Without Faith in God, Man is Blind; without Faith in God you are nothing more than walking corpses.
golem = zombies = mindless human automatons = corporately conditioned consumer clones

"The best theology needs no advocates: it proves itself."

Karl Barth

"When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic." - Dresden James

"The social world that shapes theologians' thought patterns also shapes them as believers, not just as intellectuals. The social setting is thus the most crucial aspect in shaping patterns of thought." - Jon Sobrino Jesus the Liberator

"A society of packaged fulfillment, administered desire, managerialized politics and consumerist economics is unlikely to cut to a depth where theological questions can be properly raised. " - Terry Eagleton

"I can tell you as an insider don't invest much in the spoutings of theologians.

You might think there is some esoteric knowledge theologians learn, that gives them a special kind of authority not available to normal people.

I spent seven years in graduate school, and if there had been that kind of esoteric knowledge, I would have found it .

Theologians can never rationally learn esoteric knowledge.

Theologians learn only the exoteric knowledge of their individual religion.

Theologians are academics, and their courses are restricted to thinking about life from the perspective of their religion, they are not necessarily wise.

Wisdom comes from living and reflecting on life in ways that shed light – and that's not what theologians do." - Davidson Loehr

Only theology verified by personal experience
has any validity as one man's theology
is another man's belly laugh.

Nation of Islam

White humans originated through genetic experiments.

Jehovah's Witness

3 ≠ 1

Blood transfusions contaminate the Eternal Soul.


Kabbalah is the secret doctrine of elect Jews descended from the Sadducees modified by the Khwārezm.

Only those deemed worthy will comprehend the hidden magical teachings.

Lifespring Inc - modification of self-image through deep cathartic psychological insight by experiencing completely every feeling and living only in the present moment which brings lasting happiness and self-realization through the grandiose delusion of the limitlessness of individual power.

University Network - exceedingly complex mythology incorporating numerology, astrology which includes Pyramids, Atlantis, Roswell, Stonehenge, Amityville, Poltergeists, Nikola Tesla, Bermuda Triangle, Spear of Destiny and even the Philadelphia Experiment while preaching that a adherent' path to heaven and position in heaven is dependent upon the amount of money contributed to William Eugene Scott, Incorporated.

Anton Le Vey

Church of Satan

Anton La Vey and his calliope

"The Satanist believes in complete gratification of his ego."

Anton Szandor LaVey


"Joseph would usually seat himself, and seem to be in deep contemplation for a few moments, then commence and deliver a sentence or a part of a sentence to his scribe, who would write it down, then read it vocally, then he would deliver more - and so on till the communication was finished. Smith never wrote any himself; he always had a scribe write for him." - William McLellin

It is rumored McLellin witnessed Joseph Smith using a smooth round stone, called a peep stone, to receive revelations from God.

Jesus appeared in America after his death on the cross;

God, flesh and blood, married a heavenly Mother and is comprehensible;

3 ≠ 1;

there is a secret handshake;

everybody gets to wear itchy underwear.

There are three levels in heaven and the "Chosen" get a planet to rule.

Utah Mormons Call Themselves Jews


1 God = Ḉhri§t Ḉon§ciousne§§ = ḦṍḸẙ ṦṕḯṝḭṰ = Father = Divine 3rinity.

Saving faith accepts the redemptive power of Ḉhri§t Ḉon§ciousne§§.

All evil originates in mankind, mostly in the ambitous, and is to be shunned.

Good actions are encouraged by Ḉhri§t Ḉon§ciousne§§ and should be done.

Good acts are to be credited to Ḉhri§t Ḉon§ciousne§§.

Those governed by Compassion of the Lord by being useful to others live in heaven; those governed by love of self or the love of worldly things are in hell.

theocratic absolutism

Theocratic absolutism has been around as long as zealotry.

You do not need to believe in a deity to engage in theocratic absolutism.

In theocratic absolutism belief in dogma is mandatory - no exceptions.

A system based on theocratic absolutism has these characteristics:

In absolutism there are sacred writings with the power of law.

Inerrant scripture may not be doubted.

Inerrant scripture may be the Septuagint, Babylonian Talmud, Q'uran, Code of Hammurabi, Das Kapital, Declaration of Independence or Common Sense.

Everything, even the discoveries of science , must be judged against what sacred scripture says or implies; if there is a contradiction, scripture wins.

Scripture is really nothing more than the official narrative.

It may be the codified ideology of neoconservatism, an Apostolic Culmination apostles "Word" or a Code of Statutes.

Doctors of Theocratic Absolutism include:


Saul of Tarsus;


Pope Damasus I;

Emperor Theodosius I


Henry Kissinger;

Saddam Hussein;

Milton Freidman;

generic think tank experts;

Rockefeller medicine doctors;

generic apostles and prophets.

A priesthood exists with special powers and privileges.

News media is controlled through deceptive press releases.

There is frenetic condemnation of ideas not fitting neatly into dogma.

New initiates to the Cult of _________ must make a blind-leap-of-faith.


Where have all the flowers gone?

Blockchain imperialism

9-11 and Nationalistic Faith

"Imperialism is, among other things, a massive process of ego formation, the creation of ultramodern selves, the illusion of individual autonomy, the cultivation of clear distinction and preference, the idea that all individuals have an inborn moral conscience, based on individual reason and selfless virtue.

The wealth created by enslavement generalized these ideals, allowing more people to imagine themselves as autonomous and integral beings, with inherent rights and self-interests.

Slavery was central to this process not just for the wealth the system created as slaves were physical and emotional examples of what free men were not." - Greg Grandin

Role of the Roman Catholic Church in the Genocide of Serbs

800,000 Serbs killed in Croat WW2 death camp

"Hitler has a deep respect for the Catholic church and the Jesuit order.

