"When I told them to shun hypocrisy, they all agreed.

I knew that they did not know what truth was, and therefore both they and I were being hypocrites.

When I told them not to be hypocrites they did not know they were being hypocrites in not asking me the method.

As words do not convey the message by themselves they did not know that I was being a hypocrite.

They respected me when I was speaking hypocritically.

They had been taught to do this.

They respected themselves for thinking hypocritically.

It is hypocrisy to think that one is being improved simply by thinking that it is bad to be a hypocrite.

The Path leads beyond: to Practice and understanding where no hypocrisy can exist.

There is only honesty there without bias."

Saadi of Shiraz

The most popular theory is Freemasonry emerged out of the stonemasonry guilds of the Middle Ages.

1717 Grand Lodge - an association of Masonic lodges - is founded in England.

While Freemasonry does not consider itself a religion, all its members must profess belief in a Supreme Being, or "Grand Architect of the Universe."

Pope Clement XI finances a Spanish fleet to fight the Ottoman, which the Spanish use instead to regain Sardinia and Sicily.

The Dutch Republic, Great Britain and France sign the Triple Alliance in the Hague to prevent Spain from becoming a superpower in Europe.

1738 Catholic Church condemns Freemasonry prompted by concern over Masonic temples and the secret rituals performed within them.

Catholics that practice Freemasonry are excommunicated.

Adam Weishaupt, a descendant of Jewish converts to Christianity, is orphaned at a young age.

His scholarly uncle takes care of his education enrolling him in a Jesuit school.

After completing his studies, Weishaupt became a professor of natural and canon law at the University of Ingolstadt.

1773 Weishaupt becomes a professor of canon law when Pope Clement XIV's suppress' the Society of Jesus.

May 1, 1776 Illuminati first meet in a forest near Ingolstadt.

Bathed in torchlight, five men establish the rules that were to govern the order.

All future candidates for admission required the members’ consent, a strong reputation with well-established familial and social connections, and wealth.
1784 Illuminati membership expands to included noblemen, politicians, doctors, lawyers, and jurists, as well as intellectuals and some leading writers, including Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - estimated at 2,000 to 3,000 members.

August 1787 Sovereign decrees a death penalty for Illuminati membership.

19th century Vatican call the Masons the "Synagogue of Satan."

1983 "The principles of Freemasonry have always been considered irreconcilable with the doctrine of the Church and therefore membership remains forbidden. The faithful who enroll in Masonic associations are in a state of grave sin and may not receive Holy Communion." - Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

The current Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is Cardinal Luis Ladaria Ferrer appointed by Pope Francis for a five-year term beginning July 2017.

Pope Francis has planned a reorganization of the Curia that will alter the role of this Congregation.

A final draft of his apostolic constitution on the Roman Curia, titled Praedicate Evangelium ("Preach the Gospel"), has been submitted for comment to national bishops’ conferences and a variety of other bodies.

We can say that Praedicate Evangelium moves away from a longstanding conception of the Curia as the legal enforcement arm of the papacy and instead reimagines the role of the Curia around three central ecclesiological principles: collegiality, synodality and subsidiarity." - Richard Gaillardetz

Francis' draft of curial reform fundamentally reimagines Vatican's role

grand nights of malta

Rick Joyner

During the last decade of the 20th century there was a tremendous explosion of self-proclaimed "prophets", who engaged in journeys to "heaven", trips to "hell", and lengthy, intimate dialogues with Jesus.

Dreams and visions have grabbed center stage, enthralling multitudes to the point where common sense is overridden in favor of the sensational.

"Having just exited, after twelve years, a congregation steeped in false teaching, I know firsthand the damage it can accomplish within the Body of Christ. We had literally ridden every "wave" that came along, including the one initiated by The Final Quest by Rick Joyner." - Kevin Reeves

Rick Joyner asserts he has an "ability to foresee future events and occasionally could look at people and know details about them."

In The Final Quest, Joyner presents his ascent up the mystical mountain.

Along the way Rick Joyner converses with angels and discovers doors leading to secret knowledge that will revolutionize Christianity.

The ascent up the mystical mountain is reminiscent of Jacob's Ladder.

"One of the most striking Biblical dreams is that of Jacob and the ladder. Kabbalistically this "ladder," or sulam, represents the ladder of worlds, the Seder Hishtalshalut, and is the connection between G-d and the ethereal with our physical world." -

Rick Joyner journeys to the 'Garden of God' and tastes of the Tree of Life.

Rick Joyner encounters many believers, personal friends, Lot, Jonah, Abel, Paul and Adam.

Adam tells Rick Joyner about the famines, earthquakes, and wars to be released upon the world by, not God, but by an elite fellowship of exalted, last days, overcoming prophets and apostles.

When Rick Joyner reaches the summit/top of the ladder he meets Jesus.

Rick Joyner proposes that there are different levels of revelation.

Level one is prophetic "impressions".

