"Some quick to arm,

some for adventure,

some from fear of weakness,

some from fear of censure,

some for love of slaughter,

in imagination, learning later ...

love of slaughter;

walked eye-deep in hell

believing in old men's lies."

Ezra Pound

Brothers in Arms

"Escalation" is a word for a methodical process of acclimating people to the idea of military intervention.

Nothing too sudden, abrupt or jarring, just a step-by-step process of turning war into media wallpaper.

Thousands more soldiers and billions more dollars funneled into a "demonic suction tube" - mayhem, terror and killing on a grand scale." - Norman Solomon

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Revolving Door: Pentagon to the Private Sector

1896 Manufacturers and industrialists inform their employees that if William Jennings Bryan is elected all factories and plants will close.

William McKinley favors the Gold Standard.

William McKinley beats William Jennings Bryan by a small margin over the question of the demontization of silver.

1897 EH Harriman is director of Union Pacific Railroad.

1918 Samuel Prescott Bush, now serving on the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, is appointed chief of the Ordinance, Small Arms and Ammunition Section.

Samuel reports directly to Bernard Mannes Baruch as director of the Facilities Division of the War Industries Board.

The Lack of Major Wars May Be Hurting Economic Growth

"The strategic target remains our population.

We can lose people day in and day out, they can't beat our military.

They can, and will, strip away our support." - James Terry Conway

The weapons industry has associations, lobby groups, and trade shows.

Why? Defense and military industries in permanent war trash economies.

Those who profit from permanent war erase the line between the State and the corporation as retired military officers walk through the revolving door.

Pentagon public relations campaigns focus on the transformation of military men into news analysts - "message force multipliers" - to fuel weapons sales.

Retired military men ideologically in sync with neoconservative think tanks, frame events in anticipation of large budget increases for military contracts.

Analysts, paid for the number of times they appeared on television, are instructed not to quote handlers directly or mention contacts.

"We knew we had extraordinary access." - Timur J. Eads, retired Army lieutenant colonel, Fox "analyst", Blackbird Technologies

Omnitec Solutions, corporate branding experts, monitors performance.

September 6, 2001 Veritas announces the formation of an "advisory council" of well-connected retired generals and admirals.

Veritas gives its advisers board seats, profit sharing and equity stakes.

Veritas intends to turn quick profits through initial public offerings.

After September 11, 2001

Barry Richard McCaffrey makes 1,000 appearances on NBC and its sisters.

McCaffrey, paid $25,000 for speeches, is quoted or cited regularly in The Wall Street Journal and thousands of "news" articles.

Barry Richard McCaffrey and Wayne A. Downing are on the advisory board of the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, an advocacy group created with White House encouragement to make the case for ousting Saddam Hussein.

BR McCaffrey Associates, promises to "build linkages" between government officials and contractors like Defense Solutions.

McCaffrey advocates building up the military to sustain an occupation, warning premature withdrawal would invite catastrophe.

He advocates spending for high-tech weapons, including precision-guided munitions and unmanned aerial vehicles - important to the Veritas portfolio.

McCaffrey, chairman of HNTB Federal Services - an engineering and construction management corporation that often competes for national security contracts, consistently advocates wartime policies.

In corporate filings, Veritas' tells investors they are well positioned to benefit from a widening global war on terror.

Veritas goes on a shopping spree, buying corporations deeply enmeshed in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, including DynCorp.

McCaffrey ridicules the Iraq Study Group recommendation of withdrawing all combat brigades from Iraq while working with James A. Marks to win the Iraqi translators contract for Global Linguist Solutions a newly incorporated subsidiary of DynCorp.

When the Pentagon awards the contract to Global Linguist Solutions DynCorp stock jumps 15%.

burying head in sand

Defense Contractors on the Dole

The Pentagon & Academia Connection

Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon's Hidden Hand

"I am 100% behind what the president of the US is doing in Iraq."

Barry Richard McCaffrey

James A Marks, an analyst for CNN, pursues military and intelligence contracts as a senior executive with McNeil Technologies.

James A Marks is named president of Global Linguist Solutions and Barry Richard McCaffrey is designated as chairman of Global Linguist Solutions.

McCaffrey is eligible to share in profits: the contract is worth $4.6 billion over five years, but only if the US does not pull out of Iraq.

McCaffrey published a report recommending that the US equip Iraq with 5,000 armored vehicles provided by Defense Solutions.

Paul E. Vallely, a Fox News analyst, a specialist in psychological warfare had co-authored a paper in 1980 that accused American news organizations of failing to defend the nation from "enemy" propaganda during Vietnam.

"We lost the war - not outfought, we were out psyoped." - Paul E. Vallely

Paul E. Vallely urges the continued use of psychological operations which took aim not just at foreign adversaries but domestic audiences as well.

Paul E. Vallely called his approach "MindWar" - using network television and radio to "strengthen our national will to victory."

2005 Operations in Afghanistan and Iraq account for 37% of DynCorp International revenues.

defense lobbyists

Army Deploys Psy-Ops on US Senators

The Callousness of the Corporate Military Empire

Security and Finance State Dominates the American People

2008 David Barstow reports that 75 retired military officers regularly appearing on television "have ties to military contractors vested in the very war policies they are asked to assess on air."

Collectively, the group represented "more than 150 military contractors either as lobbyists, senior executives, board members or consultants."

The Pentagon pundits program used three propaganda techniques to sell the necessity of what is now called "a dynamic and evolving threat."

The Pentagon worries that framing this as a 'global' war risks reinforcing the image that al-Qa`ida seeks to project of itself - a highly organized, global entity capable of replacing sovereign nations with a global caliphate.

The three propaganda techniques involve:

the distortion of facts by the selective withholding of information;

the creation of an emotional cascade beginning with fear and ending with righteous anger;

and the concealment of the true source of the message by putting the message in the mouth of some seemingly independent third party.

2009 Pentagon employs 27,000 people for recruitment, advertising and public relations - almost as many as the total 30,000-person work force in the State Department.

The money spent on winning hearts and minds has grown by 63%, to at least $4.7 billion - about the same amount the military spent on body armor for troops in Afghanistan and Iraq from 2004 and 2006.

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