"We are of course a nation of differences.

Two kinds of restrictions on human liberty

- the restraint of law and that of tradition.

No written law has ever been more binding than

unwritten tradition supported by popular opinion."

Carrie Chapman Catt

"What a disgraceful spectacle humanity presents!

In spite of fearful wounds, humanity makes war upon itself.

We who deal with the sores afflicting mankind are struck more than others by all the evil men voluntarily inflict upon one another.

I am neither a politician nor a propagandist.

It is not my business to occupy myself with ideas.

I have too much else to do.

I am moved by a great pity, as lofty as a dream."

Dr. David Hawthorn smiled sadly at this vehemence, then his smile vanished at the moral outrage.

"Unfortunately you are right.

With all the misery we have to suffer, we tear ourselves with our own hands besides - the war of the classes, the war of the nations, whether you look at us from afar or from above, we are barbarians and madmen."

"Why, why," said Angus Starling, who was getting excited, "why do we continue to be fools when we recognise our own folly?"

Dr Hawthorn shrugged his shoulders, as he had a few moments before when they spoke of incurable diseases.

"The force of tradition, fanned by interested parties.

We are not free, we are attached to the past.

We study what has always been done, and do it over again - war and injustice.

Some day perhaps humanity will succeed in ridding itself of the ghost of the past.

Let us hope that some day we shall emerge from this endless epoch of massacre and misery.

What else is there to do than to hope?"

"There is one great general cause for the world's ulcer."

"You have said it - servility to the past, prejudice which prevents us from doing things differently, according to reason and morality.

The spirit of tradition infects humanity, and its two frightful manifestations are …"

Dr. Hawthorn rose from his chair, as if about to protest and as if to say, "Don't mention them!"

Angus Starling could not restrain himself any more.

"… inheritance from past tradition."

"Hush!" cried Dr. Hawthorn.

"You are treading on ground on which I cannot follow.

I recognise the present evil.

I pray with all my heart for the new era.

More than that, I believe in it.

But do not speak that way about two sacred principles."

"You speak like everybody," said Angus Starling bitterly.

"We must go to the root of the evil, you know we must."

"You certainly do," and he added violently, "Why do you act as if you did not know it?

If we wish to cure ourselves of oppression and war, we have a right to attack them by all the means possible - all! - the principle of inheritance of past technique and the cult of the homeland."

"No, we haven't the right," exclaimed Dr. Hawthorn, throwing a look at his interlocutor and rising in great agitation.

"We have the right!" cried Angus Starling.

The grey head drooped, and Dr. Hawthorn said in a low voice:

"Yes, it is true, we have the right.

I remember one day during the war.

We were standing beside a dying man.

No one knew who he was.

He had been found in the debris of a bombed ambulance - bombed purposely or not, the result was the same.

His face had been mutilated beyond recognition.

He moaned, groaned, sobbed, shrieked - appalling cries.

We listened to the sounds that he made in his agony, trying to find one word, the faintest accent, that would at least indicate his nationality. No use.

We looked and listened, until he fell silent.

When he was dead and we stopped trembling, I had a flash of comprehension.

I understood.

I understood in the depths of my being that man is more closely knit to man than to his vague compatriots.

Yes, we have a right to question oppression and war.

I saw the truth several times afterward again, but I am an old man, and I haven't the strength to stick to it."

"My dear sir," said Angus Starling, rising, with respect.

Evidently he was touched.

"Yes, I know, I know," Dr. Hawthorn continued in an outburst of sincerity.

"I know that in spite of all the arguments and the maze of special cases in which people lose themselves, the absolute, simple truth remains, that the law by which some are born rich and others poor and which maintains a chronic inequality in society is a supreme injustice.

It rests on no better basis than the law that once forged races of slaves.

I know patriotism has become a narrow offensive sentiment which as long as it lives will maintain war and exhaust the world.

I know that neither work nor material and moral prosperity, nor the noble refinements of progress, nor the wonders of art, need competition inspired by hate.

In fact, I know that, on the contrary, these things are destroyed by arms.

I know that the map of a country is composed of conventional lines and different names, that our innate compassion of self leads us closer to those that are like-minded than to those who belong to the same geographical group, and we are more truly compatriots of those who understand us and who are on the level of our own souls, or who suffer the same slavery than of those whom we meet on the street.

The adoration we have for our native land would be good and praiseworthy if it did not degenerate, as we see it does everywhere, into vanity, the spirit of predominance, acquisitiveness, hate, envy, nationalism, and militarism.

The monstrous distortion of the patriotic sentiment is increasingly killing off humanity. Mankind is committing suicide. Our age is an agony."

Two men have a simultaneous vision: "A cancer!"

Dr. Hawthorn grew animated, succumbing to the evidence.

"I know as well as you do that posterity will judge severely those who have made a fetish of the institutions of oppression and have cultivated and spread the ideas supporting them.

I know that the cure for an abuse does not begin until we refuse to submit to the cult that consecrates it.

And I, who have devoted myself for half a century to the great discoveries that have changed the face of the world, I know that in introducing an innovation one encounters hostility." - Henri Barbusse

Dr. David Hawthorn and Angus Starling from The Ghost and the Darkness fill the roles of generic characters in this Henri Barbusse tale.

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