Not because of their Christian doctrine, but because of the 'machinery' of elaborate control: hierarchical system, extremely clever tactics, knowledge of human nature and wise use of human weaknesses." - Hermann Rauschning

The Nicene Creed is the formal operating dogma, profession of belief or statement of loyalty to Roman Catholic Canon synthesis of religions.

State religion must sanction war or it will be replaced with one that does.

Constantine cobbled together the prevalent mythological thought forms coursing through the Roman Empire at the time of his ascendency.

Students of history who question the disappearance of Hebrew congregations at that period of time fail to understand that the Hellenized Hebrew Saul of Tarsus built the foundations of Roman Catholicism on Hellenized Hebrews.

Through his writing the Hellenized Hebrew Saul of Tarsus converted the Hellenized Hebrews of Alexandria into Pauline Christians.


"Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they shall be called sons of God

Matthew 5:9

Roman Catholicism has been one of the most barbaric religions.

Roman Catholicism has a history of slaughtering non-conformers by blade, fire, crucifixion, impalement, iron maidens and devices made strictly to kill.

Ancient scientific pioneers were ruthlessly exterminated.

1586 Giordana Bruno is burned at the stake for denying dogma.

Nicholas Copernicus and Galileo Galilei are branded heretics.

Dogma is used by unscrupulous leaders to destroy critical thinking.

Male Escort Exposes 36 Gay Priests

Roman Catholicism, an evolved religion of Hellenism is based on a literal belief in supernatural happenings centered on the glorification of the ego.

Roman Catholic followers of Imperial Christianity physically embark upon a journey to conquer the supernatural evil penetrating natural reality, Angra Mainyu, when the ego adopts the Avatar of Ahura Mazda.

Imperial Christianity, the spawn of the Mithras Mysteries, is ideologically aligned with the Talmud and Zionism.

Both wish to create heaven on Earth for sycophants at the point of the sword.

Both intend to forbid all non-conforming ideology and political expression.

The Imperial Christian emphasis on salvation calls on the individual to do nothing more than believe and spread the dogma - the mark of all cults.

True spirituality calls upon the individual to critically examine the possible consequences of planned actions and to refrain from taking harmful action.

God' Creation being identified as fragile perishable ecosystems, plant and animal life, humans included, that the Creator so graciously bestowed.

True spirituality frees the spirit of detrimental emotional baggage.

RELIGION that FAILS to do this is FALSE !

Charismatic Pentecostalism

Traditional Christian fellowships find the behavioral practices of the Charismatic Pentecostal revival movements disconcerting and unnerving.

Uncontrollable Holy Laughter during Bible readings mock The Word.

Supernatural spiritual manifestations come as Speaking in Tongues, Prophecy, Slain in the Spirit, barking like a dog, shaking like a leaf, but there is no evidence that such behavior is an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus the Tannaim cast out "demons."

Jesus the Therapeutae healed people that exhibited erratic behaviors attributed to "possession by demons."

Jesus the Tekton healed individuals that exhibited the same types of behavior now called an "outpouring of the Holy Spirit."

Demons historically are related to deviant behavior.

Deviant behavior due to brain damage has been attributed to unseen entities.

Exorcism is an attempt to change the behavior expressed by the individual.

Frontal lobotomies, used to exorcize demons, mutilate 100,000 brains over a 30 year period from 1935 to 1965 in American institutions.

Neuroleptics like Thorazine® are used to dispell those really nasty demons.

Valentinian Gnosticism

Valentinian Theology

Humans evolved to feel shame

Jesus the Tekton

"Lucifer's Fall represents the very beginnings of separation from God, just as the technology of fire was humanity's first abrogation of nature's cycle of energy flow, marking the beginning of our separation from nature.

Then in the figure of Satan, we have the further legend of the Devil at war with Heaven, or trying to set himself above God, a theme echoed in the Babel story, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and countless other myths.

It represents the human campaign to become the masters of nature; it is the domestication of the wild - the Technological Program." - Charles Eisenstein

Satan did not exist in the minds of the monotheistic Hebrews.

Valentinian Gnosticism, best expressed in the Gospel of Truth by Valentinus, names a heirarchy of beings, Æons, also named in The Apocryphon of John.

Satan has at his beck and call a legion of demons.

Christ has the ability to call on a host of angels.

"From the divine Autogenes issued the Lumière Infinie of Chrestus.

From the divine Autogenes to attend Chrestus issued four Æon.

From each of these there issued three Æon.

Three Æon: Agápe, grace, mercy

Three Æon: dream, soul, spirit

Three Æon: voice, rule, children

Three Æon: will, power, Logos

Twelve Æon attend the son of the Divine Autogenes." - Apocryphon of John

Most converts to Gnostic Christianity were Hellenized Hebrews that had been exposed to the evolving theologies of the Sadducees, Pharisees and Essenes.

In the Apocryphon of John a heirachy of demons and angels is also described.

"Yaltabaoth had a multitude of faces.

Yaltabaoth was a shapeshifter in the midst of Seraphim.

He shared his fire with them and became lord over them.

The four chief demons are:

Ephememphi is enchantment,

Yoko is desire,

Nenentophni is grief,

Blaomen is fear.

The mother of all is Aesthesis.

From these four demons passions issued forth.

From grief issued regret, humiliation, callousness, mourning ...

From enchantment issued wickedness, lust, empty pride, anger ...

From desire issued wrath, frustration, bitterness, anguish ...

From fear issued dread, terror, suffering, and shame.

All of these are useful things as well as evil things.

The insight into their character is Anaro, along with his companion, Aesthesis. " - The Apocryphon of John

In the so-called monotheism of today, in addition to God there is also an acknowledgment of many transcendent beings capable of influencing reality.

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