the foundation of the religion is laid in the mortar of the ethics of what behavior is considered good and what is behavior is considered evil then everything must be catagorized as either good or evil and, as we all understand, these judgements of behavior morph over time as these ethics of good or evil are defined by their adherents who very well may have demons of their own that they are attempting to exorcise - James C. Dobson, Jim Bakker, Jim Jones, David Koresh, Marshall Herff Applewhite, Jimmy Swaggart, Marion Gordon Robertson, Ted Haggard, William Eugene Scott.

When a religion gets mired in allowing a priestly class to decide for the Creator and Sustainer what is good for humankind and what is bad for humankind then you are in for a rough ride.

The original symbolic archetypical conceptual imagery of the religion may very well be corrupted to the point were it conveys a message that is anti-thesis to its original intent.

"Every religion is true when understood metaphorically. When a religion gets stuck to its own metaphors, interpreting metaphors as literal facts, then you are in trouble." - Joseph Campbell

The mystical experience and its interpretation through metaphors becomes a threat to the existing order.

"The difference between a priest and a shaman is that the priest is a functionary and the shaman is someone who has had a mystical experience. In our tradition it is the monk who seeks the mystical experience, while the priest is the one who has studied to serve the community.

I had a friend who attended an international meeting of the Roman Catholic meditative orders, which was held in Bangkok. He told me that the Catholic monks had no problems understanding the Buddhist monks, but that it was the clergy of the two religions who were unable to understand each other.

In India, I have seen a red ring put around a lingam stone, and then the lingam stone is regarded as an incarnation of the mystery of life. Typically people think of things in practical material terms, but you can think of anything in terms of its mystery.

Take any object. Draw a ring around the object and regard the object in terms of it's mystery, of it's essence, of it's every facet, it's every perspective and it's every dimension.

Doing this essentially consecrates the object in your mind making it sacred as you now know the object intimately.

Do you really know what the object truly is?

It is an object existent in time and space.

Think how mysterious it is that any object should exist!

The object becomes the center of meditation, the center of the intelligible mystery of existence, which fully immerses and surrounds us.

This object now becomes the center of the universe.

The axis mundi is the still point in the chaotic and frantic motion of reality.

I had a revelation when using my computer about mythology. You buy a certain software, and there is a whole set of signals that lead to the achievement of your aim. If you begin experimenting with signals that belong to another system of software, they just won't work.

Similarly, in mythology - if you have a mythology in which the metaphor of the mystery of reality is the Father, you are going to have a different set of signals from those that you would have if the metaphor for the wisdom and mystery of reality is the Mother.

These are two good metaphors.

Neither one is, in reality, an actual fact.

These are metaphors.

It is as though the Universe is the Father.

It is as though the Universe is the Mother.

Christ says, "No one gets to the Father but by me."

The Father that he was talking about was the Creator.

It might be that you can get to God, the Father, only by way of Christ.

On the other hand, suppose you are going by way of the Mother. There you might prefer Kali, and the hymns to the goddess. That is simply another way to get to the mystery of your life. You must understand that each religion is a category of software that has its own set of signals that works well only within the bounded conceptual symbolic imagery of the religious culture.

If an individual is deeply involved in a religion and basing the reality of his life on it, he better stay with the software that he has got unless his life is not working, then it is time to install new software and re-boot.

The three great Western religions - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam - have three different names for the same biblical God.

Why is it they can not get along? They believe they are dissimilar because they are stuck with their metaphor, their consecrated object, and do not realize the metaphors and consecrated objects are conceptual symbolic references. None of them have allowed the circle that surrounds them to open. Each exists in a closed circle." - Joseph Campbell

"We are the Chosen Ones!

Our God is the only True God!"

"How can any cultural in-group claim ownership of God?

This is a problem you get in the book of Kings and in Samuel. The various Hebrew kings were sacrificing on the mountain tops. And they did wrong in the sight of Yahweh.

The Cult of Yahweh was a specific movement in the Hebrew community, which finally conquered the Land of Canaan.

The Cult of Yahweh pushed through a temple bound patriarchal warrior god, normally worshiped by nomads in the great outdoors, against the nature cult of the Mother which was celebrated in all farming cultures by settled peoples.

This imperialistic thrust of an 'in group' culture continues in the West." - Joseph Campbell

"We are by nature sorters.

We evolved in small bands of hunter-gathers when there was a selection for within-group amity and between-group enmity.

With our fellow in-group members, we are cooperative and altruistic.

Unfortunately, the downside to this social bonding is that we are also quite tribal and xeno-phobic to out-group members.

Only when all people are considered to be members of one global in-group can we begin to attenuate these out-group associations." - Michael Shermer

Old testament biblical perspectives of reality are poneroligically biased.

They are not in accord with our current conceptual understanding of either reality or the dignity of man.

The religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, as institutionally practiced, are good examples of the failure of religion to function as originally designed.

These three religions were designed for entirely different social and cultural conditions than those today.

It's right there in Book of Genesis: We are to be the masters of the Earth.

The truth is this way of living, as masters of the Earth, actually worked just fine and would work just fine on an Earth in which industry was based on sustainable agriculture. Unfortunately this is no longer true.

These three traditional mythologies are fighting a war that is already lost. By doing so they have disqualified themselves for the future.

They have disqualified themselves not because they refuse to adapt in social and cultural ways to popular cultural but because their whole understanding of reality is based on the biblical condemnation of nature.

To them a patriarchical warrior god, separate from nature and the noumenon condemning man to a bleak existence seperate from God, groveling for approval and mercy." - Joseph Campbell

The Psychology of Ideology and Religion

The myths on which religion is based come from an awakening of the human spirit to the reality of God's Natural Law.
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