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A Meticulous Analysis of History

Colonialism and Imperialism, 1450–1950

History of Europe - 6013 years in 3 minutes

Three Things Anarchists Know Historians Will Look Back on With Disgust

"Wisdom in the ways of the world can be achieved by careful observation of how people act and a study of history." - Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli

"The capitulation of academic institutions to the cult of pragmatic materialism is the reason for the demise of the Enlightenment and the resurrection of superstition.

The seeds of the Enlightenment were laid during the Middle Ages when European universities forged the liberal arts curriculum - a combination of arts, humanities, mathematics and sciences.

The objectives were breadth of knowledge and freedom of thought.

Academic institutions today are dominated by professional schools, administrators must be good fund raisers and students are interested only in jobs.

During 37 years of teaching history at four universities, I never ceased to be amazed at the typical student's appalling ignorance of political and social history.

College graduates are trained but not educated."

- Forrest G. Wood, Professor of History Emeritus Cal State Bakersfield

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How to change the course of human history

make ignorance history know yourself

revisionism is the nature of historical narrative

"Historians, especially the writers of textbooks used in schools and colleges, tend to emphasize a nation's accomplishments. We read about the great battles, the wars won, the conquests made, and the achievements. We rarely read about the failures, the frauds and deceptions, the injustice, the bigotry, the violence, and the poverty.

The consequence is that the peoples of great nations think far more highly of themselves than reality justifies and therefore tend to neglect their faults which fester and expand until they become so overwhelming that the nation collapses in its own dissoluteness.

The lessons of history that we need to know if we are not to be doomed to repeat it is not the history commonly taught but the history that is commonly ignored, for only by correcting faults can nations become better." - John Kozy

When digging back into written records, researchers always retrieve selected fragments of an immense historical continuum and carefully shape and edit them, intent upon lending credibility to their respective thesis of the past.

This is the nature of "history"- it is always being reviewed, revised, changed, adjusted, and selectively reedited.

decades pass

centuries pass

perhaps millennium pass

unified harmonic matrix

Emphasis change, certain facts are accentuated, others are left out.

Relevant historical information is overlooked or cast aside while new hypothesis are being formulated. Those that have the luxury and/or determination to review and reconstruct history color it entirely as they wish.

Modern popular belief and convention is validated by selected evidence from the past. While the time-rooted "facts" of events can sometimes be documented, the hows and whys of history have no such absolute mooring.

What was written in the past is always biased, and that considered credible today in no lesser manner reflects the biases of writers and researchers today.

In the 21st century many of the events propelling social cultural upheavals that occurred in the past are explained away by pseudo-historians as chaotic unplanned accidental aberrations.

There is a propensity to downplay or ignore certain facts which point to disruptive elements that carefully plan the manipulation of social cultural rules of conduct with malicious intent that inevitably leads to social cultural collapse.

Politicians and pseudo-historians conceptualize upheaval events as happening by accident - propelled upon the mysterious unexplainable tide of history.

Innocent and well-meaning people, in a natural desire not to appear naive, assume the attitudes and repeat the cliches of the opinion makers.

A false version of history is then spread and imbedded in popular culture.

"In Egypt persons were appointed, we are told, whose office it was, to examine into the conduct of their deceased sovereigns; if it had been such as had been beneficial to the kingdom, the warmest tribute of praise was paid to their memories; if bad, their conduct was censured and their memory reprobated, to serve as a warning to their successors." - Robert Bland 1814

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