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"They mingled among apostates and adopted their evil customs."
Psalm 106:35

The Nag Factor: Unhealthy Foods?

Parents Urged Again to Limit TV

hypersexualization of children

The Benefits of Limiting TV

"Undermining the role of parents has been a strategy marketers have exploited to sell their brands through the development of "kids only" products and marketing themes.

Kiddie marketing often strives for the nag factor", an actual measurement by the advertising industry of the extent to which an ad drives a child to pester the folks about a purchase." - Jamie Court

"The average American child sees 40,000 advertisements a year on television.

Comparing the marketing of today with the marketing of the past is like comparing the BB gun to the smart bomb.

All aspects of children's lives - their health, education, creativity, and values - are at risk of being compromised by their status in the marketplace." - Dr. Susan Linn, psychiatry instructor, Harvard Medical School

"You hoped your little girl's Disney princess obsession was harmless, didn't you!

It will not have escaped you, Mothers of America, that Disney Princess' rarely slay dragons, play sports, pilot jets or do open-heart surgery.

I was not thrilled when my 3-year-old informed me that she wants to be "a pwincess" when she grows up.

"You are a commoner," my 3-year-old shrieked, and adjusting her tiara ran off to watch Disney Princess Enchanted Tales." - Rosa Brooks 03/08

Reversing Disney's Black Magic Sex Spells

Children are being taught that everything is for sale;

desired "things" are more value than intangibles like relationships;

providers of the desired "things" love you and want you to be happy;

and ……… desired "things" will make you happy.

The American Academy of Pediatrics states that children under the age of eight years are unable to understand the intent of advertising and accept all advertisements as the truth.

The 'nag factor' marketing strategy depends on manipulation of children.

Lucy Hughes and her colleagues at Initiative Media, with the help of child psychologists, analyzed nagging behavior in children.

20 to 40% of all purchases adults make are due to nagging children.

disney princess


Disney "Princess" franchise rakes in $4 billion.

"There is an association between the number of hours that the television is on at home and early childhood aggression." - Catherine Taylor

"Little girls who want to be princesses and wear cute little clothes are assuming the classic stereotyping of the many misguided families who believe that little girls should be the lesser handmaidens of boys who too frequently grow up to be boys."- Ralph Mitchell 04/08

"To minimize the role of gatekeepers, corporations often seek to undermine the authority of parents.

In their advertisements, corporations portray parents, often in jocular veins, as ignorant, out of date and out of touch with the children's reality, and they frequently ridicule parental concerns for health and safety." - Linda Coco

1992 to 1997 Amount of money spent on marketing to children doubles, from $6.2 billion to $12.7 billion.

At this time:

- American children influence purchases totaling over $600 billion a year .

- American children spend almost forty hours a week outside of school consuming televised media.

- 65% of American children eight to eighteen have a television in their bedroom as do 32% of children two to seven and 26% of children under two.

- The marketing industry has found that American babies are requesting brands as soon as they speak.

- In 2000, a federal report from the General Accounting Office called marketing in schools a growth industry.

- More American children recognize the Budweiser Frogs than Smokey the Bear.

- 85% of American parents would like to see children's television programs advertisement free.

- Commercial marketing tactics of fast food have breed epidemic levels of childhood obesity, diabetes and kidney stones.

"The aggressive marketing of fast food and confectionery to children does influence their dietary choices early in life, and it puts them at greater risk of becoming obese or overweight later in life.

A major concern is childhood diabetes.

General practitioners are seeing more children than ever before with diabetes, and that's a disease associated with poor diet and lack of exercise.

Children can be extremely vulnerable to television advertising promoting fast food."- Verity Newnham

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