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"I would like to see more psychiatrists live up to their title, which translates as "soul healer." That will never happen except through increased skepticism about the way their profession currently operates." - Nina Wouk

1533 First non-medical insane asylums instituted.

1836 First recorded case of the use of psychiatry to suppress dissent in Russia.

1850 A new way of thinking develops in German science, which maintains that people are similar to complex machines.

It does nothing to take into account the spiritual basis of man.

This thinking becomes the basis for experiments in psychology in order to discover the nature of people and how to condition and program them.

The work of Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt is the primary source of these ideas.

American elite begin to come to Germany to study this way of thinking.

1880 Beginning of a 20 year period where elite American students of Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt in Germany return and become heads of psychology departments at Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell and other major universities and colleges.

Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt trains James Cattell, who returns to the US and trains over 300 in the Wundtian system which, with help from the Carnegie Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation, eventually assumes control of psychological testing in the US for all the soldiers of World War I.

1897 Sigmund Freud writes that "masturbation is the prime habit and addiction which is replaced by addiction to alcohol, opium and tobacco". Freud neglects to mention his own further addiction to refined sugar, cocaine and tobacco, leading one to assume Freud was eternally chasing the cocaine monkey, was eternally sexually frustrated by impotence, and that these demons were projected into a form that forged the sexually dependent theories taken up later by psychiatry.

1898 J.R. Ewald, professor of physicology at Strassbourg University in Germany experiments using brain electrode implants.

1917 Sigmund Freud writes "Introduction to Psychoanalysis".

1922 A study by Samuel Torrey Orton connects emotional disturbance with neurological problems.

This insight was lost after World War II when psychology, psychiatry and psychoanalysis became popular, breaking the connection.

The emotional disturbances caused by vaccines became financial fodder for the new psych-industries. With the causes suppressed, a new industry is born.

1926 General Medical Society for Psychotherapy forged in Germany, an international organization.

1927 Austrian psychiatrist Menfred Sakel develops insulin shock (insulin coma treatment, ICT).

Patients are overdosed with insulin, which induces a coma.

By 1937, all neuropsychiatric hospitals in Germany would use ICT.

1928 Development of the discovery of the EEG machine and brain waves.

1930 William Wirt, for the Carnegie Foundation, pioneered the German Wundt school system in Gary, Indiana and tried it in New York, is committed to an insane asylum in Washington, D.C where he died in 1932.

William Wirt was committed after he made public speeches saying that he had been part of a world wide conspiracy to bring about a controlled state.

1934 Drs. Chaffee and Light publish manuscript labeled "A Method for Remote Control of Electrical Stimulation of the Nervous System".

1935 Lobotomy introduced in the US. In the next 30 years, over 100,000 people would have their brain mutilated in American institutions. At the University of Mississippi Medical Center, Dr. Orlando J. Andy would apply lobotomy to six-year-old children.

1938 Ugo Cerletti becomes the first to use electroconvulsive treatment in fascist Italy. The first victim was a 39 year old engineer who was found wandering on trains without a ticket. Present at this event was Lothar Kalinowsky, who would become a member of the American Psychiatric Association and an avid promoter of electroshock in the United States.

1939 Health Practitioners Law (Heilpraktikergesetz) is put into practice in Germany. Allowed psychotherapists to advance their professional claims within the field of health and medicine during the Third Reich. The law ended the 'freedom to cure' that had existed in Germany since 1870. The 'freedom to cure' which had given personal and professional access to all aspects of healing, current and future, instead of the narrowly defined parameters which exist today. In future, the government would supervise all training of medical personnel, including officially approved health practitioners.

Psychiatrists in Brandenburg Germany begin operation of gas chambers to kill mental patients.

1946 World Federation on Mental Health forged. The World Federation of Mental Health continues to support electroshock, lobotomy, mind control and other similar activities. It employs many who were involved in such practices in Nazi Germany.

1957 Examination of the 1957 directory of the American Psychiatric Association shows that an enormous percentage of individuals listed are foreign-born, mostly German Ashkenazi.

1962 Allan H. Frey publishes an article in Journal of Applied Physiology, Vol 17 July 1962 labeled "Human Auditory System Response to Modulated Electromagnetic Energy". Frey discusses that even deaf people can pick up transmitted RF sound patterns and speech, as the brain is a receiver. In one experiment, Frey used pulsed microwaves to stop the heart of a frog, and also discovered that microwave effects on the hypothalamus had powerful effects on the emotions.

microwave radio signals

1965 Advance Research Projects Agency (ARPA) sets up laboratory at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in Washington DC to further study electromagnetic weapons. From this research comes the knowledge that microwaves cause central nervous system effects and can influence behavior. Americans discover Soviet microwave bombardment of the American Embassy in Moscow. The State Department keeps the discovery a secret and begins a program studying the embassy employees for effects, which included leukemia, nausea, lymphoma and bleeding from the eyes.

1970 Second International Conference on Psychosurgery draws 100 participants and 41 papers from around the world. Honorary president of the Conference was Dr. Walter Freeman, Ewen Cameron's left hand man, who performed no less than 4,000 frontal lobotomies, often on people suffering only mild depression. Freeman went on to become a respected San Francisco "brain specialist."

1972 British Journal of Psychiatry #120 reveals that "psychotic disorders may be caused by viral infections."

1979 FDA categorizes electroshock "therapy" (ECT) machines as Class III "demonstrates an unreasonable risk of injury or illness".

The American Psychiatric Association lobbies to have that decision reversed and is successful. The FDA categorizes ECT machines as Class II "safe and effective". The FDA receives hundreds of letters from outraged ECT survivors testifying to the damage done to them.

Electroshock survivor: Shock therapy put me in a wheelchair, robbed me of my life

New Study Claiming to Show Patient Satisfaction After ECT is Simply Junk Science
FDA Looks to Expand Electroshock Use Despite Significant Risks and No Proven Benefit

The APA finally responded in 1990 by saying that ECT is "virtually harmless", but said it would classify the machines as safe (Class II) for depression, but not for other disorders. ECT may be used as long as the patient is "diagnosed as depressed".

1985 Study by the World Congress of Biological Psychiatry finds that in a study of 321 violent individuals, most of them white and middle class, 95% of them showed evidence of brain dysfunction and neurological disabilities.

Consensus Conference on Electroconvulsive Therapy is held by the National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). At the conference, psychologist and attorney Edward Opton presented evidence that ECT patients show little or no improvement at all. None of the assembled ECT doctors could provide any contradictory evidence, so his conclusions were published in the October 18, 1985 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). Optons comments, however, were excluded from the Proceedings of the Conference published by NIMH. It was also omitted from the APA task force report.

1988 Medical Tribune publishes article "Brain Autoantibodies in 33% of Schizophrenics" which indicates that 33% of schizophrenia cases appear to be autoimmune in nature.

1998 "Dear Rodrigo Munoz, President American Psychiatric Association,

After nearly three decades as a member it is with a mixture of pleasure and disappointment that I submit this letter of resignation to the American Psychiatric Association. The major reason for this action is my belief that I am actually resigning from the American Psychopharmacological Association. Our guild organization provides a rationale, by its neurobiological tunnel vision, for keeping our distance from the molecule conglomerates we have come to define as patients. We condone and promote the widespread overuse and misuse of toxic chemicals that we know have serious long term effects: tardive dyskinesia, tardive dementia and serious withdrawal syndromes.

Sincerely, Loren R. Mosher M. D. December 4 1998
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