Level two is described as "conscious illumination" which he says was the level the apostles used when they wrote the New Testament documents.

Level three is an even higher level which he calls "open visions" which are viewed externally like the clarity of a movie screen.

On level four, the highest level - "The Trance," Rick Joyner claims to receive dreams and visions directly from the Father.

"This book was taught as doctrine in a home fellowship led by our pastor, heavily promoted within our ranks as the "Word of the Lord", and nearly required reading if one was in leadership. As an elder of some years standing I heard no end of praise for this book, but no one was interested in dealing with specific questions that periodically arose about its content. If an issue was raised (and it was a rare enough occurrence), the person's concern was basically dismissed as spiritual immaturity. I had often personally been on the receiving end of this one." - Kevin Reeves

"If I had taken to heart every "prophetic word" spoken over me in the past dozen years, I would be the most "anointed", incredible believer that I would know personally, walking in demon-stomping miraculous supernatural power everyday. I am ashamed to admit that I preached it myself before coming out of all this deception. " - Kevin Reeves

Rick Joyner declares, "I saw the Father."

Rick Joyner describes the Father in detail specifically mentioning the crown on the Father's head.

"What is about to come upon the Earth is not just a revival, or another awakening; it is a veritable revolution.

The vision was given in order to begin to awaken those who are destined to radically change the course, and even the very definition of Christianity.

The dismantling of organizations and disbanding of some works will be a positive and exhilarating experience for the Lord's faithful servants.

A great company of prophets, teachers, pastors and apostles will be raised up with the spirit of Phineas." - Rick Joyner

Tim LaHaye & Hal Lindsey

Tim LaHaye & Hal Lindsey

Both Tim LaHaye and Hal Lindsey write as if what they say in fiction somehow contributes to the promotion of biblical eschatology.

Tim LaHaye, founder and president of psychologically oriented Family Life Seminars, is best known for the Left Behind series of apocalyptic fiction.

"We've fallen in love with the characters and the people and we're dreaming about what's going to happen to them. It's really a fun experience." - Tim LaHaye

Hal Lindsey claims that according to Biblical prophecy the European Union is destined to become a "Revived Roman Empire" ruled by the "Antichrist." Hal Lindsey, a "Christian Zionist", also wrote Satan Is Alive and Well on Planet Earth.

Hal Lindsey hosted International Intelligence Briefing on the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

"The program this week addressed political upheaval in Israel – including the toppling of the government – in the wake of the Gaza withdrawals.

America faces peril if we pull out of Iraq and leave the perception that radical Islamic terrorists defeated the worlds only superpower.

A unique and dynamic exclusive interview that I was fortunate enough to conduct with Benjamin Netanyahu while in Jerusalem was also rejected from being aired on this week's show." - Hal Lindsey

"I didn't ask to be a hero, but I guess I have become one in the Christian community. So I accept it." - Hal Lindsey

"The Tim LaHaye School of Prophecy convenes its first classes in 2002.

This Liberty University diploma program will be an extension of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and will meet at the Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg.

Dr. LaHaye and I share a common burden to train 21st Century church leaders and eschatological teachers who fully understand the doctrine of the premillennial, pretribulational coming of Christ for all of His Church.

The first 500 students to enroll in The Tim LaHaye School of Prophecy will receive a 90% tuition scholarship worth $8,000.

This means the first 500 students will pay a tuition price of only $1,000-per-semester ($2,000 for the entire year).

Regular one-year tuition cost, without the scholarship, is $10,000." - Jerry Falwell

Jerry Falwell's sons, Jerry Jr. and Jonathan, took over Jerry Falwell's megachurch non-profit 501c3 empire when Jerry Falwell died in 2007 of cogestive heart failure.

The neoevangelicals that served with Tim LaHaye at Coalition for Religious Freedom as executive committee and/or advisory board members were Don Wildmon (founder of American Family Association, a non-profit 501c3 with an annual budget of about $14 million, owns 180 American Family neoevangelic radio stations in 28 states.

Marlin Maddoux (Point Of View nationwide neoevangelic radio talk show host), Paul Crouch Trinity Broadcasting Network founder), Hal Lindsey, James Robison, Jimmy Swaggart, and Dennis James Kennedy (radio and television neoevangelist of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church).

Beverly LaHaye's Concerned Women for America has long accepted the money of Joseph Coors, which has hindered the Concerned Women for America from tackling alcohol-related issues.

Alcohol is the nation's number one "drug problem," accounting for over $100 billion in economic costs and 105,000 deaths each year.

1974 Dennis James Kennedy founds Coral Ridge Ministries, which produces the weekly television program, The Coral Ridge Hour, carried on various networks and syndicated on numerous other stations, and a daily neoevangelic radio program, Truths That Transform, heard on neoevangelic radio stations in America and also available as a podcast on the program's website.

During Dennis James Kennedy lifetime, Coral Ridge Ministries grew to a $37-million-a-year non-profit 501c3 incorporationwith an audience of 3.5 million.

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